8/5 Midnight Commission Event

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    While I can’t say what I experienced tonight, I can say I was impressed with what I saw. I went into this evening’s event with skepticism and left with a sense of purpose. I think I know now where my allegiance lies.


    Tonight, BOS showed what they’re capable of. And after tonight, we are better equipped for whatever lies ahead.

    Ride or die since day one, and the only thing that’s changed is that we are only getting stronger.

     Michael Rizzo 

    Tonight I saw exactly what I needed to see, my loyalty has been strengthend and I know I can trust the BOS. I have a purpose once again and know where I belong, on the side that is helping people.

    I love history, it’s actually what I’m studying right now. And when I do my studies and when I read through all my books, I realized something. The world will always have a “darkness”, always. However, the world won’t always have people like us, a light. See, it’s not the “OSDM” that are changing history with their gods and whatnot… no, it’s US. We are the ones that decide what our books will talk about. It will be US that decides who our children are going to look up to. It will be US that makes a difference in our world.

    History isn’t theirs to change, it’s ours. We never fucking left.


    Stoked for everyone and their triumphant experiences tonight.
    Morgan, I love you, and you had your chance. Alas, I’ll be seeing you across the aisle.

    You never left, but they never stopped watching. 🖤

     Lauren Bello 

    Guys. 8/05. 805. BOS. …Probably should have noticed that earlier.

     Michael Rizzo 

    That’s ridiculous and I love it @daela

     Kevin Hsu 

    Tonight has me excited to be a part of something I believe in. The trials ahead will be a challenge, but I feel emboldened by those that stand with me.


    *thumbs up emoji*

     Brad Ruwe 

    I’m back home. Tonight was… hard to explain. But eye opening for sure. Def was a reminder that yes, I don’t like Noah. BUT he’s given me no reason to reject his offer to come to The System next weekend. He’s also given me no reason to cause any sort of “resistance” at the event. I truly mean that. I know some of you are suspicious of my intentions, but I saw some REAL, honest to goodness, positive outcomes from The System the past two weeks. Sure, @thebuz stole a plant. But he also brought comfort (and a much needed drink) to someone who could use some company.

    @maddyxxx, you and I may butt heads every now and then, but I’m willing to hear you out. If that offer for the ticket next weekend still stands, I’m ready to listen.

     Bryan Bishop 

    Stoked to hear everyone had an awesome time, and really excited to hear more when the time comes.


    Beware your new savior, everyone. All of us – and I mean ALL of us – are susceptible to manipulation. Being made to feel special by being selected as part of a chosen few… being given a shared secret that you can’t share with the outside world… having fears stoked about a grand “darkness”/other that will get you, and then seeing someone stand up and say he will be able to lead you to safety…

    These are techniques, designed to make people feel special; indebted. Tribalized. To get them thinking exactly how Dear Leader wants. To make sure that when he says jump, all of you say how high.

    I don’t really want to bring politics into this, but I’ll just say that the techniques should look awfully familiar, and we all saw them (on two different sides of the fence) in 2016, 2012, and 2008.

    I originally thought Morgan was acting in good, if tragically misguided, faith here. Now I’m starting to wonder if that was a safe assumption.


    @bcbishop I keep expecting to get exhausted from agreeing with you but it just never comes.


    @wanda102 *sigh* same.


    I learned a lot about myself last night. Things I’ve always suspected lay dormant within have been brought into the light thanks to the BOS.


    That weird sound? Oh, that’s just me alternating between laughing hysterically and banging my head against the wall… Because according to @bcbishop, anyone who follows BOS must be stupid, gullible and ultimately, needy… How flattering!

     Robert Fuller 

    @bcbishop is the voice of reason once again.

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