3/15/18 Kyle's Meeting /Morgan Lying/Too Much Shit Happening

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      Kyle had a meeting where he met Irene. Irene made it a point to emphasize that 4 seconds is all it takes to change a life. To change an opinion. To acquire control.

      Phonecalls want out to @meghanmayhem. One of them is being presumed to be Morgan. However, none of us can verify it was him who called. She thinks he’s lying. He has texted others saying he isn’t. Apparently, he is responding in a Periscope.

      (Please update accordingly. I just threw this up before we got more.)

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       Kyle Bown

      First phone call today is documented above.

      Second call at 1:05pm.
      It’s Molly. She asks me to get a pen and paper. “I’ll wait.”
      She tells me to go to a street corner in Studio City. Park my car, and wait in my car.

      Third call at 1:52pm.
      Molly again. She tells me to get on a specific bus heading in a specific direction.

      Fourth call at 2:02. It’s Morgan.
      He’s trying to talk me out of it.
      Said I’m doing exactly what they want and I have no idea what I’m walking into
      I told him to tell me then. Tell me what I’m about to walk into.
      He said there was no point. I wouldn’t believe him anyway.
      I told him to tell me the truth. And maybe I wouldn’t get on the bus. Or, I get on the bus and find out for myself.
      He seemed taken aback by that. He said that stumped him. Either he tells me something he shouldn’t and risk everything. Or he lets me find out for myself, putting me at risk.
      He said e couldn’t talk me out of it anyway. I said it would be very hard.
      He thanked me for being honest. And said he hoped it wasn’t the last time I’d be able to be honest with him.
      And he hung up.

      Then the bus arrives.

      I get on the bus. Next stop an older woman gets on. She sits. After a moment she comments on the weather. Then another moment later she asks if she can sit next to me.

      She asks to see my phone. She has me turn it off.

      She then tells me she loves the window seat. So I offer it to her. (Spoiler, this is the theme of this whole encounter. The point).

      She asked if I’ve heard of Elon… she can’t seem to grab his last name form her brain. So I prompt her. Elon Musk? Yes. She talks about how he wants to build a colony on Mars. But first, he wants to spend a billion dollars to build a city where someone can go to a specified location and get in a vehicle that will take them where they want to go. Public transportation. We already have that. We’re using it right now. Isn’t that crazy? Why would he do that?

      We get off the bus.

      She goes on: The world is pretty good how it is. Why do so many people want to change things? Make them different? He wants a piece of the pie. To have control. To make money.

      A couple passes us. She asks me what would make the woman’s life better. I guess money. No. Love. No.

      Nothing. She’s happy. The world is as she wants it to be. People can make their lives what they want it. As they intended.

      I ask her name. She ignored the question.

      She tells me it’s her birthday. We keep walking. She wants Yogurtland. I say I’m in. We walk to Yogurtland. Talking about how most people are happy. Because they made it that way. And then there’s people like me.

      As we approach Yogurtland, she gets a call. It’s a friend from back East (where she’s from) named Harold. She said they used to date for awhile. But they’re still friends. She then asks if I’m married. I tell her I’m not. But I will at some point. She tells me no hurry. Wait for the right person.

      We get to Yogurtland and proceed to make our respective yogurts. As we’re getting our yogurt she talks about how a lot of people her age don’t like to celebrate their birthday, getting older. I tell her “You mean 45.” She pauses and says “Yes, exactly. You’re smart.”

      She comments on some of the toppings. Saying we shouldn’t be afraid to try new tings. Or… Be very, very afraid.

      We get to the counter and she explains to the cashier that I will be buying her whatever she wants. So I do. I pay. It was $13.21. She commented that was a great year. (I don’t think she’s immortal, probably just a joke, because it’s her birthday and she’s older, but maybe?)

      We go and sit outside. She asks me how long it takes for someone’s worldview to change. I say it could be in a second or a lifetime. Depends on the person and the situation. But in the right place at the right time, it could happen in an instant.

      She asks if I know about magic. I say I’ve heard of it. Ask if she means like Harry Potter? She then explains to me what magic is. What they see magic as being. “A series of words. At a specific location. To secure compliance.”

