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       Meghan Mayhem

      Just for funsies, sometimes late at night we like to come up with hair-brained baseless theories just to break our own brains and there was one that @lilmsfancpants and I discussed last night that actually gave me body shivers, so I figured I’d share with the class.

      During this week’s little scare tactics it was said that “We’re always watching” and “They’re always watching” (as was pointed out so observantly by @kevin)
      So who are THEY?
      LUST has been a very very different experience than Tension was and has been unbelievably meta so…
      What if WE are “They”?
      There’s been a definite push for us to share everything. Social media pushes, sharing all details and interactions here, NEVER SILENT as they say. The very first thing that was pushed narrative wise was Noah attempting to blackmail @bcbishop in order to force him to use his influence to “spread the message”.
      What if “They’re always watching” means WE’RE reporting everything? That we have unknowingly become the plants feeding all information to the OSDM? Every social media post, every forum post, every shared phone call and email, everything, is us watching, recording, and spreading the information.

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      Ooh, @meghanmayhem that’s a GOOD theory. It makes sense since we are all sharing these intimate experiences with a crowd of likeminded strangers. Things like Periscoping our lives and sharing personal email exchanges. WE *could* be THEY…

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      That’s good…that’s really good. It makes a lot of sense, why else would they push to have us keep going on social media. I mean, just this weekend from some of us getting calls/visits, we all made Periscopes and did other things on social media to try to get their attention.

      We want the phone calls, the visits, the emails, the interaction, what better way of getting our data than almost rewarding us for sharing it?

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      This would be a somewhat similar sentiment to the revelation about The One, right? We’re expecting some outside force to come and affect us in some sinister way, only to discover that what we had been fearing was in fact ourselves in the simple act of actually playing the game.

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       Brad Ruwe

      That’s….. a pretty nerve wracking theory. *puts away the Periscope*

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       Kevin Hsu

      too late @nothenrygale, too late ?️‍?️

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       Brad Ruwe

      @lazysmartperson No matter what, I’m still safe. For now…

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      I love this Meghan. Who knows better about how we all feel, our thoughts, our WHEREABOUTS, than each other at this point? If this is designed to bring us together and thenusebour own relationships to tear us apart, we’re teeing up nicely to be batted away.

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       Lukas L

      I have to agree with you on this @meghanmayhem I could totally see some of us being “The Watchers”. But not like a plant so much. More like as Brian said, more like, influencers. It would be really interesting to find out that some of us are being used (Consciously or unconsciously) as a motivator to get the rest of us to willingly give the data sets that whoever is in charge is after.

      The Never Silent thing confuses me sometimes though. If they were trying to gather data on what makes us tic, forcing dialogue for the sake of dialogue would put more static into the data than actual usable information. IE if subject A was told to form an opinion on a given text, and told to react to said text, all while they are in a familiar comfortable setting. That subject would most likely not make the same reaction if they are in a setting of conflict.

      IE We all have our guard up with anything remotely lust related. Unless the data they want is “How much different will the real Luke act to set stimuli in a paranoid setting vs a normal setting” then what they are receiving from me is static data. Even if that is the data they are trying to collect, they have the sample group of that stimuli in a paranoid state, but they dont have the data from the variable condition. Same stimuli normal setting. Without this, that data is worthless as far as I can see. I mean how do they know that I am reacting in a paranoid or normal state. I could be lying about everything I have told them or anyone.

      I guess what im trying to say is by forcing us to be “Never Silent” they are really not finding out how we would react in a situation. So they really wouldn’t know what makes us tick tock tick tock.

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       Cyrus La Rosa

      Geezus fuck

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       Cyrus La Rosa

      Geezus* auto correct

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       Andrew K

      I really like this as well @meghanmayhem.

      I mean, we ARE always watching- watching each other, watching the forums, watching the facebook feed, etc.

      We’re all so fascinated by this and yearn so much for outside influences and events to occur that we’ve forgotten to look inward.

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      OH SHIT

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