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      Quote –

      “When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie” – Yevgeny Yevtushenko

      Original Painting –

      Margin of Silence, by Kay Sage 1942

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      Definitely taking this as (vampire) @mike ‘s silence on being asked if he submitted the resume to (jacked) Mason.

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      Moving some stuff over from Slack:

      Groups that have been pretty silent are BOS, Briarberg (sort of. Mason has been active, but don’t know where he ties in with them), and OSDM leadership

      Alternative interpretation of the quote: Someone else is doing the silencing and preventing people from speaking out. In that case, the silence is still a lie. Ties in with what Mason is doing too. I’m thinking of what amounts to censorship here. If you’re preventing someone from speaking the truth because it doesn’t benefit you, the silence that’s been created is a lie.

      had a follow up on that, which I’ll let him cover.

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      In the spirit of moving things over from Slack, here’s another crazy Blondie theory for y’all:

      If we assume that Mason is silencing the 91, maybe this is the lie. That this is all an elaborate show with the 91 “playing dead” (which ties in with his chat to Kevin about the bug) to allow them to escape to safety. Despite the grand pay-outs, the recipients seem scared. This could be a fear of Mason of course, but it could be a fear of being silenced by the OSDM (why? Because these people *know* things, whether they realise it or not). And they’re not going to waste time on tracking down people they believe to be dead… I know there are issues of wishful thinking and turning a villain into a hero at play here, but as always, I like to consider all potential possibilities.

      Another option is that the lie about silence is that we assume that those who are quiet are doing nothing. When in reality, they are busy at work towards their next big action.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Being a psychopath in the henhouse
      and what perceived as muted response
      thereto, we forebear any action lest it
      awake our tender sensibilities.
      To this we must align alongside red
      coiffed influencer with weapon in hand.

      Get thee in fucking line behind us. Now.

      “Bloodletting on my premises that I
      ain’t fucking approved, it puts me off my feed”.

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