The Call 2/16/18

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      Posting this for the discussion once the all clear is given after everyone’s call is made.

      Today @a, in an uncharacteristic bout of transparency and agreeability, posted on the Slack what appeared to be an OSDM internal document detailing procedures relating to the positions of Ambassadors, Emissaries, Scripters, and the possible origins of the intercepted messages from 2/15. Six handwritten letters and one number were observed in the margins of this document and it was deduced that they represented a phone number. One by one participants are calling the number, not knowing who or what is waiting on the other end.

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      We have started a queue in the slack chat, come sign up if you want in! Calls are currently taking about 5-6 minutes each.

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       Lauren Bello

      A’s chat leading up to the leak – I’ve removed some participant comments for readability.

      (re: discussion of the BOS email, which was in the process of being posted)
      oh great
      i can’t wait to see

      (when accused of trolling)
      Trolling? Not today
      not anymore

      It’s curious A (and even this Slack) is still functional after all projects ceased

      all projects did cease

      A no trolling A? Where’s the fun in that?!?


      this is a new game, and the game is called c-h-a-n-g-e let us start again, shall we? Hi. I am @a

      :joy::joy::joy: Hi A! I’m Mike.

      A responded to this with an emoji reaction depicting two men kissing

      Okay. So A’s a man. Progress.

      i don’t accept titles

      annnnd two steps back

      I have so many questions for the new @a

      and I hope to answer them @kylebown, but we are getting ahead of ourselves

      I dunno… new a seems chatty

      Right now, we don’t even know what the right questions are.

      Chatty but without anything to say


      , I appreciate your shit stirring, but give me a chance before you start flushing
      how about a show of good faith. change comes from doing, and not talking about doing


      and so am I @MeghanMayhem
      let’s pull back the curtain,
      what is it you want


      answers to what?
      ask the question Andrew
      let andrew speak

      Who is the BOS mole?

      BOS mole? that is the wrong question, and not one I have an answer to

      May I ask?


      Who are you?

      Who is the current king

      in a sea of questions, this is your question?
      i want to give you answerts

      I told you. We don’t even know the right questions.

      let’s start @channel with yesterday
      what was intercepted ?
      shall we pull back the curtain on the notes?

      Here, A uploaded the file found here:

      start there, it’s time for change

      (re: people giving him nicknames)

      call me whatever you like
      talk to you all soon

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      I called, Morgan answered. This was my first time speaking with him, so we exchanged a few pleasantries before he said I could ask questions. Morgan knows about as much as we do about the document @a posted in slack earlier. No info on the alpha conclave, the emissary, or the scripter. What he did say was that the BOS was responsible for when FB and Instagram went down earlier this year. He’s been in control of those accounts since then. Also, nobody had heard from the big players, Noah, Mason, and the like.

      The big question is about the cards we picked up. Why haven’t the cards been getting to their intended destinations via the Ambassador?

      But now I just have more questions. How did Morgan and the BOS find out about the cards in the first place, and why not pick them up themselves?

      Maybe another call has those answers.

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      It’s my turn to call the mysterious number from Pennsylvania and the sound of a curt American man’s voice asks me my name.

      “Chris! And you are?”
      “Worried for you, buddy,” he says as the voice softens into a familiar British lilt.

      Don’t call it a comeback, because Morgan never really left. Here are some of the insights he shared:

      As we now all know, he is currently @a on Slack. He is also in charge of Facebook and Instagram and has been since the first time they briefly disappeared. That was him seizing control.

      He says that all the organizations we’re aware of have disappeared, gone totally silent, specifically mentioning ODSM, OOA, and Briarberg. Someone is still trying to regain control of the social media accounts, but as he put it:
      “I don’t find it massively intimidating being threatened by ghosts.”

      He also told me that while it’s possible, he’s not entirely convinced that yesterday’s letters were referring to him. He pointed out that “man from across the sea” could and has in the past referred to Remy or the Man with the Stick. He admits it might be him, but nothing is certain in his eyes.

      The keyword of today seems to be ANSWERS. He’s giving them, we’re getting them. He’s determined to continue making big moves. Things have changed. I’m awaiting further instructions.

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       Nate Marcum

      Chris, I agree about the answers bit. He made mention that there won’t be any cryptic malarkey; we want answers, and he will provide, just as he did yesterday.

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       Michael Rizzo

      I had called and of course, Morgan had answered. We spoke of the social media accounts that went down and he took full responsibility (fucking A). He then told me he was in control of most of the accounts. He also let me know a little secret, the Trolling A was usually your dearest, Morgan. He had taken the accounts down and put up the pics and what not as a way to wake up the OSDM. (The OSDM have gone completely dark, this was his way of hopefully pulling them into the light). We also spoke of The drops. We agree’d that a lot of it sounded a bit like Osdm members taking about wishy washy stuff. Magic Mumbo Jumbo with no concrete proof, shit to just spook us into submission. Noah and all them have gone dark as well, so we have the same info as you… no promises but we agreed it definitely sounds like Horace bit the dust. We spoke of Sabrina for a moment, she could be pregnant but who could be sure? Sure, we were all shocked but for those who weren’t “participants”, they were actors. Can we be sure of anything they say or feel at that point? They did put on a multi-month production of “The Tension Experience”, pretty sure they can switch up their emotions.

