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      They’re always watching? Watching what? Time for us to observe along with them. This short film demonstrates the enlightenment one can find through the Lust Experience. Tell us what you see.

      They said to be creative… So here’s why I’ve been MIA for a bit.

      Featuring @prufrock5150 and the lovely @brianamatopoeia

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      Great work!!! Love it!

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      @nosnevets that was so great!! I saw my name on captioned. You r so awesome. Very creative video you got there!!!

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       Max Z

      We have so much talent in this community my god 🙂

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      This came out so great. Thank so much for allowing me to be a part of it. You have such a creative mind!

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      @jared thanks man =)

      aww thanks bud.

      =D least I could do is captions.

      thank you for aiding your voice!

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      Wonderful job man. Though I must admit at first I thought to myself “Why is that dementor using force lightning on @prufrock5150?”

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      Nice work, @nosnevets!!

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      Love your marionette work, @nosnevets! It reminds me of another Hollywood legend. <3

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      Thanks @superstar!

      @thebuz he was an unruly apprentice…

      No @kipsie, @christineb is the puppet master here. I can only attempt to live up to her skill.

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      Yaaaay! It’s way arty and very wtf. Fantastic. And the poster! Famous poster!

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       Tom Hite

      @nosnevets – this is quite the allegory…

      And quite the question: who is watching who? Let’s piece together some recent events and pair them up with what we already know: 1) There’s a “they.” 2) They are always watching, and they can appear anytime, anywhere. 3) It’s bigger than Noah and Sarah. 4) It’s bigger than Darren and Clint. 5) It’s bigger than all of us.

      We can’t hide. So then, why try? Somewhere, glowering deep in the folds of your mind, there is the knowledge that you already know the truth. The barriers you’ve put up to separate your life into safe, self-contained boxes are inevitably going to crumble, and reflected back at you will be the monster of your own humanity.

      Own it. Welcome the invasion. Open the door. Fear nothing. Stand up and meet yourself.

      The only System that works is the one in which we are all a part, and the lie is that we were ever apart in the first place.

      Do you think anyone is free from the inevitability of the panopticon? Think about how information works – how it’s shared (often unwittingly), how it’s stored – entropy can be thwarted, but only for so long: information wants to be free.

      Eventually, you can only run from them until you realize that they are us, and as it was said by our fabled and broken Oracular Order of Anoch, we are all one.

      And that means we’re all Anoch, too.

      To be perfectly honest, I don’t know. Sometimes I read back over what I’ve written and think “Who do you think you are, talking like that? What kind of bullshit guru are you trying to come off as? Do you really think anyone believes you?” And I guess I hope they don’t. I don’t even believe myself. Because the words aren’t really mine, are they? If it’s true, it doesn’t really matter who’s saying it, and the only truth is what’s true for you.

      So what is it you feel needs to be said, and why aren’t you saying it?

      You might as well… they’re always listening.

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      Can we also talk about @prufrock5150’s three wolf shirt? I’m a fan

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       Christine Barger
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