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     Sarah Musnicky 




    Met with mysterious woman in front of my apartment. She was really freaked out. She is an actress and her friend – Hostess in Black – is missing. She found my apartment address and wanted to contact me. She let me know that the lust events/retreats are super sus. There are altars and stuff. She recorded audio in the last one she went to and sent it to me via email.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    She also told me she was leaving tonight and that she recommended I do the same.

    Brad is currently working on the audio file. It’s 16 minutes long.

     Kevin Hsu 

    so person you met was part of Lust, or just a friend of Hostess in Black?

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     Sarah Musnicky 
     Winston Smith 

    Did you get a name from her? Can’t wait to hear the audio. The altar stuff sounds a lot like that thing Andy stumbled into. I wonder how freaky they get in these rituals?


    Out front your home?

    What, daaaang!

     Sarah Musnicky 


     George Zuniga 

    Be careful. Keep a watchful eye out tonight… or better yet, the next few days.

    Also, altars and shit sounds a lot like some cult-ish stuff. Possible Church of Anoch connection? Or maybe something different?

     Sarah Musnicky 

    She called and was surprised that I hadn’t left yet. Goody for me and my smartass fucking mouth for saying that I didn’t think anyone else would visit. HA HA HA HA HA.

    She wanted to emphasize the fact that the producers make the actors go above and beyond what is necessary for these experiences. I highly recommend listening to the audio. It takes a good while for stuff to get interesting, but about 10 minutes in sacrificial talk starts to happen. It sounds like Horace.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    @winstonsmith No name. And I’m not referring to Arya Stark.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    Oh dear…there seems to be some procreation in this sacrificing ritual…great emphasis on the woman’s body…Woo hoo!


    Audio file. Girls name is Cynthia and the guy telling her to put on the hood sounds like DLB.

     Sarah Musnicky 

    The neophytes (sp?) shall not speak? And then weird chanting and drum beating…Who you all once were will die tonight.

    Well, that’s a fun and grand time at this ritual…

     Brad Ruwe 

    Just finished listening to the audio, just as I see our Slack messages about it being deleted. Guys… the fuck is going on?


    Did Alex Jones record that file?

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