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       Unseen Presence

      I made my call. A recognizable voice answered. He asked for my name.

      I gave him my real name. He then responded with, “So you’re the Unseen Presence, aren’t you? The Unseen Floor of <something I didn’t quite catch>.”

      He asked if I knew who he was. “Morgan, of course.”

      “How are you? How’s tricks?” A little banter. Then he asked me if I had any questions.

      My first question. “Are you OSDMOutreach?” (By this point, I was 95% certain that was the case, but I wanted confirmation.) He answered that he was. I said, “Then a bunch of things now make sense.”

      He went on to talk about setting up the word puzzle because he knows that the “ones with knowledge” like to do puzzles and he wanted to give us something exciting to draw us to the email.

      Next, he informed me that they (by which I presume especially after the video that he meant BOS) had gained control of ALL of the OSDM media–the Facebook, the Instagram, AND the Slack. “So that means you’re @a?” He confirmed that, as well. When FB and Instagram went down, that was when he took them over.

      He then went on to say that the OSDM has gone completely silent. Nothing out. No new information. Radio silence. So neither he nor Bos have any clear idea of what has happened.

      I then asked about the document posted that had Emissaries and Scripters and such. “Do you think they’ve enacted that protocol? Is that why they’re no longer on your radar?”

      His response–that such was certainly a possibility, but as they’ve gone silent, he can’t confirm whether that document is what’s happened. He can’t confirm if the document is even legitimately from the OSDM.

      His words here, I think, are important.

      He couldn’t be sure where this document came from. He said it might be the OSDM. It might be the REAL OSDM that’s always been behind the charade of the one we’ve seen. He said it might be a splinter group from the OSDM. Or that it might be the OSDM slipping bullshit to screw with everything we think we might know.

      Then he said that the people who gave him the document used the same and correct codes that those inside the OSDM used to use to spread info to him–so that was important, he thought. It means…something.

      He also confirmed the idea that someone was SUPPOSED to be picking up the notes but wasn’t. And that it was when the notes got numerous enough that they were spotted that his people pointed out to him that these things existed–and then he sent us to go get them.

      Then he asked me to make sure to let him get a restroom break before the next caller, and that pizza had just shown up and he was really hungry. So I let him go.

      I -think- that’s everything relevant. @a ( @111error ), if I missed something ping me!

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      I called and the voice on the other line asked “Is this Chloe?” Said yes and then was asked “Do you know who I am?” The accent unfortunately didn’t register until he asked who else I knew that had an English accent. It was none other than our benevolent leader (that, of course, still calls me Chloe Cello) @111error. I’m going to make a list to try to make the whole convo easier to read.

      – My loyalties were in question because I had been so quiet lately, but I am fully BOS and let Morgan know that, I am listed with BOS now (and will remain to the end).

      – He told me about how he and co and taken over everything, the Slack, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

      – Morgan then told me that I could ask a question and I asked if we actually knew if Noah killed Horace, he said that no, they weren’t sure.

      – I don’t remember exactly everything that was talked about here, so I’m paraphrasing a bit (and forgive me if I get one or two things a bit off). They think people in the OSDM are hiding codes in some of these letters/notes. Like one could actually mean “they’re holding a gun to my head, help me” kind of thing.

      – I was told I could ask one more question, I asked if he was @a. He said he sometimes was and it was sometimes others in the group with him.

      We then finished up the call, said it’d be good to talk more/meet sometime, and then told me to “fuck off” (good-naturedly of course 😉 ), and hung up.

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       Andrew Kasch

      I’ll spare you all the details, but it was incredibly awesome to hear Morgan’s voice. After what happened at Anointment, BOS needed a victory and my God, was this a crushing blow.

      One odd thing came up: Morgan noted how interesting it was that Jenna had been in contact with me for years, asking for my help…and suddenly, I’m the one who receives the distress signal from the OSDM. Does this mean Jenna could be alive and sent the signal? Is she being brainwashed and forced to be a Scripter? (Several people met a “Jenna” at the last event)

      I know people hate on the BOS for their secrecy (I used to feel that way too) but Morgan just dropped the mic tonight. The OSDM may have gone into hiding, but we know they’ll be back in some new form – and will most certainly go on the offensive. War is coming and I am ready for a fight!

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         Unseen Presence

        Hrm. I’m glad (seriously, for you) that you felt like this was a massive victory.

        I don’t know that I feel like the BOS taking over the media–when the OSDM has gone silent FROM all the media, which probably means they’re not currently willing/able/ready to strike back–is as much a victory as taking advantage of a situation. Something one can be pleased about, for certain, but “victory” IMO suggests an enemy actually there fighting back. Not entirely certain that was the case here. I suppose it depends on when the BOS took it over compared to when the OSDM went radio silent.

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      By the time it got to me, I had kind of figured it was going to be Morgan. When he picked up, I didn’t catch his voice right away, so gave my full name when he asked who I was like a dope. We covered a lot of the same stuff, so I’ll try and hit what hasn’t been discussed already.

      I asked how long he had had the page that he posted and he said for quite a while at this point, and I think he mentioned that he’s got more like them. When I asked who leaked it to him, he said he wasn’t ready to reveal that just yet, but it was one of four people and we could probably figure out who it was.

