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    Good times.

    How much fun was that?!

    We all learned a little something something didn’t we?


    Sometimes the things we carry around, the things that that we think have so much power over us, sometimes they don’t have as much power as we thought do they?

    We can also take away their power, not by avoiding them, not by talking them to death, not by asking others to never bring them up, not by creating a fucking safe space that takes away others’ rights to be individuals of their own accord, but by taking them head on, chewing them up bit by nasty bit and swallowing them down.

    We get in our own way because the idea of something is worse than the actual thing. We are afraid of the fear, but the fear is just another tool at our disposal. It’s evolution’s little helper, a boost of adrenaline that kicks us in the ass and tells us that we can do the damn thing.

    Not only that, but there is also the fact that some of us, some of us even found that the bad thing felt gooooood. Like actually good. Looking at you Mr. Pickles.

    Now, how many things did we see all these wonderful jack asses struggle with yesterday and think to ourselves, “THAT?! That is what holds power over you? Why?!” It’s a beautiful lesson actually… Please, please always remember that the people you care about have things that they are going through that may seem normal to you but that are actually big, very real obstacles for them…

    … is what Oprah might say.

    This guy though? This guy says, that much, much more important than some feel good platitude mother earth bullshit, is to remember that your enemies and opponents may have very normal looking vulnerabilities and weaknesses that you can exploit right out in the open, things that your opponents will never be able to call you out on when you pick at it and weaponize them and, even fucking better, the other people around you guys won’t even realize that you are doing it! It’s a freebie! You can just keep fucking their eye socket, in public, with a congenial, saint-like smile…

    That’s living!

    Okay, we have all had our laughs you fuckle chucks but it’s time to get real.

    What are you really carrying with you?

    EVERYONE, every single one of you that participated, look into that camera again and let us know the thing that, for at least the past 10 years, you HATE about yourself… the thing you find disgusting, the thing you might even be afraid to say out loud to yourself.

    Let’s find out if you need that too…

    You have until 11 p.m. once again.


    Jesus fucking christ, are you kidding me?
    That will take all night.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Well, fuck.

     Hannah Schenck 

    I’m going to admit it now, I feel VERY uncomfortable doing this. Trying to be optomistic, so bring it on.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    I recall a certain interrogation room in a certain warehouse somewhere — where we either were asked this question already, or asked it of someone else. Maybe it was all a dream, but…

    We answered then, in front of two strangers.

    So we’ve done this already. We can do it again. IT ISN’T ANY DIFFERENT.

    I’m with @maddyxxx on this one.

    Never in that warehouse? Or maybe it was all a dream? Practice saying it to yourself in front of a mirror. Say it over and over again until it ceases having power over you. Then just do it in front of your phone camera.

    We got this.

     Brad Ruwe 

    Well Noah, if it wasn’t for an actual good friend of mine pushing me to do this very 5 hing when she found out what the thing I hate is, I’d probably outright say no again. But seeing as this also came from someone I respect, I may just go through with it.

    Downside is you happen to pick this task on one of those “double duty” days where I have a day job and a night gig. Not sure how late it’s gonna go but I’ll try to get this in before 11.

    Fuck this is gonna be a tough one.


    Early to bed, early to rise, makes a participant…figure out to work, sleep and periscope insecurities.


    I don’t think I did this in the warehouse but I’ve done it plenty of times in various inappropriate places.

    It’s utterly naive for me to think that there’s any way out of how I feel about myself at this point. I think at some point you’re allowed to stop and say “you know, I’ve been fighting this fight for 20+ years and have gotten nowhere, but at least I live a productive life and have some happiness so let’s move forward and stop trying to fix that shit.” There is no fixing this shit for me. I’ll do the periscope and it will make me and everyone else uncomfortable as fuck and my husband will watch and be like “yeah that’s 1/1000 of what she actually means to say” and then I will go back to work and try to not think about how much I hate myself for another 12 hours. That is literally all that will happen.


    Ugh. I’m totally ok speaking my insecurities to a stranger in person. But, Periscoping them… definitely uncomfortable. *worried sigh*


    This…this makes me extremely uncomfortable. To say these things out loud, to acknowledge them. But, like @maddyxxx so colorfully pointed out, these are the things that have power over us, and naming them out loud can be the first step to taking away that power. I might cry, but I’m in.


    @sfire8 you are awesome. and gorgeous.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    1) This makes me uncomfortable

    2) This is poorly veiled data mining at its finest

     Brad Ruwe 

    @erisbonn It could be the first step in taking away it’s power, but it could also be giving the power it has over you to someone else. Be careful with this and think it through before sharing.


    @coryphella If you truly already believe it won’t help you in any way before you’ve already done it then don’t do it. We don’t waste time around here. If you kind of secretly hope maybe something might come out of it without really sort of giving it your all and taking a meta stance about who and what it means on six different levels of your own interaction as participant and academic but also endless double analysis of …. I can’t. I’m already tired.

    Whip. No whip. That simple.

    WHIP. You do it, own it, you live in it and make it your fucking bitch. The end.


    NO WHIP. Don’t do it, don’t talk about it, silently admit defeat then watch and listen to others, passively.



    It is not my responsibility to fix you or make you feel anything if you are unwilling to take control or release it.

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