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      Today I had the chance to speak with both Clint and DLB for about an hour regarding the experiences. Midway through our interview (we couldn’t talk about a lot of things it was a very careful interview) Darren says he has to take a call and mentioned a blocked number kept calling. I knew I was in for some shit…and Clint of course told me not to worry to keep talking. He comes back like normal and we finish the interview. I then get a call from Morgan saying he just listened to the interview and that it was softcore bullshit and wanted to know if I wanted to hear Darren’s call… I then hear a man ask about the interview… Darren says yes we are talking to her now.. man then says “Clint’s on script but you’re not, asshole“ and Morgan said we’d talk soon.

      I then received a message from a asking “who called you? Please do not post this!! Who called you!” …”I’m
      Sure someone was just pulling your leg… I’d forget about it. Goodnight”

      What the fuck is going on!

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      A reminder that everything changes soon…

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      Shit. Somebody is not happy this shit is getting out. What the fuck is going on indeed.

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      On script huh. An interview’s never an interview anymore, huh.

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        Never has been. A script of a MHL interview turned up in Tension… (I miss Samson)

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      Thoughts I have:
      – How did Morgan hear the interview & Darren’s call?
      – Who called Darren?
      – “Clint’s on script but you’re not” so Darren’s the one trying to go rogue while Clint is just staying compliant with…whatever the actual fuck is happening?
      – A’s dm is also interesting

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      @creepsociety said, the seeds have been watered now. I wonder when things will be take root and flower.

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      Wasn’t it posited recently with the note reveal that Clint is staying on script because he has something to gain or some such? Anyone remember vaguely what I’m talking about?

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      Probably not the biggest deal in the long run, but who wrote the script? Was it Clint? Or is someone else involved in writing portions of this?

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         Lauren Bello

        I think the implication is that the script is written by The Real Powers That Be.

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      Yeah I’m thinking back to the letter that @bcbishop got and that it felt like Darren was calling Clint out on letting things slip (not destroying communication, using email still) and not pushing enough maybe. So that fits with the on script/off script moment here.

      But I’m with @erisbonn that I’d like to know how in the hell Morgan heard the interview and recorded the call???

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         Lauren Bello

        Based on Morgan’s comments at MSE, seems like both sides have been hacking each other quite a lot? Mentions of emails intercepted by both sides…we know phones have been monitored by the OSDM…it would make sense if BOS is doing the same.

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        we know phones have been monitored by the OSDM…it would make sense if BOS is doing the same

        If BOS has tapped Darren and Clint’s phones, that crosses some lines.

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         Lauren Bello

        Sarah Sinclair released that audio recording of Darren’s home phone, with Darren being threatened by an investor. Presumably she did this as part of The System’s then-underground resistance. Would you say she was right or wrong to leak that recording?

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        I don’t really know that the two situations are the same. And I don’t know that we can assume Sarah was delivering that recording on behalf of any form of resistance.

        If the resistance had tapped Darren’s phone, and then released a recording of him blackmailed, I’d still say there were issues. Yes, they were doing it to ostensibly help him, but tapping his phone without his prior knowledge and then releasing a recording too? Sketchy. Unless you think everyone was working together and then Darren okayed the recording of his phone line and the release of that call. But that feels like a reach.

        I’ve always assumed the investors or OSDM had his line tapped, Sarah heard that call, freaked, and tried to get it into our hands.

        I don’t think that excuses what appears to be BOS recording DLB and CS’s phone calls though. It’s a tactic that everyone would disagree with if it was used by OSDM, so what makes it okay here? Assuming that this recent recording thing is all a plot with BOS feels like a reach too. We haven’t seen them all working together at any point and if they were, calling bullshit on the interview would put them in a dicey spot.

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         Lauren Bello

        I agree that it seems like Darren didn’t want the recording released, if Darren = A, and if that’s the case then I do worry about the consequences of BOS releasing it. This does make it seem like Darren and Clint are not in step with the rest of the resistance, which raises questions about who could be endangering whom. Two resistances working at cross-purposes could be potentially catastrophic.

