Mystery Calls/Steph & Kasch Not responding

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Steph FaceTimed me earlier tonight from Aqclight Hollywood.
      Bad connection. We talked briefly. She got another call and said she’d call me back.
      She didn’t.
      She said she was there to see a movie with “her horror friends”.
      Apparently, @Kasch was there.

      had pointed Mason to Steph’s FB page. on Slack at 8PM, there is the following exchange:

      andrewkasch [7:59 PM]
      Ok, things are getting strange….

      [8:00 PM]
      Whats going on??

      andrewkasch [8:00 PM]
      Mason wanted to get in touch with Tension cast members… I told him I knew Stephanie and pointed to her Facebook.

      I’m currently at a movie premiere… and Stephanie is here.

      And she just got a phone call from Mason.


      andrewkasch [8:01 PM]
      She and him are apparently going to meet.
      (I may or may not have convinced her to do it)

      ^^^^^^^^^ SUS

      [8:02 PM]
      Damn this IS getting strange

      andrewkasch [8:02 PM]
      Super weird, right? <<<<<< SUS

      [8:02 PM]
      Very. Hope she stays safe is she going alone?


      I got no answers from texts until 1115PM. She says, “You are such a dad!”

      Then I get a NO CALLER ID.
      Me: “I’m listening”.
      A male voice said something. Muffled. I couldn’t really make it out because HE IS A LOUSY KIDNAPPER, and I think he said:

      “You can’t save them all”.

      Followed moments later by another call. Same voice, but all he did was laugh and hang up.

      Simultaneous to all this, my Slack posts about Steph start getting deleted. Then a new person appears on Slack, named “aStranger”

      astranger [11:38 PM]
      you sounded angry on the phone Lawrence

      I’m listening [subsequently deleted by someone]

      astranger [11:38 PM]
      no, you didn’t listen
      that is your problem
      you never listen
      so go and play with your puppets, and forget what is happening, and your role in it

      lawrencemeyers [11:39 PM]
      not likely

      Steph then texts, “I thought there was someone following me. hahaha. I’m just paranoid”.

      Followed by me frantically texting her to get to safety.
      She doesn’t answer FaceTime. Phone goes straight to voicemail.

      Text: “Larry, I’m fine, I went to move with dlb… (who was acting fucking weird) but I’m fine”

      No luck getting in touch. Leave her a vm to call me and let me know she’s okay.

      She does. Says she’s at an afterparty and everything is okay. “You’re such a dad!”
      “No, I’m a protective friend! I got threatening calls and messages on Slack!”
      “I’m fine.”
      “Nice to know you’re safe. The kids were worried, too, weren’t you, kids?”
      [Distracted voices in other room. Half hearted. “..yeah..”]

      Followed by someone apparently talking to her, “I’m Stephanie. Nice to meet you…”

      And she hangs up. Not answering.

      So, yes, I’m an overprotective nut job.

      And yes, Mr. aStranger, I get your point. I can’t save them all. I suffer from The Saviour’s Complex. What’s your point?

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      We’ve also had no contact with @kasch since his message to the slack at 8 pm.

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      No response from TPTB on Slack deletions. I said this in Slack but it was deleted.

      So… I have no clue whats going on.

      And just so you know… they movie they are all at is the Hatchet 10th anniversary. Which turned out to be the premiere for Hatchet 4.

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      Here are the messages from ‘A Stranger’ on Slack:

      A Stranger

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      There seems to be a lot of chatter about Stephanie being in trouble. Has anyone paused and thought… she may be working with the OSDM directly? @kasch might have just handed Mason right to them by connecting Stephanie and him.

      Steph is smart. There is no doubt in my mind she could play both sides very very very easily.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      You ever get that terrible, terrible feeling of inevitability…?

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       Bryan Bishop

      Just catching up on this because sleep, but to make sure I’m getting it all:

      1. Stephanie is going to meet with Mason, but probably hasn’t yet;

      2. Everybody stopped responding because they were at the Hatchet 4 screening, but were confirmed to be fine afterward;

      3. Somebody started trolling Larry hard.

      Is that the gist?

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      I understand that this was probably pretty scary for you to go through, @larry, but it was AMAZING to wake up to this morning. 🙂

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       Hannah Schenck

      Woke up to all of this… Something tells me it was already known that @kasch would suggest Stephanie, as she is one of the only actresses from Tension that we see regularly. She is a clever girl and I’m certain she has her wits about her. Plus, thinking about her as someone who is playing both sides, a “double agent”, is much more of a turn on than a damsel in distress ?

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      Seriously though, reading through the messages on slack, in order, it makes a GREAT script.

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       Andrew Kasch

      Stephanie is fine. I’m fine. We all had a fun night together at the premiere, drank and acted like professional horror nerds. Even bumped into DLB briefly.

      I don’t know when she is going to meet Mason, but I asked Stephanie to report back to me with what she learns. And as much as @larry is freaking out about all this, I think he knows I would never deliberately put anyone – especially a dear friend – in harms way. We all know that Stephanie is a very street-smart and intelligent person, which is why I felt comfortable connecting her with Mason. Hopefully she will discover something more about our inquisitor. I’ll let you all know when I learn more.

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       Lawrence Meyers


      More than “trolling”.


      Glad I could be so entertaining to you.

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      @larry – Oh like I’m not entertaining to you.

      It’s not YOU, it’s the entire thing – at 6am, knowing it ends fine (because I read Buz’s “I just facetimed it’s all good” thing first) the whole thing is a beautifully well written script. Meghan’s entrance is perfectly timed. It’s hilarious. You should stage it for the fringe next year.

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      Snaps! Glad you’re alive @kasch/ShadowKasch/dopplegangerbodysnatcherKasch/NewImprovedKasch.

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      Knowing that (so far) everyone’s fine, it really does read like a pretty awesome script.

      lol @theladyj

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       Brad Ruwe

      You know that scene in Star Wars “Everything’s perfectly alright now, we’re fine, we’re all fine here now. Thank you. How are you?”

      Totally getting that vibe from these calls / texts / posts.

      I have a bad feeling about this.

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       Lawrence Meyers


      Excellent job.

      CUT TO: December. Everybody lying in a pool of blood, and me holding the knife.

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      @theladyj This is great!!!

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       Taylor Winters

      Why would you even want to save them all? I think the world could go with cutting some of the dead weight out.

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      Well I know where I’d start.

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       Taylor Winters

      @coryphella, don’t talk about @larry like that. He has his usefulness!

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       Lawrence Meyers


      I have limited utility.

      And now that the puppets have been sold (in a…fire sale…LOL), I have even less.

      As for saving them “all” — if that is indeed what was said because I couldn’t be sure because Mr. Stranger was too busy being sinister to speak clearly enough —

      That is also in reference to Intelligence they have on me. Fuckers.

      The subtext I interpreted from Mr. Stranger was depressingly fatalistic. I have therefore “let her go” after recounting last night’s events, of which she was blissfully unaware. ?

      Despite the threatening tone, I do believe this encounter may perhaps be the first glimpse my own snake has of its tail…

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