6/6/17 – Visit from Stacey

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     Lauren Bello 


    Stacey knocked on the door. I opened the door and greeted her. I was flustered, she was smiling broadly. She seemed super relaxed, confident. She was holding a notebook. As she greeted me, asked me how I was doing, she opened the notebook and held it up: it said “Please invite me inside.”

    I briefly considered pretending not to see it, because the apartment is in extreme disarray, because Steven and I have barely been home in the past two weeks.

    Then I invited her in, internally wincing.

    She came in and said that she just wanted to check on my WiFi connection, make sure everything was ok, etc. She flipped to the next page in the notebook. It said: “Show me where you have your most intense conversations.”

    Aloud, she said, “So if you could show me the area, the laptop, where you chat with your confidant…”

    I gestured toward the couch and she began hunting, making casual chit-chat all the while. Looking under pillows, moving books…

    She noticed our basket of plush Rick and Morty toys, went over to it. Felt around inside, and pulled something out. Then said loudly, “Could I use your bathroom?” “Of course.” I pointed. She said, hint hint, “Can you show me where it is?” I took the hint and followed her inside.

    She held up a small wired electronic object. Then tossed it outside the bathroom and closed the door. “Was that a bug?” She nodded. She told me she’d found it with the toys and that she was going to get rid of it, bring it with her to the car. She seemed strangely…excited.

    She had me hum into her phone, said that she was going to play the recording of me humming in the interim between her leaving the apartment and destroying the bug.

    She thanked me and said, relieved………dammit I can’t remember exactly what she said. Basically indicating that now that she’d found the bug, she knew the truth. I asked her if she was ok, she said she was now. I asked her if I could do anything to help her, she said to please not worry anyone. She was fine…now she’s in charge.

    She smiled radiantly.

    She hastened out, complimented our chairs, didn’t seem to have time for any questions. Waved as she closed the door behind her. I stood in the middle of the apartment with my mouth open for about 60 seconds.

    Then I did a quick check for bugs. I mean you never know.

    So. Now Stacey’s in charge. My home is not being eavesdropped on. All’s right with the world?

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    Do you think she actually found the wire or was it a magic trick like she already had it in her and and then “found” it?

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    They’re gonna know she fucked with the wire/bug. Feel like Stacey is going to get in a lot more trouble now.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    In the warehouse, Noah said to his father that he was the one with the power because he had the secrets.
    Perhaps when she says she’s in charge now, it’s that now that she can prove what’s going on, she has the leverage and she has the power.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Fuuuuuuucking hell. Yeah easily could’ve been that she was palming the bug the whole time. It’s hard to know for sure without seeing her “find” it.

    But jesus, that’s crazy. So either she had been played, manipulated herself, not realizing what her company was being used for, or this is all part of some bigger plan we still don’t understand, where she’s working with those collecting info on us. Or hell, maybe something completely different.

    All I know is I’m going to enjoy these last days of location anonymity before my new address location gets out there. #OSDMSafeHouse

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    Who is bugging your apartment and why?? What could they possibly be listening for?

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    Who’s to say there’s only one? There could be more bugs, or worse, cameras. Better do a sweep as soon as you can.

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    Just curious, is it the same notebook from the Facebook live event? Interesting how possessing a single bug from one participant’s house that she had fully expected to find would so decisively turn to tide in her eyes. @111error‘s place must be full of them. I wonder what she’s planning. ALSO @daela: what did you hum?

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    Why is she getting herself tangled up in this? She seemed so scared in her video. Why, now, is she deciding to take control of things beyond the problems with her own company? If she came and manually scanned your computer for viruses or something, I’d get it. But this feels like she’s being influenced by two separate entities. 1) Off-camera intimidating person telling her to cover up the leaks and 2) someone else telling her to shine a light on them, even if it means putting herself in danger.

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    Whoa.. so, I take it the call she made earlier was her being forced by the same person forcing her to make the fb live video. Therefore she knew they would go in and bug your house while you were out then went over at night to secretly rectify the situation ??? Does that sound right or do you think that bug has been there for a while ? ?

    *trying to think if they would know my address…of course they do…fuck…*

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    I’m going to take her finding the bug at face value that she actually found it and didn’t plant it.

    This is fucking rad. 3 Days of the Condor shit, man.

    So what’s the bigger picture here? What leverage does Stacey have now that she can old over who was forcing her against her will to do that FB Live video?

