6/6/17 – Visit from Stacey

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     Kevin Hsu 

    …except for the part about it fitting in the palm of her hand, and her not willing to speak openly around it…

     Lauren Bello 

    Oh and @macbethinabathtub it was NOT the leather-bound notebook with folded pages, it was an ordinary lined notebook.


    Wow, I mean, I’m glad to know she’s in charge? I’m just…so intrigued! I have so many questions! Why bug you? WHO is bugging you? How did she know? What were they looking for? Who ELSE knows? So. Many. Questions.


    This is wild! While we never knew who was pulling the strings, now what does it mean that Stacy has the power? What a fantastic event!


    – Maybe Stacey had a hunch someone was at (and bugged) your apartment @daela when she called you to ask about the internet traffic coming from your home IP address when you were at work?
    – Maybe something about your account (or iConfidant correspondence) got her to think you were at risk of being bugged?
    – Are we ALL bugged??
    – Is iConfidant’s purpose to figure out who should be tracked further?
    – Was her phone call just to figure out what time you would be at home to retrieve the bug and the IP address chat was a distraction?


    @daela whether it be drugs or bugs, the first one is always free…


    Presumably it was there for a while. Presumably, based off her reactions, it meant something.

    Did you say anything to anyone that might be of value? Was any conversation picked up that may be of value? Could something have been recorded from someone who was at your place? Something Steven or Morgan said?

    Alternatively, how long could it have been there? I was at your apartment not too crazy long ago, even if only in passing. I can think of at least 4 others that were at your place over the past few months. Could it have been targeting any of them?

    Or perhaps all?

     Lauren Bello 

    @thegilded – Oh, interesting. You think this could have been another way of getting to Morgan? It would make sense. They ransack his apartment, can’t find what they’re looking for (whatever that is), bug my place and possibly his to try to find it?


    I don’t know, there’s something really Jennifer Garner/Alias/”worst-spy-ever” about Stacey here. Between the “hey I found a bug…in the first place I looked” and the “oh you’re not at home? so…when are you going to be home?” stuff she doesn’t strike me as someone who’s going to last long playing this game.

    she opened the notebook and held it up: it said “Please invite me inside.”

    WAIT DO YOU THINK STACEY IS A VAMPIRE?? Because that would be awesome.


    I question how she thinks this makes her in charge now. Noah was able to have some power because he’s Horace’s son, the golden boy. What is she to them? A means to an end, and when she threatens that with, I’m guessing, threatening to tell everyone about the takeover/bugging, she ceases to be that and they don’t need her anymore.


    Well this is the stuff of nightmares.

    It does sound suspicious, though. Perhaps this is her way of furthering our paranoia?


    Hmm. Now the question is: How did the bug get there?

     Bryan Bishop 

    Damn. The rabbit hole gets deeper, and shit gets even weirder.

    Lot of possibilities here, but I have to imagine Stacey feels some sense of control because finally, thanks to the bug, she has some physical proof that outside forces are screwing with her and her business. She’s been singing that tune all along, chasing down leads and trying to hold it all together, but this time there’s evidence — and she’s gotten out ahead of whatever the bug was there for.

    But, um… what was the bug there for? And how will its discovery / removal impact the 11th?


    this is very strange because something is way off and your place is being bugged I cannot even put my finger to it. I would freak if she was standing at my door so crazy


    On further thought, this may bring up a second concern. Maybe Stacey wasn’t trying to find Lauren’s specific bug. Maybe she was just trying to confirm the idea that people assigned iConfidants were bugged to begin with.

    Maybe it’s less that she was excited to find @daela‘s bug, and more that she was excited to confirm that we all are bugged.

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