      I asked whether Horace was really dead and he said it looked like it, but they couldn’t be sure because everything had gone dark.

      He talked about wanting to provide answers, so I asked when those would be coming and he said, “a lot sooner than you think.”

      I wish I had asked about why Morgan had updated the Facebook page to continue promoting The Experiences and Lust. Missed opportunity there.

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      Morgan ? it was such a pleasant surprise.

      .BOS was behind yesterday’s note interception. They weren’t picking up their mail, the letters were stacking up, why?! He doesn’t know. He also doesn’t know who they are. He’s never heard of any of those names and titles besides clockmaker of course. Maybe they’re higher than the OSDM, maybe a parallel group, he has no clue.

      .He hasn’t heard from Noah or Mason or anyone. All factions/orgs/people of interest have gone completely dark.

      .He said, “remember when fb and ig went ark? That was me. I run IG, FB, and SLACK! Muahaha” he decided to leak info to us slowly because he knows how much we like puzzles and he wanted to weed out who are the smartest among us (ahem..not

      I didn’t know what else to ask. That was enough for me for now. I really didn’t think he had much else to tell. I asked what he planned to do next but didn’t really get an answer. He said this was his next plan so next after this IDK..I’m sure he’s going to figure that out soon.

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       Robert Fuller

      Morgan was very charming, I must say. I can see now why people love him. Up until now I had only seen his brusque and/or sarcastic side, but he was extremely affable on the phone and he talked to me like I was an old friend. We spent half the conversation talking about candy, because I had made a joke on Slack about British candies that he’d found funny. I didn’t think it was that funny, and I was mostly just paraphrasing Thomas Pynchon in Gravity’s Rainbow, but I was happy I made him laugh.

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      Since much of the info has been covered already, here’s what we discussed that may or may not be relevant:

      After some playful back-and-forth about the mispronunciation of my name (It’s Cara not Cara ?) we got to the Q&A portion of the call.

      I asked if Morgan @111error was behind the recent OSDM outreach adventure. Yes, he/BOS is behind the interceptions of the notes. Apparently, in an effort to ensure secrecy, these notes were usually delivered one bit of info at a time and picked up on different occasions from these particular drop points. They have been monitoring those drop points and, when they noticed the notes all stacking up, realized that nobody had been retrieving them. This, as mentioned from others, is because everyone/everything related to OSDM/OOA/Briarberg has gone dark. This includes Noah and Mason. (He specifically mentioned them.)

      I asked him a follow-up question about Mason. Should we be worried? I thought he was in our corner. Morgan told me, “well, if a friend stops calling or returning your calls and just disappears should you be worried about them or convinced that they’ve turned?“ or something to that effect, I’m paraphrasing. It’s an interesting question but I’m someone who prefers all the facts before I rush to judgement. So, as far as I’m concerned, the jury is still out.

      He reiterated that there is “a mole in our hole“ (BOS). I asked how we go about figuring out who this person is, though I have some suspicions. He proposed an idea that seems far-fetched and labor-intensive so I don’t think he will actually do it. For now it seems it’s just a matter of patience.

      He told me about controlling FB, IG, and Slack. (Nice one)

      He also told me I’m great at puzzles, teased me about my recent, devastating escape room loss (not cool, bro) and told me he’ll be in touch soon.

      I may have stepped away for a bit but my loyalty remains. #BOS #805 #FuckAllTheseCults

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       Lawrence Meyers

      BoS peeps: Kindly digest with a clear and reasoned mind.
      “Do not pledge loyalty lightly…”

      My call was…totally different.

      Morgan threatened me.

      Now, I’ve criticized @111error and BoS. While Morgan has been my subject for ridicule, I never had animosity towards him or BoS. I’ve always been neutral – you go your way and I’ll go mine. Our agendas don’t conflict.

      Morgan began by asking, “In you’re line of work, isn’t it important to have an accurate recollection of events?” [I do crisis communications].

      He then recounted the earliest moments of the MSE climax. He said he was already in the room, intended to go up front and address everyone but “it was so crowded” that he backed off.

      Let’s stop here.

      So his goal disrupting the MSE was not to rescue anyone, and not to carry through the promise to “burn it all down”. But to…deliver a speech? Hrm.

      Morgan then tried to gaslight me into believing some key moments at the very end of the MSE that simply did not happen. He stated several small, yet significant, lies. This included the claim that I pushed him. I was nowhere near him. That’s been corroborated, and physically impossible given that I was surrounded by @bcbishop, @chelsea, @wanda102, @rpearl, and The Queen.

      Let’s clear things up.

      I have stated that my memory of certain moments is foggy — certain moments.

      But not the climax. From the moment Stephanie screamed, those moments were burned into my mind. But tensions were high, adrenaline flowing, perhaps I was wrong.
      That’s why corroboration was prudent. I have obtained that corroboration from multiple parties that completely vindicate my experience.

      Attempting to build on this gaslighting, Morgan proffered a false choice, delivered with antagonism: “So do you have a problem with recollection or with the truth?”

      Why not ask, “How long have you been beating your wife, Senator?”

