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       Lawrence Meyers

      I am more convinced that LUST may be a narrative parallel to the Jesus story, except Jesus happens to be a lout.

      For those adverse to religion, remember the Bible can be interpreted as allegory. You don’t have to take it literally.And when I mention God, you don’t have to interpret that as the Divine or the Christian God. It means That Which Is Greater Than Yourself.

      Because Noah’s words are delivered by an obnoxious troll, it is easy to interpret them as being the reverse of their intent. Forget the messenger. Read and listen to the words on their own and you’ll find the Biblical parallels.

      Today screamed to me not only how obvious the parallels are, but that the good works we were asked to perform have tremendous value. GOOD works. Not being selfish or cutthroat. Doing good.

      For me, this removes any perception of Noah as being a villain in this story, and skews towards the opposite.

      The Event

      First, we were TOLD not to bring preconceptions in, and many of us did. That undermined a lot of what the event was about (see below for how I blew it the other day because of my misconception).

      Now Read Luke Chapter 9.

      “When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, 2 and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick”

      Called the Twelve together, i.e. called US together, as a group.

      “He told them: “Take nothing for the journey—no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt.”

      What did @maddyxxx say? “You were told to rethink the value and perception of the tools that you have in your life… We gave you these tools and told you to make the greatest impact you could out of them… How can you be as effective as fucking possible with the tools that YOU have. That you ALREADY have….ACTUALIZE your effectiveness”.

      The Apostles were effectively told to use what tools they had. Themselves. Actualize their effectiveness, not with money or possessions, but intent.

      “We said go make a difference and hash tag it. We asked you to make a difference and hashtag, tweet, or periscope how you were able to make a change.”

      Mark 16:15: “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”

      #TheSystemSAVES <<<< SAVES. HELLO!!!

      We were effectively sent to preach the Gospel, which Jesus saw as equally as important as helping the poor.

      Jesus and his apostles also had a common fund from which they gave to needy Israelites. (Matthew 26:6-9; John 12:5-8; 13:29). Sarah instructed us that we could choose to pool our money if we wished.

      Later in Luke 9, a crowd of 5000 had followed Jesus into a remote area and the Apostles wanted to send them home because they had no food or water out here. The Apostles only had 5 loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus prayed and the Apostles handed out food and “they all ate and were satisfied”.

      What few tools they had! Yet, 5000 all ate and were satisfied.

      Morgan as Paul?

      I suggested that @bcbishop might be Paul, but it could be Morgan. Saul persecuted the followers of Jesus, until he had a vision on the Road to Damascus and was blinded. Then the scales fell from his eyes, and he could see, and became Paul The Apostle.

      We were told Morgan would be outside, a man who didn’t buy into The System, and that we could use what he offered, again, to create value. Morgan said he didn’t trust Noah but that they talked and they could work together.


      : “We warned you, do not do this to feel good. That is a distraction, do this to learn the perception of value.”

      Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” Not glory to ourselves. Glory to God. i.e. Be moved truly because you feel the spirit.

      Personal Value

      Holding that fiver I thought, “This has little value to me right now (thankfully), but will have significant value to anybody on Skid Row.” Then I looked up what I’d posted on the Parable the other day. “Take what is yours and go your way.” I suddenly saw another reading of that line. I had been “paid” like the workers in the parable who were unhappy about what they’d been given, because they’d worked longer.

      “Take what is yours. Well, I’ve been given something. How shall I go my way? What value does this have to me at this moment?” The obvious choice would be to buy food and give it to someone. But I was simultaneously struck with the idea that 1) many other people would be doing this, and 2) the Biblical phrase triggered an image of my friend Ben, delivering gloves and armoured vests to IDF warriors protecting the homeland. These men put their lives on the line every single day to protect the innocent.

      Hence, my Facebook video.

      Confession of Sins

      Hey! We can’t discuss Jesus without confession! So here’s mine.

      The other day, I blew it. My interpretation of Noah’s words, and his character, was skewed by his delivery and behavior, and my projections as to who he was. I tend to rise to challenges, but when delivered in the manner and character of a Noah, my inclination is to outsmart, one-up, and – for those who saw my play – I like to win. I need to win.

      With today’s perspective, I realized that task was not a dick-swinging contest. It was the parallel of Jesus commanding his Apostles to preach the Gospel. I was being tasked to preach The System. Arguably, what I did was to preach it to one person, and have her preach it to two others. However, I overthought it and muddied the whole thing by introducing money into it.

      First, I failed to listen. He said to sell The System – not literally – as in tickets. But the concept of it. Second, the value of the money exchange now has a whole new ring to it.

      My mistake, and to my own detriment. I was blind but now I can see.

      Are there sides?

      I’m becoming less convinced that Horace is the villain. Fire burns away the chapparel, the useless. What’s important is what remains. The fire is cleansing. Morgan and BoS may yet come around in an alliance.

      I know my personal agenda has not changed after today. The less one relies on a person or messenger, the clearer one’s _path may be.

      What remains to be seen is just what occult spookiness we witnessed. This may be a lovely parallel to Jesus, but at some point we may discover this was all about a False Prophet. Or worse! Which is why if one doesn’t choose sides, but chooses a specific agenda, who the actual villain is may not matter.

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      I really like this take @larry. I especially like the confession. It’s very interesting to notice how your (our) preconceived notions can affect the results of a simple request.

      You pointed out what was said to us before the workshop “leave all preconceptions of what you believe you know at the door” and many of us didn’t do that.

      What resulted was ultimately a mirror of ourselves amplifying our own thoughts/actions and some of us didn’t like what we saw.

      I’m not fully convinced that this parallel is the actual story arc but I would definitely love to see it happen!

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      “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” – from the Bible.

      “If you fall into the last group “I SHOWED UP” we really do not care what you do. Come, don’t come… You are garbabe people with garbabe seats. But, if you are hellbent on coming, better be in line by 6pm. HOWEVER, under no circumstance are you to make direct eye contact with any of the higher tier ticket holders we also ask the garabe ticket holders to respect yourself enough to put on a suit, or dress, or at the very least business casual.” – from yesterday’s The System e-mail.

      Just noticed that garbage is misspelled all three times.. I’m *sure* I’m reading too much into it but…

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Perhaps the last shall be first. I wouldn’t put it past Noah.

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      Had a few thoughts about the name @maddyxxx in the wee hours of the morn today. No idea if any of it’s relevant to anything. But, some of it’s Biblical-ly, so here it goes.

      1) acronym for “my dad xxx”

      2) xxx:
      – Roman numeral 30
      – porn
      – straight edge
      – “smootches”

      3) “Maddy”:
      – an awesome person/friend (according to Urban Dictionary)
      – “woman of Magdala” (ie: Mary Magdalene)

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      Doh! I mean anagram.

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