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      So the painting went up later than usual and at first it was one thing and then it was a different thing.

      FB post - 11/1

      The painting is Mask V by Jose Roosevelt (thanks @coryphella).

      Quote is by Sun Tzu: “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”

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      So a bit earlier there was a FB post but it was quickly deleted from almost assuredly @a on Slack (who was active at the time). Every time someone posted it, it would be quickly removed. Anyhow, here’s the link:



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      @mkarrett great catch. This looks inverted. Like a chromatic reverse. Somehow, I think this wasn’t done to make it harder for us to search for.

      so. Who’s really at the top?

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        welp, looks like they’ll have to try a wee bit harder next time. 😉

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      This is some crazy stuff, @mkarrett. Thanks for being quick on the downloads.

      The big question is, who posted the original picture, and what were they trying to tell us?

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      The quote from the second image is from The Art of War. It’s in chapter three, which is about strategy. I’ve always thought of “know your enemy” as more of a “know who the real enemy is”. Who is really pulling the strings? It’s almost never who is actually on the battlefield. The first quote talking about who the “top” is answering to seems very applicable.

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       Bryan Bishop

      The posting, and deleting, and posting, and deleting of that image in Slack has left me feeling a little uneasy. It’s also worth pointing out that I also tried posting the link to the story I wrote that went up Friday, which was also deleted by forces unknown.

      I don’t really want to go into the why of it all right now, but I have reason to believe that OSDM was not behind the deletions in Slack today. OSDM (or Horace) could very well be the bosses who have bosses that the quote from TPTB were referring to.

      Which leaves me wondering… what was the purpose of sharing that first image? And who stands to gain by doing so?

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       Drew Huntley

      Also worth noting, the painting was not posted until after it was discussed on Slack that there wasn’t one yet. May be coincidence, may also be data collection on how long it would take us to notice, or may have a tie into what the first poster was trying to communicate.

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      Roosevelt’s work looks like a lot of art about art, paintings with musical instruments, paintings with other paintings in them. He also has a recurring motif with apples and pears (thanks again to @coryphella).

      This image does a couple of things (and I think someone sort of mentioned it on Slack, but I didn’t catch who. Sorry!) The woman seated at the center of the image can only see the desert laid out before her, but there are a few things behind her she’s unaware of. The painting of a totally different landscape, one with mountains and what appears to be the ocean, and then the apple and the pear. It all hints towards a forced perspective, that we’re only seeing what they want us to.

      We’ve been seeing more and more of this recently, not that it wasn’t there before though. Think @bcbishop’s FB Live video with Joyce, the camera stayed stuck on him, @nothenrygale and @wanda102 being given directives, but remaining silent. Even the first painting today, it was up for a moment before our heads were yanked back to where we were supposed to be looking. It was also another tactic to sew doubt, only a few people saw it actually up on FB, everyone else has to take our word for it.

      This is all stuff we’ve talked about (over and over again), but it’s becoming more prominent now. Why?

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      In relation to the first image that was deleted. It was a cut up Ouroboros, which has been seen many times though out this experience. Also the image was COLOR INVERTED. The only other time we have seen this was back in March when Max received an email from an “unknown woman” who sent him another color inverted image of Horus sitting in a house. This was the same image in the tension book, but was changed to be color inverted. It also contained a cipher that read “A THEORY OF SPECULAR GEOMETRY”.

      Do these two images have a connection?
      Who sent the image today? And why was it deleted???

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       Bryan Bishop

      This is all stuff we’ve talked about (over and over again), but it’s becoming more prominent now. Why?

      The one quote that I keep thinking back to is The Controller, from way back in April:

      You have no idea what you are celebrating and you will soon need each other more than you could ever realize.

      First, responses to The System divided us. Then it was Sabrina and iConfidant, singling out some over others. Then it was BOS, and the (well-intentioned) rhetoric and mystery that pushed people even further apart. Then Mason Silver. Now it is even more specific: certain people being asked to withhold information, or being represented in a light that can only make them look suspicious to everyone else.

      There’s a lot of talk on these forums about “The One,” and “Community.” That’s all well and good, but if we’re honest with ourselves we know that there are factions and divides and bad feelings all over the place, mixed in equally with the good. This is a weakness, and it is being systematically exploited.

      But I think what we’re being shown now is that despite all of that, there is only way we will make it through this and gain a broader understanding of what’s happening. And that’s going to be by trusting each other, despite the suspicious and misgivings. It’s going to be hard, but without that, “The One” may as well be like that ouroboros in the latest painting: once complete, but now forever split into pieces that will never come back together again.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      And that quote about whomever thinks they are on top still has someone to answer to.

      I wonder if that refers to the inner voice, or like the film THE MASTER, in which P.T. Anderson said, “We all serve a Master”.

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