      I called him on this false choice, and he made his next mistake. He said there was video and it would prove his version was correct. I called bullshit. There is no video. Never claim video if you don’t have it. It’s a horrible bluff that always backfires.

      I demanded he produce the video. And he walked it back: “I didn’t say I had it. I said I may be able to get it”. Why lie?

      There’s more.

      He says he’s gotten questions asking why BoS didn’t rescue anyone else. His excuse: “So I’m going to say, ‘oh, Addison Born, grab that generic female and take her to who knows where?’”

      Uh, YES. I hope so. There were people being held there against their will!

      How did Morgan go from being the guy who CARRIED Sam the Handler out of the warehouse, to someone who just left innocent young women in OSDM? “Generic women” no less!

      Morgan continued, “But I didn’t do that. I told you to get Stephanie out of there. I did that for you.”

      I see.

      I asked the purpose of his call, because niggling over what transpired did not matter. He said it did matter. He said I’ve been disparaging him and BoS for so long, he’s confused. What is my agenda?

      “My agenda is my own. It isn’t BoS’ and it certainly isn’t yours.”

      “You shall come to regret that, young Meyers”. CLICK.

      BoS Members: your _path is your own.

      But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t question it from time to time.

      “Do not pledge loyalty lightly…”

      You all had fairly generic phone calls.

      But not me.


      What’s so goddamn special about me?

      This call was a set-up.

      I’ve never been an enemy of BoS. You all know there’s no love lost between me and OSDM because of Stephanie. Why not extend an olive branch? Why not say, “We’ve got our differences, but just like with Noah, we can work them out. I value X, Y, Z in you and we should work together.” He hated Noah but found common ground. Yet I’m a nobody, and he threatens me?

      Indeed, why was Morgan threatening me, especially when he didn’t threaten Ed Harris @bcbishop, the guy who has leaked communications to your sworn enemy?

      Because the purpose of this call was to threaten and marginalize.

      And it gets worse.

      Because this call was classic OSDM.

      It was designed to provoke me, to rile me up, to be told obvious lies that would drive me nuts, to call Morgan names, and to generally go apeshit…

      ….To play on what I publicly admitted was my failing: The need to win.

      The miscalculation was that I have confronted that complex and didn’t take the bait.

      Moreover, if I went apeshit, then Morgan could justify his threat.

      Which leads to the big question:

      What purpose could all this possibly serve for Morgan?

      Why not ask him? Go on. Ask. I’d like to know.

      Because this is the real answer:

      Morgan serves another Master.

      Which means YOU serve another Master.

      And if I were you, I’d be worried about just who that Master is.


      So a few things to think about, me BoS chums:

      Didn’t Morgan say he wanted to “burn it all down”? He was right there in OSDM HQ. So why didn’t he burn it down?

      Why was BoS there at all?

      Doesn’t it make you wonder why the leader of BoS 1) had no apparent plan when he took you into the MSE finale, 2) didn’t rescue any of the poor souls who were there and offered a clumsy excuse as to why, 3) didn’t tell you to rescue anyone, 4) lied about what happened to me, 5) Tried to gaslight me, 6) Threatened me, and all for 7) reasons unknown.

      If BoS was there to give a speech that wasn’t given, or to rescue people that weren’t rescued, then you have to believe he dragged you fine folks along to…

      …suggest that I take Stephanie home?

      Talk about an anti-climax – HAHHAAHHAHAHA. Pun.


      Want to know why BoS was really there?

      You won’t like the answer.

      The MSE was a show.
      To give us what we want. What we lust after.
      So who stood to benefit by having BoS “disrupt” a lie?
      Has anyone asked what Morgan lusts after?
      To lead a noble cause? Power?
      Perhaps he wishes to play the hero – the same complex I had.
      The difference was that in the end, fiction or not, I was driven by love.
      What was Morgan driven by?
      As the Queen whispered in my ear: “Love, or glory?”

      You should ask Morgan what he lusts after.

      Because BoS was there for one reason – to serve Morgan’s lust.

      Why are you in service to his lustful endeavor? What about your own? Is this what you lust after? To be a follower of someone else’s ambitions? To be tools for his gratification?

      Besides, if you really want to burn OSDM, you don’t need him.

      You are self-actualized individuals. You are each of you your own army. Banded together under effective leadership, you’d be even more powerful.

      But if you prefer someone who bullies and threatens and gaslights and tries to make an enemy out of a nobody, at the behest of someone you don’t even know….

      Hey, that’s your _path.

      I have no quarrel with you.

      You go your way. I’ll go mine.

      Oh, I was wrong on “the new king builds his army from the loyalty and trust of those who have stood by his side”. That’s Morgan. And you.

      Just remember that it was hubris that got Satan exiled from Heaven along with 1/3 of the angels.

      Are you ready to be cast out alongside him when this all goes sideways?

      And what will that look like for each of you when it happens?

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       Andrew Kasch

      While I see and acknowledge these red flags, Larry, I also think your conversation had more to do with personality clashes than something more nefarious. Morgan and I have certainly gone at it in the past, but I don’t think he’s the kind of person you believe him to be.

