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      I realized that in the insane amount of info we’ve received over the last few days that the developments in the appearance of “JP,” may have never been explained properly in one place. So, while it’s a little bit quiet today, I thought I’d do that.
      Please comment any corrections to my recollection, as always.

      Around the beginning of March, Addison made a google doc to recap the discussions we’d all been having in Slack on 2/28. At some point during the day…someone…began editing the document, writing cryptic messages, implying Morgan’s been lying, and saying he’d see us soon. He called himself JP.

      On 3/12, someone going by “JP_33” popped into Slack briefly, posting a code that was summarily deleted. Michelle noticed that the account name was “@remystone1841,” which I seem to recall was Investor Remy’s email address from a leaked batch several months ago. Curious as usual, I reached out via DM to this person, cracking a joke about how we scattered in confusion when he popped in. I’m going to recap that here, since JP told me “they” can see our Slack conversations everywhere, anyhow:

      C: Funny how a few letters and numbers spins everyone out into space, huh?

      Thanks for dropping in, boss.

      JP: Hello wanda

      C: Hello there. I think we’ve met.

      JP: no, I do not think we have.

      C: No? Perhaps I am mistaken. Have you come to watch everyone scurry?

      JP: I am not Remy. I try to use names I know will not be flagged, or tracked. When this board was set up certain accounts were flagged, almost all new user accounts are, unless of course – you use a familiar name.

      C: Oh that’s clever.

      JP: Not really. This is the first time it has worked. I tried Sabrina, Darren, Gordon, Abe, they all got deleted within the hour of creation. So, I guess we shall see.

      C: Don’t suppose you’ll say who you are?

      JP: for now, I am JP.

      C: Fair. What can I…or we…do for you?

      JP: It’s what I hope to do for you.

      C: That is?

      JP: End this cycle of misinformation.

      C: From BOS, et al?

      JP: Everyone.
      No I don’t run a cult.
      Or a secret resistance.
      Nor do I want anyone to join some crusade.
      I like to deal in facts, not fictions meant to serve an agenda.

      C: That’s a language I’d like to speak,

      JP: Good. I like to talk.

      C: I think we’ll get alone pretty well, then. What sort of facts do you think will cut through the bullshit, here?

      JP: I want to stop what is about to happen.
      I WILL stop what is about to happen.

      C: The “something” that’s coming?

      JP: Yes. (here he gives me his email address) I am guessing 40 or so minutes before someone deletes this account.

      C: I’d normally inform everyone what you’ve said but since this is a private message, would you want it to remain that way for the time being?

      JP: It doesn’t matter to me, one way or the other. By the time this conversation is complete I will have been flagged, and they will have known we spoke.

      C: I’m not concerned with that.

      JP: Remember, there is NOTHING that transpires that goes unnoticed, unless it’s done off “board.” Such as noted being passed at “occult candle shops.” Or Google docs. 😉

      C: I figure as much, ha.

      JP: Maybe you can create something, a way for us to communicate, that others can see. But do NOT post it here. Email what you decide.

      Oh, FUCK YOU.

      That is not for you. That is for whomever is reading this later.

      C: I’ll think of something.

      JP: I know you will.

      Will your friendship with Morgan be rustled if you are forced to stab him in the back later?

      C: To stab him in the back? He knows that’s a possibility. I’ve half expected him to do it to me, honestly.

      (his account was then deactivated)


      So I made an Instagram account under JP’s name, shared the login info with him, and posted my first message “WHO is telling the truth?” You can see all of these on IG at @J2018P. Anything in handwriting is me speaking.

      JP said yesterday that Irene was the first “real” thing we’ve seen, and I don’t see a reason not to believe him, at present. But I hope when we meet on Sunday, we can get some more reality out there for everyone to consider.

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      Another note:

      I was banned from slack in retaliation for speaking to JP once I revealed the Instagram. I got two robo calls telling me to not speak to him, and the second was a “final warning” asking me to delete the IG account before I was booted.

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       Nicole Mae

      Original JP contact via @addisonborn google doc…

      Screenshots here:

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       Nicole Mae

      *fixed broken link*

      Original JP contact via @addisonborn google doc…

      Screenshots here:

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