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       David Shields

      I want to chat with people about what is going on and spinning theories and I can’t find a forum topic to do that, If anyone knows anywhere better for me to be doing that that would be great. Anyway i’m just trying to keep up and stay active, and I want to meet more of you beautiful people and keep having fun.

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      Hey @parzival,

      The best way to keep up to date is by visiting the new members thread (as I update it once a week with happenings). There is also a twitter handle linked in that thread that is run by @kevin that is updated every time something big happens. You can also use that to ask people any question you want.

      Also the forums in general are where we speculate and theorize with each other… no thread specific. If you follow the activity feed you can see exactly what people are currently discussing.

      For instance right now there is a pretty fascinating thread breaking down the cropping of the FB Lust photos started by user @wanda102. Go there and discuss! It’s pretty interesting stuff.

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       David Shields

      ok, so no place just to chat, well thanks for you help.

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      @parzival I’ll shoot you a PM, there’s a Slack group that does some light Lust chat but we deliberately keep most of the game related speculation on the boards here, as Buz said.

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       David Shields

      Don’t know where to ask this, but @thebuz or @buz, is there somewhere where all the periscopes and live broadcasts are saved? like a thread or something? i want to watch threw them all and see if I can spot anything?

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      There isn’t. Are you looking for ones they’ve done or participant ones?

      The ones they’ve done I’d just look up Sinclair Industries, or The Lust Experience or The Tension Experience on periscope. For participant ones go through the important threads of note section in the new members thread and a few periscopes are linked in some of those threads.

      Hope that helps!

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      @parzival @thebuz I am slowly working on a Lust timeline with videos but it’s a process and it takes time so I don’t have them up yet.

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