5/15 – I don't know what to believe anymore…

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    Just another normal day at Burbank’s LEAST safe office building.

    I’m having a real case of the Mondays so I decided to grab an iced coffee to avoid collapsing onto my keyboard. I dart through the waiting room of my office to avoid all the nervous, desperate glances from actors thinking I can get them a job. Right next to the door there’s a guy standing, staring at me pretty hardcore. I guess my no-makeup/yoga pants/hoodie look was working for him. I leave the office, walk to go get my coffee.

    When I get back to the building I see that same guy hovering around the front door of the office. I make eye contact and brush past him to go back inside. Just as I get close to the door, I hear, “…Lia?”

    I turn around and frantically try to register his face. He’s just some guy. A total stranger in a suit. He says, “I saw your periscope from when you met that guy at the bar!”

    I smile and ask him if he is a part of LUST. He looks at me like I have six heads and says he doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I really thought he was one of us. Why would he even know about that video if he isn’t a member of this forum?

    Oh God.

    I feel all the blood drain from my face as I try to think of what I should ask him. His face suddenly gets very serious and he takes a step towards me and speaks.

    “They’re always watching.”

    He turns around and briskly makes his way towards the parking lot.

    I don’t even want this damn coffee anymore.

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 1 month ago by  Lia.
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    Wait are you serious?

    That’s simultaneously awesome and fucking terrifying

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    Wow. Just wow. That has to be IG right?

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     Kyle Bown 

    Yeah… you’ll never need coffee again…

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     Michael Rizzo 

    Hahaha and hahah fuck

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    @bruinbown I’m switching to valium.

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     Andrew K 

    What the absolute fuck.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    God that’s rad. And creepy. And rad.

    But just remember my dear girl, we’re always watching too.

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    I’m super jealoussss.. and also, holy crap is this an unhealthy reaction to a story like that. 😀

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     Kimberly Stewart 

    Wow @lilmsfancpants, that would have genuinely freaked me out. We expect creepy things to happen at certain times, but not when we are “safely” residing in our own private worlds.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Weeeeeeeell holy shit that’s kinda terrifying.

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     Mustafa Said 

    That is just plain insane.

    Also, can I have the coffee? :p

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     Hannah Schenck 

    Whoa @lilmsfancpants that’s fucking intense ?? I wonder how long he was waiting for you since how would he know that you would step out for coffee?? what did he look like? Did you see him leave?

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    Dang! Where do you work!? I mean, my office goes on a walk to the same Starbucks every single day at the same time and the craziest thing we’ve seen are some folks that took up residence in the corner of the shop and have been in this same spot for the last 3 weeks, open to close. I’m absolutely amazed that that guy just HAPPENED to be there waiting for you when you went for your coffee. That’s bananas.

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    I was so excited to meet a new player! Boy, was I off.

    This is so much weirder than when the phone was dropped off. Like, yes it’s normal business hours, so it’s easy to deduce that I’m here at work. But not that I would come out of my office at any particular time. He could have been waiting there SO long!

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     Bryan Bishop 


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    @brianamatopoeia because it’s a waiting room, he could technically have been there a long-ass time without anyone being concerned. But still. WHAT.

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    Holy Cow! Wait, is this normal? I remember someone showed up at @rizzzoooooo‘s house, and now this. So literally they just show up in our real worlds! Ha, exciting and terrifying.

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    @lilmsfancpants Seriously, I wonder how long he waited there. Like, there are days I don’t leave my office at all. That’s commitment to stalking…

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    “They’re always watching…” Isn’t that what Kristen said to Morgan too?? Who is “they”? Investors, Sinclairs, the Ourobourous society who left the message in the warehouse?

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    Oh joy.

    Maybe that bum who puked in my parking spot was part of Lust too.


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    Very jealous. I wish my office wasn’t really well secured; I’d be really impressed if they were able to do anything to me.

    Glad to see you’re still on their radar 😉

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     Brad Ruwe 

    You’ve gotta scan an employee badge twice to get onto my floor. Security is pretty on the ball here. I’d love to see them just try to get to me while at work.


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    What. The. Fuck?! ? that would’ve totally made my day! Lol creepy as hell. ..@lilmsfancpants did u just walk away after he said that or did he?? Did u say anything else? So weird. .

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    Scan the Tension book! See if you recognize them!

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    @lilmsfancpants Oh what kind of suit by the way? Black? Pin striped? Shirt color?

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     Kevin Hsu 

    awesome! also, needs clarification on who “they” are. too many “they”s right now. if you have cameras on site can you ask security for the footage?

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    Watch, subsequently, Lust releases its own brand of Pepper spray. Endorsed with a terrified expression of @lilmsfancpants.

    “Lust pepper spray: When the night just isn’t going your way.”

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    Good thinking @lazysmartperson! Get the security camera feeds!

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    @lilmsfancpants …. o__0

    Someone waited for you, potentially for hours, to say three words to you?

    I’m … not buying this as quickly or eagerly as the rest of you. What’s really going on?

    Lia, are you working for the OSDM?

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    Perhaps the robots also tossed @lilmsfancpants into that van.

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    Have to agree with @111error on this.. While this is a really awesome story, I find it REALLY hard to believe someone was just hanging out all day waiting for you. And I don’t believe that you’re someone who would just make things up out of the blue. Who put you up to this? Noah? Sarah? KenT?

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    Found a new forum avatar for you, @lilmsfancpants NO REASON.

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    That’s a really cute picture, @meghanmayhem but I’m more of a raccoon person myself.

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    @addisonborn @111error He wasn’t there all day. I had gone to the bathroom (and had to walk through the lobby) like an hour before this happened and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Maybe he was waiting until I left?

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    @thebuz @lazysmartperson My office doesn’t even have sink. It’s an awful place really. But yeah, no cameras.

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    @meghanmayhem my bf swears @lilmsfancpants is the P word ?

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    Ahhh, @lilmsfancpants! That’s all sorts of scary and awesome. Looks like you got a free shot of adrenaline with that coffee.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    In other news, absolutely nothing of note happened to me today.

    Except that Lia appears to have…supPLANTed me….

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    That is a really creepy story.

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    I somehow find it very awesome and very creepy at the same time that they managed to do that! It might just have been coincidence that you walked out, could he have been looking for you at your office so if you had been in the office he would have found you there in any case?

    I find it really surprising that even my periscope account is being followed by sinclair industries, as I have not really interacted with them directly, or periscoped much, although I would love to do one, if I can find a good theme to do around. Anyone interested in seeing my cat sit on command?

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