      She ends up repeating this phrase many times. She then tells me it isn’t her birthday. If it was she wouldn’t go to Yogurtland. And she wouldn’t be spending it with me, a stranger. But you bought me yogurt. “A series of words. At a specific location. To secure compliance.”

      Her message was clear: That was magic. That is what magic is. (Also, remember the window seat?)

      She goes on to explain that like Elon Musk, they want a piece of the pie. But there’s is a much bigger pie. Their pie is control. Then she repeats the definition of magic. “A series of words. At a specific location. To secure compliance.”

      She asks what I’m thinking. I tell her I’m starting to understand. Not seeing the full picture. But getting a glimpse. And she says I have no idea. She repeats the phrase again. “A series of words. At a specific location. To secure compliance.”

      She then stands up. And leans forward. “Four seconds. Four seconds. That’s how long it takes to change someone’s worldview.” Then she leaves. Never taking a bite of her yogurt.


      After thoughts…

      I was tiring of the talk of magick (ugh) and demon babies. I’m a skeptic. That’s all bullshit to me. What interested me were the holes in the curtain. The rips in the seams. The tiniest glimpses into what’s REALLY going on. Morgan and his BOS weren’t that. It was all another ruse.

      The idea of magic as words, though. A place. A means of control, manipulation. Eliciting a desired response with your words. That makes sense. A lot of sense.

      Willing things into being with words and actions.

      I wanted clarity. I took an action. I got clarity. Not total clarity, not even close. Before I thought there might be a tree somewhere in the fog. I know there’s a forest.

      A series of words. At a specific location. To secure compliance.

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       Kyle Bown

      After I relayed the events of the afternoon to the Slack. Blondie and C started some shenanigans:

      blondie [3:37 PM]

      c [3:41 PM]
      Yes @blondie

      blondie [3:41 PM]

      c [3:42 PM]

      , Kyle was followed.

      c [3:42 PM]
      Her name is Irene.

      c [3:42 PM]
      High up.

      Higher up than we have seen public in a long while.

      daela [3:43 PM]

      c [3:43 PM]

      c [3:43 PM]
      She is what you refer to as a “clock maker”, but that is even an injustice. She surpasses even them.

      c [3:44 PM]
      I’m sorry, that is all I can give at this time.

      c [3:45 PM]
      She is apart of many. Yet, never allowed to be public.

      There’s all the C stuff if you want to copy/paste it into your post

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      Here’s a bunch of stuff that happened on Slack. It’s a lot and kind of mixed up, but hopefully it makes sense:

      c [4:56 PM]

      was the sound 15 seconds as well, or the call itself?

      MeghanMayhem [5:07 PM]

      c [5:07 PM]

      , please, everyone – stop with the codes.
      Guessing at random numbers and letters does nothing.

      MeghanMayhem [5:10 PM]

      MeghanMayhem [5:10 PM]

      c [5:11 PM]
      Ok Meghan. Please let us all know when you are done.

      MeghanMayhem [5:13 PM]
      @c Making sure you’re listening.

      c [5:13 PM]
      to what?

      MeghanMayhem [5:15 PM]
      This isn’t a guess. This is a message.

      MeghanMayhem [5:15 PM]
      This isn’t a guess. This is a message.

      c [5:16 PM]
      Who gave you a message @MeghanMayhem?

      MeghanMayhem [5:16 PM]
      Your mom.

      c [5:16 PM]

      MeghanMayhem [5:16 PM]
      The BOS says hi.

      blondie [5:18 PM]
      You don’t speak for me @MeghanMayhem

      c [5:18 PM]
      I am. This sounds like someone upset.

      c [5:18 PM]
      Blondies codes are actual codes, these are jumbles of letters and numbers that mean nothing.

      MeghanMayhem [5:18 PM]
      Ok 😉

      MeghanMayhem [5:21 PM]
      I am just passing a message from my leader.

      c [5:21 PM]

      , all I am asking is WHO gave you this “code”

      MeghanMayhem [5:25 PM]
      Morgan is my leader.

      daela [5:26 PM]
      I asked him

      he said that he hadn’t given any code

      kevin [5:27 PM]

      you want to explain how you got the code?

