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       Lauren Bello

      A just shared this, re: yesterday’s intercepted messages, in Slack.

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       Lauren Bello

      Transcribed here for future forum searchability:

      chapter must take care to not breach any communication. The security of each sect within a chapter becomes paramount during a time of cleansing.
      The assigned Clockmaker associated with each local branch must purge all electronic devices from its members and enact The Abstension Protocol before relegation can begin.

      All doctrines and hallowed verse will be secured by the Alpha Conclave on the eve of Permeation by the chapters’ Emissary, only through a Scripter.


      Each Emissary is only to communicate with one Scripter. All communication must be done in person, and can not be done over any device or pass through medium.

      (1) The Emissary and Scripter must not meet on Chapter grounds or within vicinity of the Order.
      (2) The Scripter’s role is to document and deliver. The Scripter is forbade from responsive communication with the Emissary.
      (3) The Emissary can only dictate one message per encounter with The Scripter. This has been enacted to prevent the compromise of the message as well as prevent a total siege of the entire directives. A blank card is only to be used to signal distress within the chapter.
      (4) The Scripter must seal the epistle in front of The Emissary and then deliver it to the collection point.

      (5) An Ambassador within the Alpha Conclave will retrieve the communication once per day.


      The collection points are to occur within or near fringes of society that have been discredited by the public at large. All activities must be enacted with a rigid precision in order that the directives and communications may continue to operate in the most efficient and convenient way possible, within the cover of plain site [sic].

      Collection points are to be continually rotated and refreshed to avoid compromise.

      The Alpha Conclave does not consider this a request and will meet direct or indirect failures of these protocols with extreme prejudice.

      In case of compromise all communication will be abandoned and denied as fringe arcana.

      The Alpha Directives


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       Unseen Presence

      Okay. During a time of cleansing
      * likely right now or just past, perhaps during a transformation or important religious time for the OSDM

      the assigned Clockmaker has to destroy all electronic media from members and start “The Abstention Protocol”
      * likely exactly that–abstain from using media. So current media black-out.

      until ‘relegation’ can begin.
      * relegation means either making something inferior or assigning a task or action for decision. In this case, the latter seems more likely, but I’m not immediately clear on what action might need to be decided. Unless we’re simply talking about ‘until things settle.’

      All doctrine/hallowed verse will be secured by “the Alpha Conclave”
      * Barring future ideas, assuming this to be the secret top leadership cabal of any given chapter. Think the Cardinal and Bishops or the Inner Circle of the local Illuminati

      on the eve of Permeation
      * Capital = likely religious date of significance. The fact that it’s in the same section as the above suggests that perhaps ALL of this up to now is referencing what happens right before this ceremonial date. What Permeation is, I do not know. But contemplate it as a time when something comes -through-. Snake Gods, Anoch. Permeation implies without question something breaking through.

      The Emissary and Scripter:

      Each Emissary speaks to only one Scripter, in person, not at the Chapter. Only one message per encounter, specifically to stop leaking too much info if the notes are intercepted–like we did.

      The Scripter cannot talk to the Emissary, must only record the message and then seal it in the presence of the Emissary and take it to a collection point, where an Ambassador should be picking it up once a day.

      The collection points are places at the edge of society, so the messages can be passed easily and in plain SIGHT
      * note that the document misspells that word and instead uses the term for an actual location.

      They should be rotated to continue to avoid compromise and if they ARE compromised, then then can be denied as irrelevant
      * I’m not clear exactly who would be claiming anything. If you got ONE of these messages, it would not really tell you anything.

      So with all of this, the questions become clearer:

      * Did something go wrong at the OSDM LA Chapter? There was one blank note–which would imply a distress signal.
      * Who sent that distress signal? It would appear to be the Emissary of the LA Chapter. But as we have no indication of any positions that match these, we don’t currently know who that is.
      * Did something go wrong with the Alpha Council? It’s just as possible that the Emissary and Scripter have continued to do as they are supposed to do and that the failure that led to lots of letters is that the AMBASSADOR went missing.

      And finally:

      * Given that @a is who gave us this information that ties so closely to yesterday’s notes,
      is @a OSDMOutreach? The odds seem very good to me.

      * While it might be possible that we were the intended recipients per the directives, that would make -us- the “Ambassador to the Alpha Conclave”. That seems unlikely to me. It also seems unlikely that a protocol designed to remove any media from the situation would then use us as the media.
      * We are also assuming that these are the ACTUAL collection sites, because they match the idea of what one should be. But it is also possible that whoever pointed us to them had already collected them and put them there simply for us to get.

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      A showed up on Slack to chat a bit and then released this page in the interest of “pulling back the curtain.”:

      Alpha Directive

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       Andrew Kasch

      So the blank note I intercepted was a distress signal. All is not well inside the Los Angeles chapter of the OSDM.


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