ODSM and The Investors

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       Maxwell R

      Just a little speculation here and I apologize for the length but I’ve had this bouncing around in my brain since The Noah System was introduced, feel free to jump all over this if you don’t buy it.

      I didn’t get into Tension until the last week of Ascension but I was present for Noah/Suit Guy’s brief visits to The OOA. I think Noah could potentially be one of the investors involved in the ODSM and he was showing up to Ascension to check on their investment, it would make sense that the entire staff of the OOA were instructed not to look at the investors (facing the wall anytime he came in). Unhappy with how things were playing out he returned to his fellow investors and they decided to literally kill the project by eliminating everyone involved.

      During “The End” Michelle reveals that Tension was just a ploy to record how people react to different stimuli, “…but if you want to control the masses you need you need all the media variables from a large data set. Control of information on how people react to excitement, desire, joy, and anxiety…or tension if you will.”, and that they were using the information they had gathered to manipulate the masses. Claiming that the ODSM had swayed the election using the information they had gathered during Ascension proves that they are a nefarious group who are out for world domination and we are handing them everything they need on a silver platter. Do you think we will meet anymore investors in the future?

      I don’t know about y’all but I think a mysterious group of wealthy individuals trying to control the world is much more frightening than a lone ego maniac with an agenda.

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      Ohhhh that’s a REALLY good theory @moustachemax ! Maybe that’s why he was treated as royalty (don’t look at him, don’t make eye contact sort of thing)

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       Taylor Winters

      I love this theory. Stakeholders are the ones who dictate if a project lives or dies–and having regular meetings for them is normal. This would also explain why Suit Guy was yelling at Samson about corrupting the data (it’s his money on the line).

      If Noah = Suit Guy, this theory rings true with me. But I still haven’t dismissed the American Horror Story idea that it’s same actors in new roles every “Season.”

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       Allison Fogarty

      To step outside the box a little, this is basically a huge social psychology experiment. And they must meet the following criteria: mass propaganda, mass communication, and a promise of something better. Such as, the more you post and spread the word, the more “enlightenment” you were to get. So I guess I postulate, what is the next pragmatic move based on this model?

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       Winston Smith

      I think you’re spot on, @moustachemax . This is a much bigger story than just “Tension”, or “Lust”. These things are just chapters in a much larger story. Noah Sinclair isn’t the person at the top of this hydra. Noah Sinclair takes orders. Perhaps he takes them from the Clockmakers, perhaps someone else. There are a lot of organizational pieces of OSDM that haven’t yet been revealed. The clues are there, conspiracies make mistakes. Always. We just have to be “present” enough to recognize them when we see them.

      I think you’re exactly right about gathering data on people by placing them in a variety of different situations, and logging their results. If you want to understand a person, you can’t just take notes when they’re angry, or sad, or happy. You’ve got to collect data across the whole spectrum to really understand WHO that person is, and how they can be exploited. Noah, and Lust are just one more angle, one more series of datapoints.

      I have the same primary question in regards to Noah as I had with Samson. Who does he work for? We need to peel back the curtain, and expose the inner workings of the OSDM, the Clockmakers, and anyone else pulling the strings behind the scenes. This thing is so much bigger, and deeper than Noah Sinclair. He’s a misdirection, like a magician waving one hand in your face, while you miss the other hand going to his pocket. Noah is just a pawn, out there on the front lines. Lurking behind him is the Queen, and the King. I used to play a lot of chess. In chess, the pawn is the weakest piece on the board. But, when a pawn attacks the Queen, supported by other pawns, the Queen runs, or she dies.

      This is the soft underbelly of secret organizations like this. They present a facade to the outside world that isn’t reflective of who they *really* are underneath. They want you to wear yourself out, banging against that artificial exterior. But, they can’t tolerate exposure. When you go after their secrets, when you pull back the curtain, and expose the frail little cowards hiding behind it, they run, or they die. They’re cockroaches and vampires who burn in the light.

      The dawn is coming. We don’t yet know what we’re going to see when the dawn breaks and the Sun peeks over the horizon, but it *is* coming, and there’s not a goddamned thing they can do to stop it.

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      Going along with this cool theory, remember all the suit guys in masks silently present at The End? Suppose they were all investors present only to observe and ensure that the project was terminated to their satisfaction while wearing the masks to protect their identities. Just a thought.

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      And hang on – this reminds me of the Kansas City letter – didn’t it reference Clockmakers and investments?

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      Dammit @shinobi! I was hoping they were going to be the male version of handlers so us girls could have our hearts fucked with this time. (I’m still hoping but that’s a pretty clever theory ?)

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      Aww hell, I’m rooting for you @michelle

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      @shinobi @michelle oooh I like both of your ideas! ! ?

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      @larry Sadie? What?! Ahem… I mean, who’s that?

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