    So many more questions have arised but I’m more and more becoming fascinated with Stacey’s story.

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    I think it seems like she’s acting on her own free will now. First she was going along with whomever was trying to control her in the video. We could tell that she was being forced to say those things and she didn’t really want to. But now, she’s gone rogue. She’s taking control to either save herself or take charge of the situation in order to possibly save others (us?).

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    I’m with @kortneydarling here. Unless something is going down with iConfidant right now, seems like it would have made more sense for Stacey to leave the bug in place while suggesting that @daela doesn’t have intense conversations there until this is sorted. By removing it, she tips her hand and they know that she knows now. So, good luck Stacey, I hope you’ve got a plan.

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     Lauren Bello 

    @kortneydarling – It’s always possible that she planted it…but what would she have to gain? I forgot to mention, I asked her who had put it there and she specifically said she couldn’t say. So she wasn’t using it to try to turn me against anyone or make me paranoid. The bug was significant to her, but she wouldn’t share anything about that significance. For me, that points to this being a real discovery…the fact that she was so secretive about it and what it meant.

    @meghanmayhem – I think you’re totally right, Stacey believes uncovering the truth gives her some sort of leverage. I worry about her, though, because I don’t think it’s going to be that easy. I don’t think confronting OSDM with the bug would end well for her. (But maybe that’s me underestimating her…something I’m realizing I’ve probably been doing for a while.)

    @sfire8 – No idea why they would bug me. It was interesting that she specifically thought they were listening for “intense conversations”.

    @lilmsfancpants – I really felt like her actions tonight were coming from her tonight. I could be wrong, but this was the most comfortable and confident I’ve ever seen/heard her. I was into it.

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     Kevin Hsu 

    This sounds like an Evil Twin device; a device that spoofs the SSID of @daela‘s WIFI and relays all data traffic to the real WIFI. This would allow a person to see all of @daela‘s internet use, emails, Rick and Morty streaming, etc.

    …except for the part about it fitting in the palm of her hand, and her not willing to speak openly around it…

    …something’s not adding up with Stacey’s story…

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    • This reply was modified 4 years, 11 months ago by  Kevin Hsu.
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     Kevin Hsu 

    …except for the part about it fitting in the palm of her hand, and her not willing to speak openly around it…

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     Lauren Bello 

    Oh and @macbethinabathtub it was NOT the leather-bound notebook with folded pages, it was an ordinary lined notebook.

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    Wow, I mean, I’m glad to know she’s in charge? I’m just…so intrigued! I have so many questions! Why bug you? WHO is bugging you? How did she know? What were they looking for? Who ELSE knows? So. Many. Questions.

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    This is wild! While we never knew who was pulling the strings, now what does it mean that Stacy has the power? What a fantastic event!

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    – Maybe Stacey had a hunch someone was at (and bugged) your apartment @daela when she called you to ask about the internet traffic coming from your home IP address when you were at work?
    – Maybe something about your account (or iConfidant correspondence) got her to think you were at risk of being bugged?
    – Are we ALL bugged??
    – Is iConfidant’s purpose to figure out who should be tracked further?
    – Was her phone call just to figure out what time you would be at home to retrieve the bug and the IP address chat was a distraction?

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    @daela whether it be drugs or bugs, the first one is always free…

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    Presumably it was there for a while. Presumably, based off her reactions, it meant something.

    Did you say anything to anyone that might be of value? Was any conversation picked up that may be of value? Could something have been recorded from someone who was at your place? Something Steven or Morgan said?

    Alternatively, how long could it have been there? I was at your apartment not too crazy long ago, even if only in passing. I can think of at least 4 others that were at your place over the past few months. Could it have been targeting any of them?

    Or perhaps all?

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     Lauren Bello 

    @thegilded – Oh, interesting. You think this could have been another way of getting to Morgan? It would make sense. They ransack his apartment, can’t find what they’re looking for (whatever that is), bug my place and possibly his to try to find it?

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    I don’t know, there’s something really Jennifer Garner/Alias/”worst-spy-ever” about Stacey here. Between the “hey I found a bug…in the first place I looked” and the “oh you’re not at home? so…when are you going to be home?” stuff she doesn’t strike me as someone who’s going to last long playing this game.

    she opened the notebook and held it up: it said “Please invite me inside.”

    WAIT DO YOU THINK STACEY IS A VAMPIRE?? Because that would be awesome.