        But I can’t say I share the same concerns about listening in to their phone calls in general. BOS accessing OSDM information seems like fair warfare. How is BOS intercepting the phone call that OSDM recorded any different from BOS intercepting those emails between Gordon and Remy?

        As for *releasing* the info, it’s fair to have that debate, but if we do, we’re going to have to debate the ethics of every email drop since Tension.

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      …I do not over analyze.

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       Lauren Bello

      Some of the more sus moments in the podcast:

      Darren: We have help, we definitely have help –
      Clint, immediately: Careful.

      Darren: There’s coming a time very soon that we’re *only* worrying about the creative, and we’re only worried about the narrative stories, and we’re not worried about the permits [and annoying logistics]…that’s the day we’re looking forward to.

      Darren: Seven different locations that they wanted to have this. We kind of get a mandate of where to put these things, it’s fucking ridiculous, but we were told basically where they wanted to go, and we had to figure that out.
      (Clint can be heard breathing heavily, making sounds like he wants to interrupt)
      Darren: We ended up switching the location five or six days before we actually had it.

      Darren, after describing LAPD walking in on the set to see fake drugs strewn everywhere: One of the perks of having friends in high places, they can get you out of situations like this.

      Kristin: What’s the craziest thing you saw that you didn’t expect people to do?
      Clint, before Darren can speak: Be careful how you answer this.

      Darren: Our eye is on something much bigger, and I think that’s where we’re trying to head. I don’t want this to be a side hustle. I don’t want to have to support immersive theater by being a movie director, and that’s what it is right now –
      (Clint cuts him off, talks right over him)

      Darren: So everything that happened before and everything that will happen after doesn’t change the now… After I knew Clint for a few years, I knew about things that happened in his past.
      (Maybe this isn’t sus? It just felt like there was a metaphor being unpacked here that I wasn’t necessarily following. But he could just be saying what he appears to be saying: that as people join, they will learn about past mythology by osmosis, but it won’t be needed to dive into the present story.)

      Darren: You know how the ARG works and how we work with it. There’s going to be changes. Changes are coming. It might take a moment to get used to. But I think at the very end, what will end up happening is, we will have an ability to sustain ourselves. It will require change from the users, the people that are playing with us, but I think in the very end it will be more dynamic, more engaging, and will allow us to do more cool things.

      Darren: A little bit of a retool is coming. I think there will be a little pushback at first, but at the end I think they’ll realize it’s for the best. Quality over quantity.

      (Perhaps we’re seeing that retool playing out right now. But…why pushback? I have no pushback. Wednesday and Thursday’s events seem to be pretty universally adored. Are there more reveals in store?)

      Darren: Time is the one thing I don’t have in my life. I understand how valuable time is. When you look at the time invested…
      (::flies back to pictures of Clint’s watches, takes screencaps, compares to semaphore flags, adds and subtracts numbers…::)

      Not sus, but interesting – Darren assuring all that nobody is ever in any real danger.

      “One of the things that I’ve tried to be very cognizant about is to protect the people – not only the people who are doing the event, but people we are honestly answering to – and that means there can’t be exposure…There’s a lot of bureaucracy and red tape.”

      The full podcast is definitely worth a listen, but these are the highlights (for me).

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      “Semaphore.” Genius. And crazy. Bravo.

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       Lauren Bello

      So, looking back at this interview in retrospect. We now know the Resistance has taken over. Does this shed some light on some of Darren’s more cryptic statements?

      Was this the “retool”?

      “It will require change from the users, the people that are playing with us, but I think in the very end it will be more dynamic, more engaging, and will allow us to do more cool things.” <–this interests me all the more now…how will BOS taking over allow them to do more cool things? how will it require change from us?

      Does this interview imply that Darren and Clint WERE indeed working with the Resistance, and still are?

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      Now that we know Morgan is A, this brings up some questions regarding his call & the subsequent DM from A to Kristin. How long has he been in control of the account? Has anyone else (Darren, as we originally suspected) had the account while he has? Are they colluding together, knowing that the info would be shared??

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