The system?

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      Well this is fun. Notifying that this is a new shiny toy for us.

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       Bryan Bishop

      Well, well, well. I guess the existence of this forum confirms that The System is OSDM-sanctioned (and HCDI-approved?).

      Also seems to confirm a TON of shit is about to go down with Noah.

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      Noah is back in the saddle again.

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      The video with its slow, but subtle messaging, reminded me of the education room in Tension: You needed to take a test on the video’s content while the acolyte women distracted you

      I see you System video. I see you.

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      Right where he belongs.

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       Hannah Schenck

      Noah is back and I couldn’t be happier. A dude who doesn’t care about anything but getting shit done. A-fucking-men!

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      Ooh, excited by today’s events. I do hope to meet this elusive Noah Sinclair one of these days. Whether or not we’d get along is entirely debatable but either way I think it would prove entertaining.

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      Wasn’t interested the first time, not interested now, though Noah himself has my attention given everything we’ve seen between the initial announcement and now.

      Also, the “join us” page on has a link to the Lust activity feed. How long has that been there?

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       Lukas L

      I don’t think the system left us. Out of sight out of mind. But the cogs keep turning

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      We’ve all been waiting since May for this! Bring it.

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       Amber Ballesteros

      So glad to see Noah and the System back in action! I’m ready. #TeamNoah

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