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       Cyrus La Rosa

      Hello everyone, I heard about this from my friend @thegilded and it sounds like a neat idea. Any suggestions on how to dig deeper into this whole fun thing?

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      Hi @clarosav759! You joined during a relatively quiet period, so plenty of time to catch up at your own pace! One of our moderators @thebuz continually updates this thread for New Participants with content from several participants like links to weekly recaps by @thegilded, important threads throughout the forum, and a list of who you should know about in order to follow the experience:

      Here it is!

      Beyond that, make sure you visit http://www.noahsinclair.com/ and https://www.iconfidant.net/ and follow the mailing instructions on those sites if you feel inspired. It also couldn’t hurt to friend a man named Otis Fletcher on Facebook: Here is his profile.

      Beyond that, just stay present and feel free to ask questions if you have any. Welcome aboard!

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       Cyrus La Rosa

      Thanks for the tips!

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