Shut the fuck up and eat your (blanks)-ables

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    Sup my street streeeeet PEEEEEEEOOOOOOOPLE?

    So, lots and lots of yippitty yapping, yada yada yada but not enough about the most important subject in the world… Me.

    I, Noah Sinclair, and trust me, it’s actually me kiddos, pull my finger and I’ll belch something you could light on fire… I am the utmost authority on how to Work The System and I believe that a large part of The System is maximizing the tools that you already have and doing the most you fucking can with them. Don’t wait for tomorrow, don’t wait until you feel like it and don’t wait for someone else’s permission.

    So how are you numb nuts going to try and take the pebble out of my hand today?

    I’ll tell you how, with your mouth.

    Now before all of you get your lady boners going, let me explain…

    I want everyone to go back and think about an item of food that they used to find absolutely DISGUSTING.

    We all have them. Think of the thing you found horrendous, the one thing that kept you at the table crying and refusing to eat it until finally your favorite housekeeper was forced to eat so much that she got sent to the hospital to have her stomach pumped and never looked you in the eye the same way again. What? Just me?

    Alright, maybe your hippy dippy childhood home wasn’t exactly the same as mine but you can’t argue with results can you? But, we are off track. This isn’t about discipline this is about revisiting what we believe to be true.

    I want everyone to go out and pick that nasty, disgusting food or drink item from your past that you haven’t had in at least 10 years or more and I want you to try it again in the next 6 hours. Now, this is again, this is food and drink, (I have access to a lot of things and no one start talking about eating you know what “like it’s groceries”. I’m looking at you @creepsociety, by the way, where the heck were you 10 years ago you crazy little freakshow!?)

    Now go out there, do this with an open damn mind and report back with a review. Heck, film it and post it up if you’d like.

    It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you keep an open mind and check back in with a report. It can be as simple as thumbs up and thumbs down. Let’s all see how this goes…

    Go get it!

    • This topic was modified 1 week, 4 days ago by  Maddyxxx.
    • This topic was modified 1 week, 4 days ago by  Maddyxxx.

    PS. I want to see the results in this thread. Periscope or facebooks your BS if you want but post up that LINK in here!

    This one is for us.


    It’s okay, @maddyxxx. You can say “ass.”


    I can say “butthole”, “taint”, “rusty trombone” and “motherfucking rim jobs ’till the wheels come off” too but I was trying to maybe not put everyone’s mental palate in the same place as you degenerates before they started this task @kipsie, but I thank you for your permission.

    Now, less blah blah blah and more finding your inner truth and shit. I won’t call on the disruptors again.

     Buz Wallick 

    Oh jeeze.

    Does Vodka count?


    You’re really fucking over us white collar jerkoffs, @maddyxxx. I’ll try to find some bullshit around here in the next 6 hours I guess

     Sarah Musnicky 

    @thebuz he did mention drinks…so You should be golden…

     Brad Ruwe 

    Hey @maddyxxx, for once a task I can see genuine benefit from. I’m in, but 6 hours? Who the hell eats before 5 PM other than the elderly? You want to add some extra hours to your time frame for those of us who aren’t geriatric? Lunch options may be limited for those of us who have work during the day. I will likely be able to something for lunch, but it might be tricky.

     Hannah Schenck 

    God damnit @maddyxxx you bastard… I am absolutely repulsed by Hummus.. the smell, the texture, the color, the taste. Enjoy watching me throw up 🤢😜🤣

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Welp. 11:11am. Off to the liquor store.


    There are definitely many food/drinks I don’t like. I am the pickiest eater there is. Everything grosses me out and I have an immense fear of getting sick (vomiting) which I don’t mess with! So this sucks!! I may be going with the lesser of all evils but the thought of drinking orange juice with pulp still turns my stomach and makes me want to gag so I think it still counts! 😭 headed to the be continued..


    Okay, okay @nothenrygale has a damn point… I swear to fuck, nothing makes sense today. Next, old Bryan B going to come on in wearing big boy pants and say something actually relevant too…

    OKAY, curfew extended. Everyone report back BY 11 PDT.

    EXCEPT for @meghanmayhem. I’m not going to be the only one starting before noon.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @maddyxxx says I have a point and I’m agreeing to do a System task. When the fuck did we land in bizarro universe?


    I hate ketchup. I fucking hate grapefruit juice. Both of these things have not met my mouth well over 10 years.



    Looks like I’ll be eating a heaping spoonful of mayo on camera! I’m telling you, @maddyxxx, the only thing I’ll be learning about myself here is that I still hate mayo. But I bet the strangers on Periscope will find a way to enjoy it.

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