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       Robert Fuller

      Given Morgan’s apparent takeover of Lust and its attendant social media platforms, and his call to arms today, I’m left with even more questions than I had before. In light of @persephone’s and my phone calls from Morgan, his parting words to @larry sound less like a threat than a warning: “join us, or you’ll miss out.” It’s like he’s playing upon our FOMO. But why?

      Here’s what I know: the BOS/TMC were called upon to send out anti-OSDM propaganda into the world, accompanied by Lust Experience hashtags. Only the call wasn’t just for the BOS, it was for everyone, according to what Morgan told me over the phone. Sam and I, being on the fence, were told to explain our own positions on social media, also with Lust hashtags. So, clearly, Morgan doesn’t give a damn if we join BOS or not. We are not important to him. What is important is our social media presence.

      There is a word for what he is asking us to do: advertisement. He wants us to advertise Lust. Noah did it with #thesystemsaves, and now Morgan has taken up the mantle. But why? Why does a resistance leader need to advertise the thing he’s resisting against? Unless … he’s not a resistance leader. We’ve just replaced one cult for another. The Lust Experience is now The Midnight Commission, and anyone not on board is left out.

      But this is ridiculous. Morgan must know that not everyone is going to drink his Kool-Aid. @bcbishop won’t. @coryphella sure as hell won’t. Lots of others won’t. Why seek out new followers while simultaneously alienating more than half the existing participants? He says he’s fighting against rape, kidnapping, and torture. He took us into an alleged OSDM sex party/ritual to let us witness these crimes with our own eyes. But Anointment was clearly theater, staged for our benefit. Which begs the question, what does he really want with us? To continue the illusion? For what purpose? I don’t know the answer to this. All I know is that he has now tried both friendliness and intimidation to get me on board, and both have failed. And you know what? I’m fine with being left out. I don’t look good in all black and midnight is past my bedtime. And I don’t do advertising.

      I am for truth. I am for pleasure. I am for freedom of choice. I am for freedom from choice. I am for self-actualization. I am for love and friendship and harmony. I am for perfection. Whoever can provide me with at least one of these has my loyalty.


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