      My conversion to BOS was the most reluctant thing I’ve ever done in this journey. Even when Jenna revealed herself as a ring leader and fell victim to Joyce, I still paused. I have been critical of the group and their tactics in the past, and I will continue to be if they do something that I don’t agree with. No leader or group is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when emotions run high.

      I even admit the MSE attack was anti climactic as hell and I left incredibly deflated that we all walked out with our tails between our legs after all those rousing speeches. But the events of the last day have proved that Morgan is more than just talk. Far from it.

      I joined BOS because I can’t turn a blind eye to the suffering and what they’ve done to so many people. Melissa. Jenna. Stephanie. You. Me. So many of you. The original BOS was insufferable and on top of it, a lie. This feels different. I haven’t been manipulated to do anything and there’s been way more transparency than anything the OSDM has provided in the last two years. The fact that everyone unanimously loved the new A before they knew it was Morgan should tell you something. BOS has only been honest with me…even after I butted heads with them. Can you say the same for anyone else?

      You and I have similar goals, Larry. We want to strike back. And Morgan is giving us the opportunity to take up arms. To do something. Anything. Cause as much as I loved Team Ronin, I finally realized we weren’t gonna get the chance to strike back in Switzerland…no matter how good the chocolate tastes.

      If this all goes sideways (as everything inevitably does, no matter what camp you are in), if this BOS is another lie or crumbles because of its hubris, then I’ll walk away and continue on my own with the same ideals that drew me to them in the first place. Cause I have free agency with them. The same can’t be said of anyone in bed with the OSDM.

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         Unseen Presence

        But the events of the last day have proved that Morgan is more than just talk. Far from it.

        The fact that everyone unanimously loved the new A before they knew it was Morgan should tell you something.

        I waited for a few hours before I said anything other than what happened, before I added any -feelings- about the entire thing, because I didn’t want to influence other thoughts.

        But I hate to say that I am not NEARLY as willing to accept this new BOS and the all-new, way-more-open Morgan 2.0 as some of the rest of you are. Perhaps everything that he gave us is what happened and true, as far as he knows it.


        But perhaps it’s all a carefully choreographed display of pulling the curtain back to show us the man behind the Wizard’s image–while trying to make us forget that the small dude, was, in fact, a con man.

        After all, the actions that Morgan/OSDMOutreach/New Slack @a took were designed, by his words, to weed out/find/play to those who are intelligent/with knowledge. So now we have an even smaller group of people, the ones who willingly took the bait and ran down the rabbit hole. Perhaps that gets the elite ready to take on the OSDM.

        Or perhaps it gathers all of our information to make certain we can all be taken down.
        “Your phone number is registered” indeed.

        And changing @a into someone that was (I agree) unanimously loved is perhaps a sign of things to come. But it’s also a tease. Because I was looking at @a’s choice of speech and timing of response (something that gets a little lost if you just look at the cleaned up version). And perhaps you CAN look at that Slack conversation as someone trying to get us to pay attention so that important info would be heard.


        Or you can look at it as an intentional tease, designed to play off of people’s ongoing, trained response to what @a had been. An intentional alteration meant to do exactly what it did–entice you into believing that something’s changed.

        And maybe it has.

        But I’m not personally convinced.

        It’s all more than a little convenient for me. And I tend to be very suspicious of coincidences, as I don’t believe there really are such and that things tend toward a lot more connection than we want to admit.

        Or maybe, just maybe, it was the one part of the phone conversation that I didn’t write about before but that has been bugging me ever since. The one part that I kept out -because- I couldn’t quite get why it happened and that’s still problematic for me:

        When Morgan first called me by UnseenPresence, he spoke to me in the tone of an old friend, referencing me as though we knew each other of the past. But…that’s just not the case. Until the start of the MSE, I’d never spoken to him, emailed him, been engaged in the BOS. Nothing. I was only even certain internally that I was meeting Morgan at the MSE because I’d just gone to look at photos and previous periscopes and whatnot that day.

        His tone was SO familiar, though, that it actually threw me off a little. I had several question that had just popped into my mind when I heard the voice and I lost them when he acted like we were buddies.

        Maybe it’s just Morgan being Morgan. Maybe he was trying to put me at ease. Maybe he was speaking to so many people that knowing who I was was enough for me to be treated that way.


        Or perhaps it was an attempt to put me at ease. To make me feel like I was speaking to an old friend so that I’d be more susceptible to the story that I was being told.

        I don’t know the answer. But I know that the tone and attitude was strange enough that I am still thinking about it today. It was like seeing one paint stroke off in an otherwise perfect Van Gogh. Does the one stroke off just mean that even Van Gogh wasn’t perfect? Or does it mean everything I’m looking at is nothing more than a forgery?

        So let’s be clear:

        For the moment, -my- stance is not with the BOS. If I happen to coincide with them on a given act, then fine. But it’s momentary. I don’t have any sort of antagonism towards the BOS at this moment–and Morgan, if you can persuade me that you’re both legitimately changing things AND that you aren’t just another side of the same power, perhaps I can be brought around.


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       Lawrence Meyers

      Hey, your _path is your own @kasch

      I’m merely reporting what happened and what I think is behind it, so everyone has full disclosure and goes in with their eyes wide open.

      Morgan is ultimately irrelevant to me. He could turn out to be The Big Bad, Stephanie’s secret lover, or Anoch himself, and it’ll get a big shrug from me.