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    I question how she thinks this makes her in charge now. Noah was able to have some power because he’s Horace’s son, the golden boy. What is she to them? A means to an end, and when she threatens that with, I’m guessing, threatening to tell everyone about the takeover/bugging, she ceases to be that and they don’t need her anymore.

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    Well this is the stuff of nightmares.

    It does sound suspicious, though. Perhaps this is her way of furthering our paranoia?

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    Hmm. Now the question is: How did the bug get there?

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Damn. The rabbit hole gets deeper, and shit gets even weirder.

    Lot of possibilities here, but I have to imagine Stacey feels some sense of control because finally, thanks to the bug, she has some physical proof that outside forces are screwing with her and her business. She’s been singing that tune all along, chasing down leads and trying to hold it all together, but this time there’s evidence — and she’s gotten out ahead of whatever the bug was there for.

    But, um… what was the bug there for? And how will its discovery / removal impact the 11th?

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    this is very strange because something is way off and your place is being bugged I cannot even put my finger to it. I would freak if she was standing at my door so crazy

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    On further thought, this may bring up a second concern. Maybe Stacey wasn’t trying to find Lauren’s specific bug. Maybe she was just trying to confirm the idea that people assigned iConfidants were bugged to begin with.

    Maybe it’s less that she was excited to find @daela‘s bug, and more that she was excited to confirm that we all are bugged.

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    I’ve had to go back and read @daela‘s original post a few times, because I’m having a hard time imagining the Stacey from the video as someone capable of espionage and rooting around in a stranger’s house to find a bug and take down whoever has her over a barrel. As much as she seems confident enough to start a small company, she didn’t seem like someone (in that video) who was going to take on The Investors (capital “T” capital “I”). She has been seen as someone who is in over her head. I’m half expecting to hear some MAJOR repercussions for her this weekend.

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    @coryphella I agree. If Stacey thinks that the can start exposing the inner workings of this operation and remain unscathed, she’s about to have her week RUINED. Is it so crazy to imagine that Noah or Michelle reached out to her? Stacey didn’t know exactly where the bug was, or if it was even there at all when she showed up at @daela‘s house. Someone told her to look for it.

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    @coryphella @lilmsfancpants idk about the idea that she isn’t able to expose the inner workings of whoever’s injecting their malicious intent into her company. The fact that she was able to produce a bug in the first place is enough to spark skepticism in many, no? And with enough support, there should be a way to invoke change – a single person can make a ripple but a group can make a wave.

    I kinda feel like we’re stuck siding with whoever is the least likely to stab us in the back here. We know shit’s fucked with OSDM, shit’s probably fucked with The System, but iConfidant seems to be the least amount of fucked at this moment.

    We know OSDM are not the good guys here. The System might be alright in the end, but as of this moment, can we really trust lizard-brained Noah? iConfidant at least has published a positively-worded mission statement and seem to value their user base.

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    @addisonborn – I just think she’s underestimating what she’s up against. Maybe she’s Wonder Woman and I’m just not seeing it but…I don’t know. There’s a lack of confidence there that doesn’t give me much hope in her.

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    When it comes to the head vs heart question I’m all in on heart, which I associate iConfidant with. I’m 100% behind Stacey taking on the darkness and standing up for what’s right. If I’m wrong and she can’t/doesn’t I’m sure I’ve already crossed a line and pissed off/offended the wrong people and will suffer greatly for it. Oh well. It wouldn’t be the first time following my heart will have let me down. But i have to believe there’s always a chance.

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    I have to agree with @thegilded in thinking the most likely interpretation is not that Stacey was happy because of finding the specific bug @daela was targeted by… but that it is simple, absolute confirmation that a bug existed.

    She is obviously surrounded by powerful people, right? Perhaps she had been doubting herself because of all the people who are supposedly in control keep telling her “there’s suspicious nothing going on, you are crazy.” Perhaps she sees this as proof that she isn’t crazy and actually should be concerned for the future of all of us.

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    There’s also the fact that if the group/person who planted the bug reads these boards or is in regular communication with someone who does, all of Stacey’s attempts to be discreet during her visit would be for naught.

    @daela Stacey knows that you’d be likely to post about her visit to the forum, so if being sneaky about it was her goal, why didn’t she tell you not to say anything? Could it be that her actual objective was to get you to post about the bug in the first place?

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