Anoch and The Moon

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       Brad Ruwe

      So we know from the emails leaked to us by BOS on 7/3 that believers of Anoch seem to have a thing for the lunar cycle, per their mention of the new moon. I’ve been going through the timeline of major events, looking for overlap and while I haven’t seen too much in terms of major events on those days, there was a decent amount of overlap right after that email was leaked. Due to time differences and peak time of the moon, there was some discrepancies over which night the moon actually took place. In that event I pulled the events from both of those days. Here’s what I’ve pulled up:

      3/27 – @bcbishop is emailed by Clint Sears with a hidden warning (New Moon)
      4/10 – Macy accidentally forwards email to @mkarrett (Full Moon)
      4/26 – @thebuz gets a call from Sarah, a sort of attempt to save her son (New Moon)
      5/10 – Horace calls @meghanmayhem following the warehouse break-in (Full Moon)
      7/9 – TMC revealed to be BOS (Full Moon)
      7/23 – Supposed date of retreat that HiB leaks audio (New Moon)
      8/7 – HiB Leaks (Full Moon)
      8/21 – First contact with Mason (New Moon)
      9/19 – Otis re-emerges on Facebook (New Moon)
      9/20 – Stacey and Morgan activate MyChild and start a vote (New Moon)
      10/5 – Sabrina calls a few participants to blame them for recent events (Full Moon)

      The next New Moon is on October 19th, a week from today. I really don’t know if there’s any real importance here other than the fact the new moon in July seemed of major significance to them.

      Let me know if I missed anything, or if something on here was NOT on a full or new moon.

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      Did a little googling and found a couple things on new moons/full moons and spellwork or rituals.

      “The full moon provides the strongest power for invocations and spells. The full moon is an excellent time to cast your most powerful magick spells or any spells that may need a little extra power. To avoid a waning influence you should cast all spells and rituals before the exact time of a full moon. During the full moon we should meditate on feeling the divine power of the universe and use it to strengthen and empower ourselves.”

      “The new moon or dark moon is the most powerful time to remove things from our lives. We can also use the new moon to reverse spells that others may have cast. This is the best time to cast banishing spells and to focus on replacing any negative influences with positive ones. Remember that when we ask for something to be removed we open a void and should ask for something positive to take its place and fill the void we opened. Banishing spells and rituals should be done before the beginning of the new moon so there is not a waxing influence on your spellwork. Three days after the new moon is the most powerful time to start magick work we want to manifest at the full moon.”

      So full moon is for getting a little extra power, and new moon is for removing anything negative, etc.

      Main thing is, it seems we all should be marking our calendars for the new moons and full moons just in case.

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