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         Brad Ruwe

        Morgan is ultimately irrelevant to me. He could turn out to be The Big Bad, Stephanie’s secret lover, or Anoch himself, and it’ll get a big shrug from me.

        He says after writing a massive post composed entirely about Morgan.

    • #28764
       Lawrence Meyers


      “I’m merely reporting what happened and what I think is behind it, so everyone has full disclosure and goes in with their eyes wide open.”

      It would be irresponsible of me otherwise.

      • #28765
         Brad Ruwe

        1/3 of the post was reporting what happened. The rest? Not so much. Just saying, there’s an inconsistency here between “He’s irrelevant to me” and “Let me tell you all the ways I think Morgan is…”

      • #28768

        Also… this… full disclosure is great… but when you add in “what I think is behind it”, that’s when the big old warning light starts flashing. That makes your report far from objective (on top of all the exhausting emotive language used). You taint the facts of the call with your personal spin. What you think is behind it is irrelevant if you are truly trying to allow people to go forward with open eyes. You’re actually being irresponsible in that regard.

    • #28766

      I’ve given this some thought since I read your post Larry and what you perceive as a threat, I would not… A threat to me is someone saying “I am going to make you regret this”… Morgan’s statement was more of a “you are going to look back on this and realise you were wrong”. I doubt you’re very high up on his list of concerns either tbh for him to waste his time making you regret what you will come to regret all on your own…

    • #28770

      @larry is sharing what happened to him and sharing his opinion on it. Isn’t that what we all do everyday? I don’t think we should attack him just because he has a different perspective on this.

      • #28777

        @sfire8 It’s the stating an opinion as being fact that I’m questioning. Not attacking. There is a big difference between saying “I’m opening your eyes to the truth” and “I’m opening your eyes to my opinion”. I’d hope someone would call me out if I ever fell into that trap…

    • #28779
       Bryan Bishop

      Apologies for the late addition. I’m going to frame this up as a companion piece to @larry’s post, given that we had some similarities in our calls.

      Most of what Morgan and I chatted about has been discussed here already. (And I’ll say it — the man gives good phone.) Taking credit for OSDMoutreach; taking over social media accounts; the fact that everyone has gone dark; his suspicions about what happened to let the letters pile up, etc. Stuff that’s been covered already. Then it came time for the question and answer period.

      mentioned that Morgan told him somebody had previously asked why BOS didn’t bother rescuing anyone else from the compound; that person was me. It sounds like Morgan gave me the same spiel he gave Larry, and if I’m honest that story didn’t jibe with what I remember from the MSE either. I’m not willing to lay my life on the line to dispute it as Larry has — recollection’s a tricky thing, and in that particular moment during the MSE I was much more focused on Tim Granik than anything else — but it did stand out.

      He admitted it could have been a mistake to not try to rescue others, and that he made what he thought was the safest move to protect his people. I appreciated the honesty, and took it at face value.

      But I did raise the fact that that kind of inaction was something that has made it hard for me to take BOS as a group seriously. In fact, I told him that I thought many BOS members are simply too passive to really help him get anything done, as exemplified by the fact that nobody tried to do anything to help anyone in that room at the MSE. (I have often wondered what hidden scene could have been triggered — or handler rescued — if just a single member of BOS had decided to do something without being told to do so by Morgan first.) He acknowledged the larger critique. And to be clear, our call was filled with no animosity or rancor. Just open discussion on both sides, for which I give Morgan credit. Soon after that we hung up.

      But there is one thing that has been bothering me, and I don’t think anybody has specifically dug into it too much on the forums (@kevin name-checked it earlier), so I’ll go into it here.

      I don’t expect this to change anyone’s worldview. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Russian propaganda, it’s that you don’t really change people’s minds with the things you write on online message boards. The best you can hope to do is to reinforce what they already want to believe, and inflame divisions that already exist. But that shouldn’t stop us from pointing out when things don’t match up.

      -We’re in a phase where “everything changes.”
      -Part of that is Morgan taking control of all Lust and Tension social media accounts.
      -Since doing so, he has nixed the Lust page, and consolidated everything onto the old Tension page.
      -That Tension page now refers to “The Experiences” as a collective, with a header image that promotes the next two shows in the series.
      -Morgan has also taken personal phone calls with every active participant, delivering what is the coin of the realm in this world: personal engagement.

      -There is somebody else that did this kind of thing before — doling out pieces of hidden information, delivering personal interactions, and trying to make sure people were engaged with The Experience. Her name was Joyce Carlberg.
      -In my line of work, we call this kind of person an Engagement Editor. Their job is to spread the word about our content as far and wide as they can, using social media, online videos, Instagram, Snapchat; you name it.
      -This kind of person is not trying to destroy something. They are trying to promote it.
      -Anyone promoting The Experiences would work for OSDM.

      • #28782
         Lauren Bello

        These are all fair points, @bcbishop – and I’ll add that there’s another inconsistency that’s gone unmentioned, the fact that Morgan indicated that the OSDM and the OOA have gone silent, yet he played a recording for Kristin of a shadowy someone ordering Darren to stick to the script just a few days ago. The playground clearly hasn’t been fully abandoned; someone, whoever they are, is still watching.

