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       Meghan Mayhem

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       Andrew Kasch

      Counting the days…

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       Brad Ruwe

      May 1st? That should hopefully give me time to wrap up other experiences I’m currently doing (Damn you Tension…. you started something in me….)

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       Josiah Salazar

      That feels so far away ughhhhh I can’t wait!

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       Michel Rheault

      May 1st, May Day, The Day After Walpurgisnacht, aaaaah, how usefull it is to be neo-pagan when came to sins.

      Hi, btw, Michel here, coming back for experience 2.

      Happy Valentine Day ^^.

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        @chicar Hi again, it’s been a while! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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       Christine Barger

      May 1st. It seems so far away.

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       Mustafa Said

      We certainly have quite a while before then. I do wonder about what’ll happen between now and then though. As we learned with Indoctrination, the gap of time won’t be quiet or subtle in any way.

      I’m kinda surprised that we haven’t heard anything from anyone that could be tied to this Lust thing so far. Granted, it’s only the first day so maybe I’m just really antsy about wanting to dive back into the world of the ODSM.

      We learned that the OOA was a cult. What exactly is this? Hopefully we’ll get the answer soon.

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       Nate Marcum

      Do we anticipate another invasive questionnaire similar to Tension?Because I was overevaluating my actions for weeks afterwards.

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         Kimberly Stewart

        @nate31464 I hadn’t thought about a new questionnaire, but I think it’d be fun and a good warm up exercise. I’m game. Fingers crossed.

    • #337
       Christine Barger

      Gotta love a long questionnaire.

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       Michael Rizzo

      @nate31464 oh dude, I’m totally expecting a tension questionnaire but turned up to 11 for Lust haha

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      @rizzzoooooo I can’t even imagine how rambunctious this whole thing might be. And I certainly can’t imagine being any more naked than we all were in Ascension 2. My husband and I are going on a Lust diet, lol.

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         Michael Rizzo

        “Lust diet” For real tho, you and me both haha

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      @rizzzoooooo This questionnaire is more frightening to me than the Tension one. Talk about major skeletons out of my closet if it travels down the road we all are assuming it would. Relationships, sex, rejection… They will be able to fuck me up if I’m 100% honest on subjects like that. lol

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      I dunno about y’all, but I’m planning channelling Clint’s lust for food by getting extra-chunk for LUST.

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      “Lust diet” For real tho, you and me both haha

      I’ve seen what you eat. I would honestly pay to see what you call a diet

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      @rizzzoooooo hush you

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      I wouldn’t be surprised if we get the questionnaire today. Considering that the fb page is more accessible/public-facing, I’m guessing that registration is sign ups for the main live event. But if Tension’s timeline is anything to go by, it seems a little early, so idk.

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      I’m not sold on the questionnaire idea. It seems too….easy…for them. A lot of time sequels fail because they try too hard to be like the first for nostalgic reasons. The people behind this are smarter than to just rehash the same steps they did with Tension. Also, with Tension, they didn’t know any of us, so they needed that to see who we were and if we were ready to play, but now, they know most of the people on the forum right now and if they don’t…I’m sure they’ll find out somehow.

      Or maybe I’m just hoping that’s the case since I don’t want OSDM to have any more info on any of us than they already do

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        I too agree with @mike. As much as I think a lust specific questionnaire would be fun (because some on the tension one were quite lascivious both in writing and in person at Ascension…shoutout to Ruth) I think they are smarter than to do that again just for the sake of it. Besides, wasn’t the whole point at The End that this was all a ruse to gather data on our emotions and reactions to certain situations? If it is a continuation of the story (I know that’ss a big if and is being debated) they would have all they need from at least the returning members and would only need data on the newer faces.

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      I’m with @mike on that one. I think that the core point behind all of the OSDM productions is going to be how they put us off out game. Going to be about how they make us uncomfortable.

      Tension did so by showing us that our privacy didn’t mean anything. We were made uncomfortable because they knew so damn much about us, made us answer things that we’d otherwise want to be kept secret. They did so with calls, interviews, and invasive questionnaires.

      I suspect that Lust will make us uncomfortable by toying with our emotions. I don’t think Lust needs a questionnaire because our secrets aren’t the point. At least not yet.

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      Good point @mike @thegilded @nosnevets – now that they know that we know that they’re looking for our data, they won’t be so straightforward in their attempts to get it. Like when psychologists do research, they can’t tell their subjects what it is they’re looking for, so the subjects’ awareness won’t skew the results.

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      Lia- You’re going through this with your husband? My boyfriend is already freaking out about it. He was down with Tension, but some of it definitely pushed him out of his comfort zone.

      It was cool though because them knowing we were in a relationship greatly impacted our experiences (in a fun way).

      I agree that it’s not in the creators’ nature to be repetitive without any purpose, so a questionnaire is highly unlikely.

      I can’t wait to see how they’ll choose to engage us in this iteration.

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      Literally counting down the days

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      Instead of a questionnaire what about a mole or two. Lust cast members posing as participants?

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      @mouse – possible, but I’d doubt they’d go that route. During Tension there were implications that there were moles and plants among us.

      The resulting chaos and mistrust not only lead to one of the biggest fights that the Tension community ever had but also turned out to be completely untrue and unfounded.

      Nowadays I don’t think either side wants to fire up that witch-hunt again

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       Nate Marcum

      You have to admit though, that particular encounter displayed to me both the ability of the community to fight like dogs and then immediately recuperate, and also the extent to which the puppeteers could make us go insane. Not fun to endure, but retrospectively, incredible in its magnitude.

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      Whelp, my username is the same as my Tumblr handle so I don’t think they need a questionnaire to find out everything there is to know about me.

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      Does answering that questionnaire thingy needs to be like in person? or it can be online?

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