Shut the fuck up and eat your (blanks)-ables

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    I can’t edit on my phone but I meant two weeks from today not a week on my periscope 😎🤓


    @sfire8 I’m sorry you went thru that – I had a similar experience during childhood but for different reasons with different causes. But the long-lasting wounds are the same and I won’t attempt to diminish what you put yourself thru today *all the hugs*

    What I will do however is diminish the asshat behind what you did today. And @maddyxxx, feel free to delete this as it is clear you hate dissenters.

    My manifesto is simple.

    1) Be true to yourself. If you feel stuff, don’t fucking apologise for that. If you wanna be a bitch, well… Ok. Maybe be less of a bitch cos it’s kinda annoying. If you believe in something, be proud and say so. Respect yourself cos no-one else will…

    And 2) Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

    It really is that simple. Be a decent person. Be the change you want to see in the world. And that advice is FREE motherfuckers. No jumping through hoops. No $$$. Just me. Saying BE FUCKING DECENT TO EACH OTHER.

    Night night xxx

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     Lukas L 
     Buz Wallick 

    I think I’m dying. Might be lactos intolerant. Goddammit.



    Now I have to ask:

    What food/drink do you dislike the most?

    P.S. want some grapefruit juice?


    And my absolutely disgusting food to eat was…drum roll please…Costco hot dogs! It’s been so long since I’ve had one, it was wrapped in a PRICE CLUB LABEL. That’s right kids, 1993. I think all hot dogs are disgusting, but I have also dated someone who worked in the Costco cafeteria in the past, so I find anything made there particularly gross (except the fro-yo) because I know what’s happening behind those doors. I did not film it because I don’t need to hear Noah’s jokes about phallic food going in my mouth. I can tell you that with enough toppings I could make this into something I could stand. The lesson to take away then is that clearly if we cover up life’s bullshit with enough garnishes, it becomes bearable. Yay!


    Tomato juice sucks. Seriously. Take my word for it and do not drink tomato juice ever.

     Winston Smith 

    Aww, look at @maddyxxx having a perfectly reasonable idea! I ain’t gonna make a video, but I can definitely confirm that mustard is still an abomination. One spoon, Gulden’s spicy brown mustard, I’d have to give it a pretty solid F. I can’t taste anything good that might be hiding behind that sea of vinegar.

    Since everyone is tellin’ stories, I’ve hated mustard for as long as I remember. When I was probably 8-10 or so, my grandmother and I were taking a day trip somewhere like the zoo. We stopped at McDonalds for food, where she got me 2 hamburgers, both with mustard. I remember being revolted by the smell, in the back seat of my parents car, trying to eat one and just not being able to choke it down. I don’t even remember for sure where we were going, but I remember that fucking hamburger with mustard.

    People who lived through the Great Depression don’t have any sympathy for kids who don’t like certain foods. Like, at all. So, I went hungry that day. Mustard fucking suuuuuucks, would starve again.

     Robert Fuller 

    There are a lot of foods I hate, but I went with the one that most traumatized me as a child.


    This guy fucking gets it. Mustard is the devil.

     Robert Fuller 

    I also agree with a lot of other choices people made: flan, pesto, liver and onions (almost did that one myself), black licorice, celery. These are all terrible, terrible things.


    Sounds like an interesting experiment, so I thought I’d give it a try. Since I’m in rural Japan not much is available that fits the criteria of “something I had ten years ago and didn’t like,” so I had to make do. As a kid I tried vegetable juice once and disliked it, and I haven’t had any since. The closest thing from my tiny local grocery store was “sweet tomato juice” (あまいトマト)so that’s what I chose to accompany my lunch today. Now, I love tomatoes in every shape and form but tomato juice is something I’ve perhaps been subconsciously avoiding.

    Periscope link

    Verdict: Not bad, tastes like soup. Would drink again, though I prefer my tomatoes savory rather than sweet.


    I tried the challenge today with mushrooms the one thing I absolutely hated as a child growing up. And the result was that they weren’t nearly as bad as I thought they would be. Still not big on the consistency but the taste was ok. That just goes to show you that time changes things and not to be afraid to try new foods or experiences.

     Buz Wallick 

    Time’s tickin’.


    I was a pretty open-minded eater as a kid, so I had a tough time today coming up with a food or beverage I absolutely hated. So, I put it out to the community, and @mkarrett graciously delivered a bottle of “the nastiest liquor I have” to my house. Here’s my assessment of Aquavit:

    Drinking Aquavit for the System

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