        Whether that person condones the present changes remains to be seen. But it seems evident that they are aware of them and are allowing them to happen, for reasons of their own.

        This won’t stop me from supporting BOS, but it does give a bit of an edge to the present circumstances.

        As for the rest, I very much appreciate your effort not to, for lack of a better phrase, yuck everyone’s yum. It’s a balance we’ve all been struggling to find – how to pick a side and critique the opposite side constructively, without trampling all over each others’ enthusiasm – and I applaud and am grateful for your successful walking of that line.

        That said, there is one point I disagree with.

        I told him that I thought many BOS members are simply too passive to really help him get anything done, as exemplified by the fact that nobody tried to do anything to help anyone in that room at the MSE. (I have often wondered what hidden scene could have been triggered — or handler rescued — if just a single member of BOS had decided to do something without being told to do so by Morgan first.)

        As far as I recall, there has only been one attempt in the history of Tension/Lust to unilaterally “rescue” someone from an experience, without being explicitly instructed to do so. That was when Sean and Buz carried Sam out of the compound. It did not go well. I think it’s potentially catastrophic to encourage participants in general to “decide to do something”. Perhaps it would be more responsible to suggest that BOS members, say, offer a hand to anyone who might be in need, and if that person chose to stay in the compound they wouldn’t have to take it. But let’s not speak vaguely or carelessly about participants taking matters into their own hands.

      • #28785
         Bryan Bishop

        But let’s not speak vaguely or carelessly about participants taking matters into their own hands.

        With all due respect, I didn’t.

        I talked about demonstrating agency. Outside of Morgan, the BOS action consisted of standing quietly and staring really hard. Nobody asked how any of the people in the room were doing. Nobody approached another and asked if they needed help, or even wanted to escape. There was nothing.

        I’m sure it wasn’t your intention, but I do find it mildly condescending and not-so-mildly disingenuous to conflate brute force tactics with interactions/expressing agency as if one is the only obvious expression of the other. Particularly when we’re talking about many people that have been part of this world for more than a year. I imagine everyone in that room was pretty aware they could have “done something” that didn’t involve dragging people out of a room (which would have violated the basic rules of the MSE in the first place).

        This is a good teachable moment, though. Because there are options here beyond dutifully doing what one is always told, and brute-force. Asking a question. Doubting a command. Treating someone we encounter like they’re an actual person, and not a problem we want to solve, or impose our will upon. These are all ways in which we can be present and change the real (and fictional) worlds around us. And it’s often these kinds of interactions that open up the most exciting experiences this world has to offer.

        I suppose this goes back to my longstanding critique of BOS rhetoric, though. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

      • #28788
         Unseen Presence

        Thank you, both @bcbishop and @daela, for this particular aspect of the debate.

        I continue to think long and hard about the idea of agency in both this particular case and in the larger scope of the world and my own ability. I think both of you have raised good points and I agree that contemplating ways to interact that are active but not necessarily aggressive is something we all could and should be doing.

        I also appreciate @daela’s point about the OSDM not being -completely- dark. I have wondered myself another question that I would love to ask @111error–and that is WHEN they went dark. Because the time it takes for the letters to have piled up doesn’t seem to match the last (known) interaction with a member of the OSDM. It is a little confusing.

        And finally @bcbishop–your comment on ‘promoting’ echoes my feelings from the call I had. I definitely felt a sense of that, which is why I attribute what happened in a space of not having 100% certainty of what is going on here. An echo is not necessarily the truth; but it also may be a reflection of something true.

    • #28780
       Lawrence Meyers

      Very well said @bcbishop.

      And with that, I bid you all adieu.

    • #28787

      If the BOS failed at the MSE, I think they might have learned from it and are doing things differently now (the last week proved that). Morgan said it’s a new game and everything’s changed. If they are open to change, then I am open to change…

    • #28790

      Well said @bcbishop, but I do have one thing I disagree on

      Anyone promoting The Experience would work for OSDM.

      I don’t think Morgan is wanting to go the same way the OSDM has been with Lust/The Experiences. I’m guessing we’ll be getting somewhat similar stuff with phone calls, dead drops, etc. But, ultimately, it’s probably going to be a bit different (and less snake god culty) from what the OSDM wanted out of it, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the start in a way to getting rid of them once and for all.

      Not sure if this is the best example, but it’s sort of like a customer we have at the print shop I work at. His name is John, he owns a shop that does promotional products and signs, that shop is a business he bought from a woman named Jill with a business called Jill’s Creative Expressions. He decided to keep the name, even though he isn’t Jill and no one at his business is named Jill. He’s doing the same sort of thing Jill did with making the same stuff, but isn’t working for Jill or has anything more to do with her other than the name. Morgan is doing the same sort of thing with the phone calls, puzzles, etc., but isn’t working for the OSDM or has anything to do with them other than the name of Tension/Lust/Adrenaline/Nefarious (and wanting to #burnthemtothefuckingground).

    • #28791

      So sorry for the delay in this! Here’s a recap of my call with Morgan from Friday.

      I was told a lot of the same things as the rest of you. He said, after a rather awkward introduction, that he was going to answer questions. I asked, “What do you know that you haven’t already told us?”

