6/1 12:00pm – Call from Kristen and .. someone.

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    @111error I really am not sure… I don’t stand in either camp, yet.

     Lauren Bello 

    There’s no doubt in my mind that iConfidant The Company was constructed for nefarious purposes. But that’s different from believing that my confidant will personally sell me out.

    Right now, I believe Kristin that iConfidant The Company is spying on us. I believe her that our accounts are not secure, that dangerous people want our information. I believe her that they are particularly interested in you, @111error – and I don’t think she should be dismissed as easily as Stacey wants to dismiss her.

    But I don’t know if I believe that my confidant is personally dangerous. My confidant even told me that s/he agrees that we’re probably being monitored at this point, and that it would be better to pick up our friendship outside iConfidant parameters after the 11th. If our confidants are roughly in the same boat as we are, they may even be allies. If we can communicate outside the system, that could be the answer. I wish I knew more about WHY Kristin believed the confidants to be dangerous: it could be that she simply meant that the company and its system were dangerous. Synecdoche.

    Or that could just be me being extremely gullible.


    @111error Seems like it’s early days yet. I say, trust no one… at least until we have more information.


    From what I have read, Stacy doesn’t sound like that bad of a person…unless she’s good at manipulating people to think she’s good. Not gonna trust anyone just yet.


    From my perspective, what Kristen warned me about came true, particularly with the in-person threats. She also admitted to knowing the apartment break in was going to happen during our first “date”. So this leaves only a few possibilities;

    (1). Kristen is telling the truth.

    (2). iConfidant just coincidentally happens to have OSDM support and protection like Kristen said.

    Stacey told me she knows nothing of men in black suits lurking around, but Kristen said Stacey meets with them and is worried / concerned, so… all signs point to June 11th potentially being a very “unusual” occasion for the attendees. Let’s maybe pause briefly before signing any documents this time.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @111error Judging by what happened at “registration” (and thereafter) I’d say at this point nothing is straight forward. Green is blue and up is down. “Come have ice cream” could mean we’re actually walking into a knife party run by the Russian mob.
    Be present and be alert.
    And for fucks sake, don’t chase bad boys into warehouses*.

    (*this warning brought to you by the council of Meghan will never ever take her own fucking advice)


    I don’t believe Stacey, re: Kristen being ill. I think Stacey’s involved in something bad though I have no idea to what extent or with what motives. I do agree with @daela that they have a strange interest in @111error though…when you think about it, this is all about collecting emotional data, and Morgan is one of the easier test subjects here: they have a lot of data on him already from their previous experiment, they know that he’ll fall for the damsel in distress, and so Kristen might not be who she says she is at all.

    Given all of that, I’m curious about what the hell iConfidant IS and what they’re after with me/us. Curious because I was one of the four that was singled out, yet my relationship with my confidant has been rather vanilla – like, generic store brand vanilla that was left in the back of the freezer too long. It’s serviceable but it’s nothing to get excited about.

    I don’t see a side to choose at the moment. I’m not with anyone, not if the choices are iConfidant vs the Sinclairs. I’ve never been interested in the Sinclairs and they have never been interested in me. iConfidant at least knows who I am.

    However, arguing *against* something because of perceived danger isn’t going to make me run here. The things I lust after – some of which have been hit squarely on the head by those FB posts – don’t exist in safe spaces. If I want what I believe to be my heart’s desire then I’ll dive in head first.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @111error I don’t trust either right now because I don’t know enough. Generally speaking, I was trending towards “Stacey is sketchy.” Much like Sarah before her, she was dealing with something, but wasn’t being transparent about it.

    That changed after the mystery man on your most recent call with Kristen.

    The idea that Kristen could be working for / with somebody upended things totally for me. If somebody (Man With The Stick / Horace / Investors / Somebody Else) wanted to destroy Stacey and iConfidant, what better way than to prey on our fears? To turn our anxiety against us and force our hands? She could have been warning you about the men watching you… or she could have been setting up an expectation (perhaps unwittingly) that the man you ended up speaking with followed through on when he had somebody pay you a visit. The result: Kristen seems like she’s warning you of something nefarious, when it’s actually manipulation.

