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    I’ve had to go back and read @daela‘s original post a few times, because I’m having a hard time imagining the Stacey from the video as someone capable of espionage and rooting around in a stranger’s house to find a bug and take down whoever has her over a barrel. As much as she seems confident enough to start a small company, she didn’t seem like someone (in that video) who was going to take on The Investors (capital “T” capital “I”). She has been seen as someone who is in over her head. I’m half expecting to hear some MAJOR repercussions for her this weekend.


    @coryphella I agree. If Stacey thinks that the can start exposing the inner workings of this operation and remain unscathed, she’s about to have her week RUINED. Is it so crazy to imagine that Noah or Michelle reached out to her? Stacey didn’t know exactly where the bug was, or if it was even there at all when she showed up at @daela‘s house. Someone told her to look for it.

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    @coryphella @lilmsfancpants idk about the idea that she isn’t able to expose the inner workings of whoever’s injecting their malicious intent into her company. The fact that she was able to produce a bug in the first place is enough to spark skepticism in many, no? And with enough support, there should be a way to invoke change – a single person can make a ripple but a group can make a wave.

    I kinda feel like we’re stuck siding with whoever is the least likely to stab us in the back here. We know shit’s fucked with OSDM, shit’s probably fucked with The System, but iConfidant seems to be the least amount of fucked at this moment.

    We know OSDM are not the good guys here. The System might be alright in the end, but as of this moment, can we really trust lizard-brained Noah? iConfidant at least has published a positively-worded mission statement and seem to value their user base.


    @addisonborn – I just think she’s underestimating what she’s up against. Maybe she’s Wonder Woman and I’m just not seeing it but…I don’t know. There’s a lack of confidence there that doesn’t give me much hope in her.


    When it comes to the head vs heart question I’m all in on heart, which I associate iConfidant with. I’m 100% behind Stacey taking on the darkness and standing up for what’s right. If I’m wrong and she can’t/doesn’t I’m sure I’ve already crossed a line and pissed off/offended the wrong people and will suffer greatly for it. Oh well. It wouldn’t be the first time following my heart will have let me down. But i have to believe there’s always a chance.


    I have to agree with @thegilded in thinking the most likely interpretation is not that Stacey was happy because of finding the specific bug @daela was targeted by… but that it is simple, absolute confirmation that a bug existed.

    She is obviously surrounded by powerful people, right? Perhaps she had been doubting herself because of all the people who are supposedly in control keep telling her “there’s suspicious nothing going on, you are crazy.” Perhaps she sees this as proof that she isn’t crazy and actually should be concerned for the future of all of us.


    There’s also the fact that if the group/person who planted the bug reads these boards or is in regular communication with someone who does, all of Stacey’s attempts to be discreet during her visit would be for naught.

    @daela Stacey knows that you’d be likely to post about her visit to the forum, so if being sneaky about it was her goal, why didn’t she tell you not to say anything? Could it be that her actual objective was to get you to post about the bug in the first place?

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