Interference and abuse

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       Brad Ruwe

      Hey gang, so with the talk of “the interference” going on, something is hitting a nerve for me and I think it’s time we had a chat about it.

      Within the leaked emails, there was talk of interference in their data collection from the OSDM. My interpretation of that was the interference in their collection from Noah and Stacey. Noah’s meddling with @kasch’s iConfidant experience, Stacey’s interference with the Lust forums, etc. Let’s face it, there’s been more than enough interference in the data collection from sources within our experience. Someone doesn’t want the OSDM to succeed in their mission. Whether this is the hinting of a new BOS type group, we don’t know. Michelle did mention that we basically took the fake BOS that the OSDM created and made it real in some way. Is this that thread returning? Who knows.

      As is with life, people bring different interpretations to the table. @bcbishop’s interpretation is that it could potentially be us participating in other experiences interfering with their data (unrelated, but is it just me, or did Bryan’s shadow @bryan also update his display name after Bryan changed his?)

      This started a bit of back and forth regarding participation in other experiences / ARG’s. Some seemed to suggest The Investors were hinting that we should ONLY participate in Lust to help keep the interference down. Of course, this all depends on if the interference mentioned really does tie in with other experiences and not something from someone like Noah or Stacey. And this is what is really bugging me with this possibility, if it does turn out to be true.

      If that’s what The Investors are trying to tell us, then that’s abusive. A page right out of the abusive relationship handbook.

      If you only want to participate in Lust? 100% go for it. Different experiences will attract different people, and while I myself enjoy some other experiences out there I know they aren’t for everyone. To suggest participation in other experiences will make us less invested in Lust though is not true. I’ve got a tab open to the Lust forums ALL THE TIME now. When I’m at work, on my phone. When I turn on my phone browser, it instantly goes to the activity feed just to see if something happened.

      But to say you need to participate ONLY in Lust? That’s like an abusive partner saying you can only be friends with people they approve of. Controlling a partner’s social life, especially when the partner doesn’t agree to it, is abusive. I’ve seen it time and time again where a person will try to make their partner cut ties with a person simply because they don’t like them. Now if that person is harming one of the people in the relationship somehow, that’s one thing. But to attempt to control a person’s social life to that degree, forcing them to cut people out of their life “or else”, that’s just shitty.

      And that may be what The Investors are, shitty. I know we’ve seen some examples of that kind of attitude from them in regards to how they treated Tina and DLB.

      I’m personally limiting the number of ARG’s I’m participating in to 2-3 though because yes, it can get confusing. When you get a restricted number phone call, there’s that moment you’re not sure what experience will start talking when you answer. But come on now, isn’t that uncertainty of who’s on the other end of the line part of why we do this stuff in the first place? To be thrown off our usual daily pattern a bit?

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      I’m not sure the message was entirely don’t do other experiences… but if this is indeed the correct interpretation than I think they were more so commenting on the fact that other experiences seemed to be consistently fucking with people doing Lust on days where Lust has stuff planned.

      Competitive cult market out there.

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       Brad Ruwe

      @thebuz If I’m misreading the intentions of the recent messages, then I’ll be more than happy to be wrong. Text can be such a hard format to convey intent.

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       Maxwell R

      I haven’t really felt any pressure to pick or choose between anything. It’s busy out there these days but we all know where our priorities lie. If Lust drops a date Lust gets that date.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      Lust is love. Everything else is just a side piece.

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      So like, say you’re in an open marriage and you have a primary relationship with your spouse and then you have another partner (or maybe a couple of other partners).

      Some might consider it really bad form to…I don’t know…talk about one partner in front of another. Or think you’re going out with one when you’re with another. Or confuse them on the phone. Not always. But often you need to learn to compartmentalize those relationships FOR YOURSELF.

      And if you can do that – awesome.

      But…if you can’t, and one relationship starts to interfere with another, or your primary partner starts to feel like maybe you’re thinking about your secondary partner while you’re with them…then things get problematic. And that’s maybe when you should think about monogamy.

      Because monogamy is also an option and it’s also good. Being with one person at a time (in either context really) makes that one relationship carry more weight and have more impact. It’s up to you to decide whether your other relationships are affecting your primary one.

      In my case (in my YES OFF TOPIC actual marriage) it was and so I opted for monogamy.

      Yeah. It’s an extreme comparison.

      So is comparing an ARG to an abusive relationship.

      No one is telling you to do anything. No one is making you do anything. You have free will. But keep in mind, so do TPTB. If they choose to reward people who are more actively involved and actively present in this, that’s their choice, just as it’s your choice to split your time between experiences.

      It might be a good idea to just not post about other experiences on the forums.

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       Brad Ruwe

      @coryphella This is a genuinely great way to put things. Thank you for that!

      Totally agree on keeping things separate. Just was worried the recent topic of convo was potentially setting a very unfortunate precedent.

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      Specifically because the words “copy-cat” were used in the email exchange, I’m leaning towards the Other ARGs interpretation. This is my first time doing anything like this so I don’t have any thoughts on how best to juggle multiple experiences, but I think @coryphella makes a good point – everyone is free to choose, but beware of unintended consequences and respect the creators.

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       Bryan Bishop

      Here I was about to post something to clarify my take, and of course @coryphella had written something that explained it better than I ever could have. Because she’s @coryphella.

      So yeah… what she said. 🙂

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      I just want to say that I completely agree with about keeping everything separate, I’ve really been enjoying LUST so far, and I definitely don’t want the creators thinking I don’t just because I’m doing another experience along with it. I made a mistake because I got excited for a first phone call that I’ve ever gotten from one of these, and posted too hastily. I didn’t expect the other experience to start calling me so soon after I’d joined it so I automatically assumed it was LUST. I’ll try to be more careful from here on out. That’s all I’ll say on it since I don’t want to drone on about a topic that’s already been explained better by @coryphella.

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      It’s not meant to point to any one specific person and say “hey, you’re doing it wrong.” If you’re doing more than just Lust, just look at yourself and say “does this apply to me?” If it does, fix it. If it doesn’t, move along. That’s all there is to it.

      And I mean, that’s only if the interpretation is the right one. @bcbishop and I have tossed a couple of other interpretations back and forth regarding the letter and the call I received, this is the one that just makes the most sense.

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