10.27 Interview with TPTB

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       Bryan Bishop

      Hey all! I was able to interview TPTB for a story I wrote about what we’ve all been going through. Given how topsy-turvy things have become, I figured it worth sharing.

      The story is here if you’re interested.

      As is the case with any story, lots of things get lost or cut along the way. There was one quote in particular that didn’t make it in, though, that I thought the community should really see.

      DLB: We have a dedicated community. A community that has powered us and given us the strength to fight and to stay involved, when so many times we wanted to just throw up our hands and let the powers that be do what they needed to. We couldn’t deal with it, and I think the community has been so vocal, and so excited, that it keeps us excited.

      Happy Friday. We’re all going to die.

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      “We’re all going to die”


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       Brad Ruwe

      Glad to see DLB has our backs throughout this.

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      Beautifully written, @bcbishop. Let’s see if this is the article that finally convinces my parents that I’m not actually in danger or joining a real ass cult…

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       Bryan Bishop

      Agreed, @nothenrygale. But the more I think it over, I find myself wondering one thing. DLB references “the powers that be doing what they needed to do” as something he and Clint may have almost prevented.

      Who, then, ARE the real powers that be… and what did they want to do to us?

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      Who, then, ARE the real powers that be… and what did they want to do to us?

      Initial response: THIS THIS THIS.
      Secondary response: Uuuhhhh. Shit.

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       Michael Rizzo

      God damn, that would be fucking rad to have a spot in town for just the experiences. No more worrying about future locations smh

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