      MeghanMayhem [5:27 PM]
      Morgan gave it to me.

      c [5:28 PM]

      daela [5:28 PM]
      via voice or text? can you be sure it came from him?

      MeghanMayhem [5:28 PM]
      When he called me. To pass a message.

      c [5:29 PM]
      Did he call you from a blocked number? His number? Do you have a call log?

      MeghanMayhem [5:30 PM]
      Everyone lies. Remember what I said on the forums. There is no “win”. Every one lies. Every one gets hurt in the end.

      c [5:30 PM]
      From Morgan “I have no called her, nor did I text. This wasn’t me. ”

      coryphella [5:30 PM]
      are you saying that you lied?

      MeghanMayhem [5:30 PM]
      He is

      c [5:31 PM]
      Morgan is lying?

      MeghanMayhem [5:31 PM]

      c [5:31 PM]
      This morning you were BOS, and five minutes pass and he is lying?

      MeghanMayhem [5:32 PM]
      Because have I ever been the type to not be brutally honest with any of you? To my own undoing?

      MeghanMayhem [5:32 PM]
      I am still BOS. And Morgan is lying.

      Argentrose [5:32 PM]
      Why would he lie about you?

      MeghanMayhem [5:32 PM]
      Why would he lie about me indeed.
      Morgan gave me the code. And then he lied. I am BOS and Morgan is lying.

      blondie [5:33 PM]
      Why indeed… :thinking_face:

      daela [5:33 PM]
      So you are saying he’s framing you?

      MeghanMayhem [5:33 PM]

      daela [5:34 PM]
      For what purpose?

      MeghanMayhem [5:34 PM]
      4 seconds to change someone’s life.

      c [5:34 PM]
      This is a serious accusation. Can you take a picture of your call log?

      c [5:35 PM]
      One person accuses, and he is lying? Is their any proof, outside of your word?

      MeghanMayhem [5:35 PM]
      He called me 30min ago. He gave me a code. And the. He lied to you all and denied.

      MeghanMayhem [5:35 PM]
      Ideas not leaders.

      c [5:36 PM]
      I stand by him, until their is proof this actually transpired.

      blondie [5:36 PM]
      I will make a declaration right now. I will take no part in any attempted coup. I stand by Morgan until I have evidence otherwise

      MeghanMayhem [5:37 PM]
      4 seconds to change a life.

      MeghanMayhem [5:48 PM]
      I contacted him. He claims he never called me. That was him. Not prerecorded. Not spoofed. That was him. Responding to the things I said.

      c [5:51 PM]
      What would he gain by this ruse? Meghan, in your opinion, what is accomplished by him denying telling you this, if he in fact did tell you this?

      <Meghan says she gets a call from Sabrina>

      TheCreators [5:56 PM]
      I would like to ask everyone to please hold for a beat. Sabrina did not call anyone. I do not think Morgan did. Just please tread lightly on truth’s, while wading through everything.

      MeghanMayhem [5:57 PM]
      I am BOS to stop manipulation, like they are doing to me right now. To stop people getting hurt, like they are trying to do to you. BOS is resistance and I resist. Morgan I love and trust you, but you are compromised. And with or without you, we resist.

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       Michael Rizzo

      Pulling from slack:

      asked why would all this happen today. I saw it all as Show of power. I can only imagine putting someone ABOVE clockmakers in a public space scared more than a handful of people, BOS/Order/JP/ANYONE, absolutely shitless. Followed almost directly by ruthless strike at BOS loyalties and attempted discrediting of @MeghanMayhem. They’re putting their cards on the table and showing what can happen in four seconds. JP said this was the first real thing in the mountain of lies, the snakes are finally exiting their holes. I’d want to agree with her/him on that. This was the start of striking back at anyone and everyone who doesn’t comply with their agenda. This isn’t just “The order” or the “OOA”, but this stemmed from HIGH UP. Above clockmakers, which we had thought was the high up.

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      This was a thing that happened today too. Larry said something about his call and then sparred with C:

      kevin [8:02 PM]
      What was your call about?

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:03 PM]
      No call, other than the street noise.

      c [8:03 PM]
      Larry, you are already lying.

