Uncomfortable challenges and the OSDM

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       Lauren Bello

      Today, Noah’s been pushing people outside of their comfort zones – challenging them to go into the real world and do things that make them uncomfortable, ostensibly for their benefit.

      I realized today that Noah’s not the only entity who’s been doing this. Sabrina did the same thing during iConfidant. So far, I am aware of her challenging me, @goldtongue, @thegilded, and @winstonsmith to do something uncomfortable in real life. In my email, she described it as a “challenge from your confidant”.

      For me, it was a small thing, nowhere near the scale of Noah’s challenges. It was also a challenge with a very clear benefit to me – I wasn’t being asked to do something blindly.

      But aside from the scale…Sabrina’s technique and Noah’s technique are looking suspiciously similar.

      Did anyone else receive a challenge or an encouragement to act IRL from Sabrina/iConfidant? You don’t have to divulge the specifics; I believe Sean and Winston do not intend to discuss the particulars of their challenges. I’m just curious to see if this is a pattern…and if it points to Noah and Sabrina serving the same entity.

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       Taylor Winters

      The motivations for Noah and The System to push us outside of our comfort zone is clear: The System is designed to make us grow, to face things that make us scared, to make us stronger. But in the grander schemes, why do this? Money? Sure, that helps. Control? Probably that as well. But I think it’s far more associated with the goals of The OSDM.

      The OSDM wants data on us. In Tension they did this by making us face situations that were tense and stressful. In lust, I see this being mirrored: they are aligning us with feelings that we desire. Whether it’s power, influence, position with The System or relationships/friendships with iConfidant, we will be pushed outside of our comfort zone to get much needed data that is harder to get than data from a nominal set of parameters (they are testing the boundaries of your sample).

      Further, if we’re seeing The System push us in this way during Chapter 3, just imagine where things will go when iConfidant begins to push us in (I’d assume) Chapter 4–and there’s still a chapter that can be aligned with “Sex” on the circle.

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      To go off of what @taysavestheday is saying…

      You can tell a lot about a person based on what their goals are.

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       Bryan Bishop

      @daela This is really enlightening. I never received a specific challenge, but thinking about iConfidant through this lens the entire incident strikes me as a challenge in faith and trust: we received robotic introductions, no information, and in some cases were even warned about our iConfidants. Yet to move forward, we had to spill personal information and engage despite those warning signs.

      Yes. This. OSDM, The System, and iConfidant have all used similar tactics to gain emotional investment and engagement – and therefore data. And what do they all share? Horace Sinclair. We didn’t know his name during Tension, but he was always the guy behind the guy.

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