      M: Well, I knew about the document that got released on Slack.
      C: No, not past tense. Present tense. What do you *know* that you haven’t told us?
      M: Ok, here’s some info. The OSDM, OOA, and Briarberg have vanished. That much I know to be true. That’s not a swerve, that seems to be true. Everyone and everything has gone completely silent. So I haven’t heard from Noah or Mason since very shortly after the OSDM compound. All of those messages that we saw today and based on what we saw from the released document earlier, someone writes a message and someone picks up a message. A simple routine and they do it in these shops with occult stuff because no one will raise an eye about a weird looking envelope. So why were there 16, 17, 20, 25 at every shop? The only answer to that is if they haven’t been getting picked up. So that correlates with everyone vanishing.
      C: Who was supposed to be picking up the letters?

      He then told me that he didn’t recognize the names of the positions listed. He had heard them referenced, but that was the first time he had seen them in print. He continued, “Is this the OSDM? It fucking looks like it. But they don’t call themselves the OSDM. Is this is splinter group? Is this above the OSDM? Those are very valid questions.”

      He continued on telling me what he had told the rest of us, that he is responsible for the social media accounts going dark, and that he now controls Facebook, IG and Slack. But his exact wording was very interesting:

      M: That was me. I now control FB, I now control IG, and we now control A on Slack. We’re sick of the cryptic answers, we are sick of not giving answers. We think it’s time everybody got some fucking answers.
      C: Who is ‘we’?
      M: What?
      C: You keep saying ‘we’. “We control A, we are sick of the cryptic answers, we are sick of not giving answers.” Who is ‘we’?
      M: The BOS. And if they ever come back, our supporters inside.
      C: Ok. So you’re referring to you, the singular human, as “we”?
      M: Uuuuhhhh there’s more of us than me. Not everybody in BOS has revealed that they are BOS. But I don’t know, everything is ghost right now. Everything’s ghost. So, all I see is we. I mean look. I took down IG and I’ve released that precious document of theirs piece-by-piece. And there’s not really been much flack coming my way, so I don’t know if they care. I don’t know if anybody’s watching. I leaked it piece by piece kind of to taunt them.

      I asked who all he considered to be a part of his mission, now that Noah and Mason have vanished.
      M: Well, I have to assume Noah and Mason are still on my side because they haven’t said otherwise? I hope they’re safe. Obviously some of these messages look weird in regards to Noah. It looks weird if the conversation about the jack moves forward, the king is out of play, it looks… odd? Here’s a thought I have. Did you see what the NSA did with their Russian operatives? About them saying they were going to post this message at this time to prove they are the real NSA? They tell the operative that they are going to post this innocuous message at this time tomorrow, and then they post it and it’s just like “we hope everyone has a great day today!” and the operative sees that and goes “ok I’m talking to the real NSA.” Well some of these notes don’t make any sense. Some of them are clearly specific. Some of them are more occult wishy washy bullshit. I don’t think all of these notes are literal. I think some of them are coded messages, obviously the blank one we now know is a literal call for help. This is up in the air. This is scrabble for information, but we are going to start providing answers.
      C: Morgan, there’s that ‘we’ again.

      This is when the call wrapped up.

      So question. I’m wondering if the numbers he listed off in reference to the quantity of letters were random, or if we should look into that. Does anyone know how many letters were actually picked up from each location? It looks like there also might be a rabbit hole to dive down with figuring out which of the letters are literal and which are in code.

    • #28792
       Michael Rizzo

      @chelsea I had always thought of BOS (including non “participants”) as a multiple person group. Morgan along with the dude we saw at that TMC event, Jenna, Stacey, etc. Though they have been quite lowkey recently so who knows if they’re still around or if maybe they dipped out in fear of being burned.

      I do hope they’re still around helping out britsh friend.

    • #28797

      @chloe This is an interesting idea, but just doesn’t track for me. There’s a difference between renaming a local business that has a strong customer base and renaming one that you’re convinced has done terrible things. Extreme example, but if you bought Blackwater and wanted to do something different with it, actually, in total opposition to it you wouldn’t keep the Blackwater name because of the connotations that it carries with it.

      I can maybe understand using Lust if it’s meant as a recruiting thing and trying to take down the OSDM quickly, but continuing to promote Tension which was a production by OSDM? (And to be honest, would some people finding the page understand the difference between OSDM and BOS?) Then referencing the next two immersive theater/ARG shows, and actually seeming to confirm the names of the next two? More than than, it kind of leans into the idea that it’s a game, even from the BOS side. That flies in the face of one Morgan’s more common refrains, that he can’t get us more involved or tell us things because of the danger it puts us in. Maybe he’s got reasons for it, and I’d be interested to hear what they are, but it is, at the very least, a little fishy.

      I also think @bcbishop and @larry made strong points that add to the questions. Even if you don’t trust them or where they’re coming from, the ideas they presented are compelling and worth considering. With Bryan’s insights specifically, Morgan offered engagement on a large scale while under the banner of The Experiences. Again, I guess there could be valid reasons for it, and maybe I’m just being too cynical, but I don’t see them right now. Trusting anyone in this completely feels like a surefire way to get the rug completely yanked out from under you.

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