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:03 PM]
      I’m sitting here reading all of this and just wondering what the fuck happened to us all.

      halfbloodprincess [8:03 PM]
      You will never truly have a united front because some want different things

      c [8:03 PM]
      You said you received the call, and suddenly the about face on BOS. What was your call @Lawrence HRDSP Meyers?

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:03 PM]
      And there it is, one more time.

      c [8:03 PM]
      Your first order of business is to lie?

      kylebown [8:04 PM]
      I was about to drive home too…

      c [8:04 PM]
      What was your call, Larry? What did you hear?

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:04 PM]
      oh @c, you don’t think I see this tactic every single day of my life?

      c [8:05 PM]
      don’t be a “pox of this experience”.

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:05 PM]
      Asked and answered.

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:05 PM]
      Traffic noise.
      As originally reported.

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:05 PM]
      Now, shall I prove to you all why we need to unite?

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:06 PM]
      BECAUSE THIS WAS A SET-UP. And I have thrown myself on the sword to demonstrate it.

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:06 PM]
      Trying to show you again I was manipulated.

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:06 PM]
      I was sent an Email.

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:06 PM]
      Will screenshot.

      kevin [8:07 PM]
      When did this happen?

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:07 PM]
      A little while ago

      erisbonn [8:07 PM]
      before or after your call?

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [8:07 PM]

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      Thinking back to the events of 2/23 I’m wondering if these calls were related to the ones that people received that day. If the idea is that the calls with the weird noises “triggered” something, then did those calls do the same?

      2/23 calls:

      1. @lilmsfancpants – gong sounds
      What has happened with her since:
      2/24 – @a prompts her to tell her story
      2/25 – she texts @wanda102 and says that @a has info on her
      2/26 – Morgan burns her NDA
      3/1 – she tells her story at a gathering

      2. @wanda102 – spoofed call from @creepsociety
      What has happened since:
      2/25 – receives a text from Lia
      2/26 – Noah calls her; numerous dropped calls, and a voicemail from Lia
      3/13 – communications with JP; slack account deactivated

      3. @halfbloodprincess – keyboard sounds & breathing?
      What has happened since:
      3/1 – phone call, recorded/robotic voice calling out @wanda102; later, someone saying “she’s lying” (possibly not about Cristen)

      4. @shinobi – ???
      What has happened since:
      3/13 – slack account deactivated

      5. @pandace88 – illumination calls (robotic voice)
      What has happened since:

      6. @unseenpresence – illumination calls (robotic voice)
      What has happened since:
      3/15 – another weird call with sounds & code

      7. @coryphella – silence
      What has happened since:
      3/13 – slack account deactivated

      8. @silvitni – “we’re taking it back”
      What has happened since:

      So…I’m not seeing that these calls necessarily triggered anything in the way that last nights calls seemed to. HOWEVER. I think there might be a few connections here:

      1. “We’re taking it back” / “They can take it back whenever they want to.” – The “they” that is coming that is here, arrived on 3/8 and (I firmly believe) took control. Just because the one @a account is deleted doesn’t mean they don’t have control. Just because we don’t know *how* they have control doesn’t mean they don’t have control. This isn’t about the nuts and bolts of how slack accounts do/do not have mod powers/admin access. This is about how a group THIS BIG and THIS POWERFUL might have ways of doing shit that we have no knowledge of or access to.

      2. Irene is part of this “they.” They want control, and this is all about that. Will control be a core theme for the 2nd part of Lust?

      3. I think the weird sounds are signals of something. On this day perhaps they were signals of them coming. Last night they were signals of…chaos? Control?

      4. I think the illumination calls might be connected to this larger “They.”

      5. I think @halfbloodprincess’s first call with the robot voice is connected to the larger “They.” The second call was something different. I think the robotic/recorded voices are “They.” I think WHO was lying (who was being called out in that 2nd call) is important.

      6. I think there was a reason my call was silent.

      7. I think we might want to reexamine what it was The System was preparing us for.

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      My situation was this.

