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      today I was called from a la phone number and immediately recognized it as DLB.

      Darren said that’s lias story is all bullshit. He found it hilarious and was laughing about it.
      He said “Don’t give her a platform
      As Her story doesn’t further the plot.”
      Usually they (he and Clint) are monitoring slack but right now They aren’t as much due to a project he is on. He said he Just caught up and he saw the whole snake story and the murder. He asked me if I really believed what she was even saying and that I was smarter than that. I told him “what do you want me to believe when I saw her go up there!” He then said that the stairs literally led to nothing. And that the whole story was ridiculous. He said he had to go and that I could tell y’all but couldn’t give out his number.

      Also he was around someone else cause I heard him say “no that’s fine” I think and he also referenced it by saying “sorry I’m working on something”

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      I decided to text DLB this morning as the phone call was bothering me all night. Here is the following interaction:

      Me: Darren your call caught me off guard and I didn’t really get to ask what I needed… you know I adore you and CS and I want to believe you. I really do. But please just answer me WHY you think Lia is lying? What does she have to gain by making this up? You don’t have to stay on script with me. What is coming?

      DLB: Are you serious? I don’t have time for this fucking bullshit. Do you know how busy I am? What are you doing with YOUR life besides bothering me and talking about snake gods? Do you want some more distractions so your life seems interesting again? Then leave me alone and let me work.
      This fucking thing has taken on a life of it’s own.  the community has spun off creating their own narratives at this point, and honestly we just do not have the man power to deal with it all, and see everything… So now people like Morgan, and Lia spin out of control and manufacture these delusions of grandeur.  the community is eating itself.  So go and enjoy.
      Also, tell your friend Larry that he is, as usual, half right and once again proving in your back channels that he is one of the dumbest smart people around.
      Alright, I need to go pray to a snake god, I mean DO ACTUAL WORK.  Talk again NEVER.

      Me: Why would you allow Morgan and Lia to take over something you’ve worked so hard on? I mainly worry about your own (and our) safety. If I can help in any way let me know. If this is legit gamejacking, there is ways to genuinely address it.


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      I was able to nod along until I got to this part:

      “Morgan and Lia are spinning out of control…”

      That doesn’t sit right. Spinning doesn’t usually look this clean. If this is spinning, it’s planned, calculated and intentional spinning, which isn’t how spinning works. Two people spinning out of control together like that? No way. There’s something else going on here.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Following up on this.

      Re: DLB’s references to me. I AM half right AND the DUMBEST smart person which is why I have FUCKING @bcbishop to get me from 50% right to reality.

      I made a back-channel communication earlier this week. This, as well as the upcoming gathering for agency, may be what generated a text from DLB last night…and he never texts me. I couldn’t connect because I was going into Safehouse but said I could ping him after. I did. No response.

      I sent a lengthy text just now which was so completely off-base that he merely responded with, “You are staring at trees”. After running all this past FUCKING @bcbishop (whose help would have been appreciated when I was failing physics and not life), it would appear that what is right in front of us RIGHT NOW is a response to our call for agency. i.e. what this new BIG thing is, this new turn in the narrative of whomever controls the experiences, the shit that went down last night.

      i.e. START PLAYING. BE PRESENT. And most of all, I suspect, leave behind all that has come before.

      [Anyone interested in half-right analysis from the Dumbest Smart Person, the line forms outside the liquor store.]

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