8/5 Midnight Commission Event

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     Robert Fuller 

    @kasch I agree with what you’re saying to a certain extent, but I also think there’s a difference between a rebellion and a resistance. It’s like the difference between the French Revolution and the French Resistance, which is huge in terms of power, numbers, and methods of operation. The BOS’s recruiting methods seem odd, but I assume they’re necessary because they need to know both whom they can trust and who will be valuable to them.

     Mustafa Said 

    Well, I’m glad that whatever happened to those who went was energizing. Good luck.


    I can’t speak to what happened with BOS last year, but from what I saw last night, it appears to be different.

    Also, as others have said, there isn’t a lot I can say right now, but I will say this:

    Okay BOS, let’s do this. It may be a train conducted by a (creatively) foul mouthed Englishman, but I’m on board.

     Lauren Bello 

    Yeaaaahhhh! Welcome to the Resistance, @kevin!

    Eventually I hope you can share the train of thought that led you to come over to our side.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Whatever it may be that brought you, very very happy to have you by our side, @kevin!!


    @kortneydarling let me elaborate a touch: Joyce/OSDM have given me a reason to stand with them, per HCDI: they’ve provided this entire experience for us and seek to push us to a better understanding of ourselves; I’m signed up for that, and have no reason to deny it. But I understand and accept people wanting to rally against it, too. You won’t catch me or @bcbishop crying butt hurt. We’re comfy on our island and have plenty of ways to put fires out. 😉


    Well, thank you for showing us the kind of person you really are, @kevin. We won’t forget it.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @wanda102 One big difference between religion and science is a willingness to conform your opinions based on your best understanding of facts. A scientist is willing to change their theories based on what is presented to them logically and factually. We must take great efforts to be open minded to this possibility always.

     Buz Wallick 

    This sounds familiar.

    Don’t choke @kevin. 😉



     Bryan Bishop 

    Some thoughts:

    1. Noting when tactics are deployed is not the same thing as impugning the character of individuals. It would serve us all to learn the difference.

    2. @kevin, I’ll say here publicly what I said to you privately yesterday: Going was the right call, and keeping an open mind was the right call. It’s the best way to serve The Experience. I’m glad you had an engaging evening.

    That said, I’m not going to pretend I’m not bummed at your decision. Perhaps if BOS chose to ever openly share the details of their club meetings (even to their own members, at least? maybe? what about for Christmas?) the rest of us would have a better sense of what swayed you, and what you now think you’re fighting for.

    Until then, I’ll respect your decision. HCDI and the OSDM will be waiting with open arms whenever you finish your little walkabout.

    3. @joycecarlberg: Please check your PMs. We need to chat.


    Hello everyone. After answering your questions, I’ll tell you what I can of last night, and explain why I can’t share everything.

    TLDR: Addison Born was pretty on point.

    Firstly, Andrew Kasch and I have spoken. It was the first thing I did today, and I showed him that he was indeed sent the same email at the exact same time as everyone else. It didn’t bounce back, the problem occurred on his end, not ours. I will never intentionally ignore someone that seeks information about us, least of all someone that solves one of my challenges, and I hope my actions continue to demonstrate this. I also hope that one day I am judged for what I’ve done, and not for what others did.

    Guys. 8/05. 805. BOS. …Probably should have noticed that earlier.

    Ahh @daela you have a sharp eye as always, but were a little late on spotting this one! I’m glad someone did though.

    Beware your new savior, everyone.

    – Says the man in the Joyce Carlberg shirt, with the Joyce Carlberg avatar! 😉 Seriously though, @bcbishop, I don’t think I’ve ever acted like a ‘Dear Leader’; Do I really deserve that kind of title? The Midnight Commission’s first purpose, openly stated in front of everyone, was to illustrate how dangerous it is to give anonymous entities your secrets and personal details, blindly thinking everything is for funsies and there will never be bad intentions on the other side. I revealed what I’d done and why I’d done it, because I don’t want people to get hurt – even people that don’t like me. I revealed that I had formed a new BOS, and that I was coming after those who had hurt my friends and I last year. While you tuck into another Fluffernutter and sing God Save The Queen, I’m doing everything I can to shine a light on the people that harm us. Also, to a point you made several weeks ago, no I don’t want immersive theater and epic experiences like Lust to end, but I do want the kind of people who force out original creators and prey on innocent participants to feel the heat – and Joyce is much more closely connected to those people than I am..

    Not everyone chosen was “part of the choir”

    @blondie Many great points in your post but I’m particularly glad you made this one.

    there is zero admittence from BOS that perhaps their attitudes haven’t been the greatest either.

    @thebuz I try to lead by example, but people that find themselves agreeing with my stated aims are not beholden to think or act like me, and likewise it is not meaningful for me to apologize for the actions of others. That said, if it can help draw a line under this, I am sorry that people haven’t always seen eye to eye, that passions ran high after my emergence, and that people were angered or upset on any side of the conversation.
    A lot of vicious things were said to me after I revealed the truth of TMC, but I have tried to move forward quietly without commenting on things said in the heat of the moment, because what’s at stake is more important than flashes of anger.

    Okay BOS, let’s do this. It may be a train conducted by a (creatively) foul mouthed Englishman, but I’m on board.

    @kevin ‘Foul mouthed Englishman’ can be abbreviated to just ‘Englishman’..
    Last night was intense and revealing, for all of us, and I’m so glad it was meaningful to you too. Continue to question us, our motives and methods, and always seek to verify we are still what we purport to be. Sycophants can be bought, but the support of skeptics is priceless.

    Joyce/OSDM have given me a reason to stand with them, per HCDI: they’ve provided this entire experience for us

    @wanda102 They removed the creators of this experience you love and tried to replace them with the ‘IT’ protocols. If you truly want to support the people behind this and other experiences, I urge you to more carefully look at which side of the aisle you’re standing on.

    Is there a reason why nobody can say what happened last night?? Some of us waited up to hear this part of the experience… Did someone tell you not too? Who? Can you say why?

    @sfire8 – I asked them not to. I requested they not give details on anything that happened last night, and instead discuss how it made them feel.

    Why would I do this? Because the people who met me in that room had an experience that was completely unique and could never be repeated the exact same way – but only they know exactly why that is the case. This could be seen as a reward for their honesty and their bravery, but is primarily out of respect for what happened and what was revealed. Aspects of what I did could possibly be used in experiences for others at a future date, but that is only an option if nothing is spoiled.

    I need to find people who are legitimately brave, who don’t just say what I want to hear but who really will face the darkness – and survive it, and thrive in it. This was one step on the path to finding those people, and in time, we’ll take another.

    ‘In time’ I say, like there is an ample amount remaining.


    OSDM to BOS: “Let’s see… I’ll trade you my @kevin for your @nothenrygale card. Plus, we get to keep the tee shirt.”

    BOS to OSDM: “Oh, man… I love that tee shirt. Alright, whatever.”

     Mustafa Said 

    @111error I’m sure you’ve got your reasons not to share in detail what happened last night. After all, there’s no need to show your hand too early, right?

    I’m glad you came onto the forums and gave us just a bit more insight into what transpired. I wish you and those that stand with you the best of luck moving forward.

     Hannah Schenck 

    @111error Thank you for being as open and honest as you feel is necessary right now. Never Silent does not mean that all information needs to be given, but you shared what you felt was relevant to our questions and the chosen few shared how it made them feel, which is what you asked of them. Even though I am on the other side of the spectrum, I can say that it sounds like you created quite the experience for everyone involved and I’m curious to see what unfolds.

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