Revival of the Briarberg Institute

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       Mustafa Said

      So, yesterday in the Slack chat I brought up something from the past: The Briarberg Institute. A group that had the goal of ‘de-programming’ those who were in the OSDM and wanted to leave it behind and return to normal life. Granted, @russell later revealed it was a lie.

      Given what’s been going on with the community lately, I’ve got a better sense of what I want to do with this and where I stand: I’m not really confrontational as a person and I wanna try a different angle. I don’t wanna fight. I people somehow.

      I’m not sure how exactly I’m going to do this but I want to revive the Briarberg Institute and use it to help people, to try to bring people together.

      I’m pretty vague on details but that’s because I don’t HAVE a lot of them right now.

      I mean, it doesn’t seem like Morgan was able to put the new BOS together all on his own. He had help. He had allies.

      That’s what I think I need now-allies. Like-minded people who can help me better refine what my goals are and how I can realize them in a way that benefits everyone.

      What do you all think?

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      I was with you on slack, but wanted to throw my hat in the ring here for posterity, too. My goals have always been to help those who’re trapped, or being held against their will. Healing, not destructive. I have never wanted to fight with fire, though I respect those who do. I think this is a really interesting proposition, though, and given the calls for unity after the last few chaotic days, I want to see how this plays out and where it will take us. Not a competing approach, just a different one.

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       John Sawyer

      I’m on board right now from the standpoint that this is what we as a community were describing that we needed: a group of people whose goals are aligned in being supportive of things, rather than destructive.

      A group of ‘us’ of just people without the backing of an Institute or Organization or Society or whatever, who will use what resources we have openly to educate and ‘de-program’ the harm that’s been done.

      I see a few different angles that people who join up could take. The idea of helping people, cooperatively, get to whatever personal advancement they’re looking for. Help by working to define the goals, set up a vision, and then look at what steps can be taken. Not so much to help people achieve those goals, but to make sure the goals they’ve set are the right ones, are healthy, are really what they want. That sort of thing.

      Help people by looking at the hows and the whys, to serve as an antidote to the control that’s being exerted on us as individuals and on the community. Explore the mechanisms of control, demystify or at least help to understand them so we react appropriately and in proper proportion to what’s being done. We’re seeing some weapons-grade manipulation being undertaken here and in some cases we’ve handed away the keys to our personal lives. Dealing with those repercussions both intellectually and emotionally is going to be pretty important going forward.

      I’m looking forward to hearing from anyone else who wants to be a pure force for health and harmony here. The eye of the hurricane, as it were. How can we help?

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      I volunteer

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       Mustafa Said

      @cerril I thoroughly enjoyed your response to this and you’re hitting a lot of the feelings I’ve got about this. 😀

      You mentioned it in the Slack today in regards to the new BOS or new resistance: Some sort of mission statement that outlines what the group stands for.

      For anyone who’s interested, here’s my question for today:

      What is the mission statement of our group here? What do we stand for and how can we ensure that our goals are met or at least start ourselves on the path to achieving those goals?

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