Noah Sinclair's OSDM coup and The System Five

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       Bryan Bishop

      This convo started in Slack, but it’s worth having here.

      Judging from today’s notes, Horace is dead, and Noah Sinclair likely killed him. This would explain why Horace was AWOL at the MSE, the appearance of Cecilia, and several other things. The notes also point to the idea that Noah is impotent/unable to have children himself, but that he was responsible for the Sabrina’s pregnancy — which means he is aligned with Tim Granik/Tom Barrow, the father. Noah also made several comments to participants during the MSE about having the “keys to the fuck palace.”

      Noah Sinclair is now in charge of OSDM. He worked with Granik/Barrow to get there. And Horace’s death likely occurred before the MSE — when Noah was working with The System Five. All of which points to the idea that Noah pulled off a coup at OSDM with the help of Morgan, Mason, Michelle, and Joyce. That’s why he said “I’m your fuckin’ god” again at the end of the System video.

      Not only that, but nobody is “tearing down” OSDM. They’re perpetuating it. We’re on the fast track to Anoch 2.0.

      Everything changes? You bet your ass. Noah, Morgan, Mason, Michelle, and Joyce all took over OSDM and are now running it the exact same way it always was.

      Check your allegiances at the door people. Things are gonna get rough.

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      And what would be the point of that?! Just so they could be in charge? Not for actual change, just changing of the guard?

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       Bryan Bishop

      @pandace88 The theme of Lust from the beginning: what do you want, what are you willing to do to get it, and who will you become when you do.

      Perhaps Noah’s intentions were good at one point. But power can turn one into their worst selves. Noah, Mason, Michelle, Horace… and US.

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      I’m in this theory camp, too. So. Who would know about this, and why do they want us to know about this?

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      @bcbishop “I’m being handed the keys to the fuck palace.” and “I thought I might be able to make change from the inside, but now I’m not sure I want to. The power is… intoxicating. Is that wrong?”

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      Maybe someone we haven’t seen yet. Someone who has been silent until now.

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        Or someone acting on behalf of someone we already know?

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      Okay, for some reason Otis & his cards just popped in my head.

      And if this is the case, then Noah could be the “new king” referred to in @julierei’s letter, not Anoch (sorry, JR!).

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      This is some pretty incendiary talk based on scraps of unknown origin, though this line of thinking does provide an answer to what might lead us to “revolt against the man from across the sea.” I don’t want to jump to conclusions without giving @111error a chance to weigh in. If Noah misled us, he could have misled those closer to him. If Noah has betrayed the idea of reform, we have no evidence the others are happy about it. At the time people referred to their alliance as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” If Morgan helped with Horace’s displacement back then, that doesn’t necessarily mean he and Noah are lockstep now.

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      I like where this is going, but I also had the one on one with Noah about being handed the keys…and he didn’t really seem like he had killed his father to get it (in this moment). At least I wasn’t getting that feeling from the interaction at all… He seemed more conflicted and worried about not really wanting this at all and also being drawn to it at the same time because he was raised in it. It also seemed specific to running the sex parties. But that’s just my take.

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