      I got a message from TheCreators asking to chat. I then got a No Caller ID with static and bells… after that I got more info from TheCreators. I believed it to be an OOG offer or something more which is what I have been asking for…(I also remember DLB posting from that exact account when he got sassy about Lia and ended up calling me via his cell right after and then texting me the next day) I then posted the code as told. a few seconds after the code was posted, C replied to me saying thank you and they are calling me… DLB called me right after I posted from his cell phone asking who gave me the code and that it wasn’t him. He said he needed to see the messages and sounded panicked. I then text him which is where he again stated it wasn’t them and that I shouldn’t have done that. When I went back to my messages, TheCreators account was deleted.

      They played on what my desires were and my weakness in this which has always been the soft spot I have for DLB and CS. I completely thought it was them offering me a bigger piece of the pie or even a peak behind the curtain. I was wrong.

      TLDR: I got got.

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       Lauren Bello

      Questions raised yesterday:

      1) Why did Morgan call Kyle and warn him not to meet with Irene? Did he know who Irene was and what Irene would say? What did Morgan *think* was going to happen?

      2) C told us that Irene was higher than even the Clockmakers, and clarified that the Clockmakers are higher than OSDM. What’s higher than a Clockmaker? What is their role?

      3) Why would someone so extremely high up in an all-powerful organization bother to meet with Kyle (no offense Kyle)? What was her purpose in sharing this message with the community? Was she planting the seeds for the dissent that followed? Was she involved in the dissent that followed?

      4) C said, “She is apart of many. Yet, never allowed to be public.” Presumably this was a typo for “a part”? Irene is part of many…organizations? Is Irene the one not allowed to be public, or the organizations, or… This was difficult to interpret.

      5) Where did Blondie get her codes? (Presumably from Morgan, but the details are interesting in that he might have texted from his private phone, called from a No Caller ID number, called from a BOS number, etc.)

      6) This was glossed over, but “The Ringing of the Bells” was the name of an Indoctrination event. Interesting that bells being rung has returned.

      7) A new number was mentioned, beginning with 805-242. All calls from that number were *allegedly* from Morgan, but were they really? The first call encouraged Addison to create a private room for a few chosen BOS members, which seems unlike Morgan, who usually includes everyone. The content of that private room – what Morgan allegedly said there – was then completely inconsistent with Morgan’s behavior. The room cast doubt on the identity of A, but the next day Morgan seemed to be extremely distraught when A disappeared. Yesterday Addison texted Morgan to ask if he’d truly been the one who called, and Morgan said yes, but at this point can we believe any unverified digital communication? It’s possible the campaign to take over Morgan’s identity began at the beginning of the month with this phone call (which, again, 242=Anoch).

      8) In answer to Meghan’s question this morning, I did mention the purpose of the “splinter” chat to Morgan. It was not me trying to be an IG mole, more me expressing an OOG desire for cohesion and inclusion. So yes, Morgan did know she was planning on questioning him. But I don’t think Meghan’s theory about all of yesterday being some sort of revenge for her questioning Morgan is accurate, for several reasons.
      * Irene planted the suggestion that we were going to be manipulated, and were going to comply, around 2pm yesterday. Meghan had not even created the chat until 2:17pm. This plan to pull our strings and have us comply was in the works before the chat even existed.
      * If Meghan were the one being targeted, then why did Kristin, Erik, Larry, and others – including people who had nothing to do with the BOS chat – also receive calls/codes/offers?

      9) Did ANY of the codes yesterday, aside from Blondie’s, accomplish anything? Or were they all merely to see who would comply? Could any of the codes have set something in motion?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Off the top of my head:

      1) What did Morgan lust after? Power. Why was he afraid of Irene? Because his waning power would be further threatened.

      3) If you wanted to speak with someone at a corporation and you were met by the CEO, you would pay extremely close attention to his message. More than you would an underling. I’m not sure her involvement or not in the following shenanigans is relevant. What matters was the result.

      5) I really think the “WHY” is more important here.

      7) I think again the “WHY” is what matters. The why is to undermine Morgan.

      8) We fit some kind of criteria that we will never know. But perhaps because we are each fairly active and vocal.

      9) Again, ask WHY. To cause friction. To determine compliance.

