Does it matter?

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    I’ll just post this here again.

     George Zuniga 

    10 seconds starts now:

    1) I will pay attention to the people in my life who care about and value me for who I am.

    2) I will give two shits on a ginger biscuit about anyone who makes me feel “less than”.

    3) I will Periscope and social-media-fy myself only when and IF I am comfortable doing so.
    (Today, I am not comfortable doing so. So, deal with it @maddyxxx. smootches!)



    Message received. 😉 😉 xoxo.


    A warning for some of you that I know all too well…

    BOS, NEW BOS, OLD BOS, ODSM, sometimes OSDM, HCDI (sp?)… (OH BOY, I said them all out loud!!!)

    Are groups.

    Groups can support you.

    They can let you down.

    They can teach you how to salsa.

    I asked you as an individual what YOU were going to do for yourself to actualize getting over your own very specific bullshit.

    If you feel you haven’t, go again.

    If you have, kudos to you.

    You are the only one who can decide that, but in the meantime, here is a little example from myself:

     Andrew Kasch 

    Can we help, @maddyxxx?

     Lauren Bello 

    HCDI (sp?)

    Dammit why do you keep making me like you.

     Buz Wallick 

    Hard as a rock.


    Gotta admit, you’re winning me over here, @maddyxxx. ‘Cause, frankly, I prefer the “gingham-shirt-wearing-Slack-talking-Noah” over the “suit-wearing-abusive-Don’t-Give-a-Fuck Noah”. And, if I can help bring Noah #1 back, this garbage person’s on board, ya big goofball.


    So, @maddyxxx, I think I did the whole assignment wrong. Not the food part but the rest.

    I do ride the short bus sometimes.

    Some of the shit you say to me really bothers me – accusing me of doing things halfway or being mediocre – because that’s exactly how I think I am, and I do hate myself for it. I just had to take 24 hours to work through why the fuck it bothered me so much. I’m sure you got there much quicker.

    And obviously pushing myself constantly to be better hasn’t worked so the obvious 10 second solution is something like “work on accepting myself as I am.” Which I have trained myself to believe is bullshit, so this will probably keep me up all night.


    god DAMN, Noah!!! GET IT.

     Hannah Schenck 

    I can’t stop clapping my hands… really excited for Sunday (I’m sure you’ll find a way for me to eat my words boyee 😉)



    (side note did my periscope but it’s on the lust group cause i’m an idiot) 😀

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