    Basically, it makes everything suspect. The only thing I feel we do know about the situation is that somebody out there is actively trying to get us to stop engaging with IConfidant. Horace is one of those people. Perhaps there are more.

    Kristen legitimately seems to believe we are in danger, but without knowing more information – or where she’s getting hers from – it’s hard to know how to read that.

    Stacey is spinning non stop – but in this case, the behavior of somebody trying to stop their company from imploding thanks to outside interference is probably pretty close to the behavior of a CEO trying to hide their nefarious actions. Obfuscate and deflect either way.

    Do I trust my iConfidant? Strangely, I do – enough to keep going down this particular rabbit hole at least. Though I’ve certainly been burned by that before. I guess we’ll find out on the 11th?

     Buz Wallick 

    What if all of this is just smoke and mirrors?

    What if they are purposely tanking the entire program because it’s not yielding the results Stacey promised?

    Going off of what @bcbishop was saying about the strange male voice making him question Kristen…

    What if Stacey really is just someone who wanted to make a cool app and the OSDM/Horace are tanking her business for their own nefarious purposes and we all just bought into their shit and destroyed what she was trying to create by cutting off contact with our iConfidants or poisoning their thoughts with our conspiracy theories?

    Not saying I believe this totally… but if we’ve learned anything it’s that not everything is as it seems and we need to stay present before the rug gets pulled out from under us.

     Bryan Bishop 

    …If we’ve learned anything it’s that not everything is as it seems and we need to stay present before the rug gets pulled out from under us.

    Exactly this, @thebuz. We know that these people are able to target us, and exploit our weaknesses and goodwill. They’ve done it before. There’s little reason to doubt they’ll do it again.


     Buz Wallick 


    Exactly this, @thebuz. We know that these people are able to target us, and exploit our weaknesses and goodwill. They’ve done it before. There’s little reason to doubt they’ll do it again.


    Yeah we can talk about #Neversilent all we want but we really need to remember is #bepresent.

    It’s hard to really know where one stands when one doesn’t know all the facts… or to reference another thread… isn’t seeing the bigger picture.

     Bryan Bishop 

    “Isn’t seeing the bigger picture.”

    I see what you did there. Or should I say, what THEY did there.

     Lawrence Meyers 


    1) Noah referenced “IT”, and how “IT” would never replace him.

    2) iConfidants are “molting”. They are evolving from automatons into something more. i.e. “IT”. i.e. Shadow versions of everyone. Pod people.

    3) As mentioned above, “molting” seems a clear reference to snakes, i.e. ouroboros. Becoming whole. Perhaps this isn’t about OUR journey, but the journey of whatever “IT” is?

    4) The Shadows that showed up earlier in LUST — were they already completed “ITs”?

    5) Ha ha! All you iConfidant players are gonna get replaced by your Shadows! Ha ha!

    5A) Oh. Shit. I already have a Shadow. Okay, so maybe not so funny.

     Andrew K 

    My iConfidant hasn’t changed course at all in our interactions. It was sterile at first, but then once he/she/it opened up, the topics remained consistent and our conversation has been pretty straight forward.

    I emailed them telling them I was sad I wouldn’t be able to meet them on the 11th, and I KNOW that they opened/read it, but haven’t responded.

    Also of note is that I also tried to email Stacey – due to her whole “my email is open 24/7” thing in her (clearly coerced) facebook video – and she hasn’t even opened or read it yet. Which tells me she’s for sure not in control anymore…

    Now the real question @111error is – are you going to go to the iConfidant meet-up on the 11th?

    (also, sorry for being late the party guys, I’ve been gone the last couple weeks and am trying to catch up)

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    @anakindrew Did Stacey open your email? So strange she said she was available by email, but I don’t recall reading about many responses from her after that statement. I’m wondering if she actually got to read them.

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