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      C appeared after a discussion about Irene and shared some information before discussing a situation with Larry:

      c [1:32 PM]
      She came out of the woodwork because all of the threats of something big coming is here.
      At our front door.
      Instead of being in unison, we are being detached. Moment by moment. Call by call.
      Yesterday wasn’t random. It was planned. And I’m afraid, just the beginning.

      c [1:36 PM]
      She stands with Omega.

      c [1:52 PM]
      The chart you have, taken from The Verisimilitude Text is but a small piece. One page out of many.

      c [1:53 PM]
      That page is one small piece of a much bigger image.

      c [1:53 PM]
      Where did you get this?

      c [1:55 PM]
      None of my words matter. Only action at this point. The only people who can take action are you.

      c [1:59 PM]
      No matter what answer I give, this room will spin out into discussions of it’s validity and truth. But, ask. I will answer what I can.

      c [2:02 PM]
      She is part of the END

      addisonborn [2:03 PM]
      last time there was “the end” there were a bunch of “dead” folks in a compound

      c [2:03 PM]

      this will be much worse.

      c [2:11 PM]
      I received an email last night @Lawrence HRDSP Meyers

      c [2:11 PM]
      Which side are you on?

      c [2:14 PM]
      Can I share the email?

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [2:14 PM]

      c [2:14 PM]
      Your address appears, unless I need to redact it

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [2:14 PM]

      c [2:14 PM]
      uploaded this image: Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 2.15.43 PM.jpg
      larry's email

      Lawrence HRDSP Meyers [2:15 PM]
      To the surprise of no one, it has been altered.

      c [2:15 PM]
      By whom?

      c [2:17 PM]
      Are you suggesting I altered it?

      c [2:17 PM]
      Or it came to this account altered?

      c [2:18 PM]
      How long does it take to alter an email Larry? Is that what you are doing now?

      c [2:19 PM]
      His email was self deactivated.

      c [2:19 PM]
      Allow us to reactivated it for him.

      c [2:20 PM]
      I will share his email

      c [2:20 PM]
      Here, tell him to try on NOW.

      c [2:20 PM]
      Please, post it.

      c [2:20 PM]
      However, what a way to buy yourself a few extra minutes Larry.

      c [2:21 PM]
      he was not deactivated by us.

      c [2:23 PM]
      Why hasn’t he sent the email yet?

      <Cristen posts a different email from the one C posted. It’s missing some additional text from the final email and a whole email from the Lust account.>

      c [2:25 PM]
      Our email was not altered.

      c [2:25 PM]
      It was sent to us from a gmail account.

      sfire8 [2:26 PM]
      @c it’s possible you’ve been duped.

      c [2:26 PM]
      Yes, there is that possibility.

      londie [2:26 PM]
      @c it looks as if you’re as susceptible to being misled as we are… ::hug::

      c [2:27 PM]
      Why that? If they wanted to pull the rug out, I do not believe it would be through “Larry”, he holds no importance.

      <Dan and C argue and C tells him to deactivate.>

      c [2:30 PM]
      Not at all, I do not know Dan, but he seems unamused. The time is running out, and would hate to waste anymore of what little he has left.

      coryphella [2:31 PM]
      @c – “If they wanted to pull the rug out, I do not believe it would be through “Larry”, he holds no importance.” <— are there ones who DO hold importance?

      c [2:32 PM]
      I work for, and stand with The Collective you have called BOS. I am with Morgan. And report to him.

      c [2:32 PM]
      Oh yes @coryphella. You should know this by now.

      c [2:33 PM]
      Some of you have figured out your reason.

      Some of you still search.

      c [2:33 PM]
      And then there are those like Dan who think they have no purpose.

      coryphella [2:33 PM]
      what do you mean by “our reason?”

      c [2:34 PM]
      To be here.

      c [2:34 PM]
      Pay attention. What is coming will happen very fast. I will return here soon.

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       Lauren Bello

      Realized that I never ported over my call from Slack.

      It was pretty simple: a woman’s voice saying, “I understand there’s a private chat.”

      This prompted Addison to post the contents of said private chat, and for the chat to be closed.

      I also confessed to inadvertently being the “mole” who let the cat out of the bag about the private chat.

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