The Mason is OSDM / Anger Theory

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       Bryan Bishop

      After last night, the Joyce FB Live, and the comments from @a I realize a lot of you are wondering if I’m lying right now. I get it. And given this week, I’m starting to wonder who I should trust, as well.

      But what’s interesting is that I was warned this was going to happen way back in March. First when I was in Austin, and a No Caller ID call asked me if i felt we lived in a post-truth society, and then later when a woman playing a prostitute told me: “When they stop believing you, that’s when you’ll know it’s begun.”

      So, after last night, I guess it’s begun – whatever it is. But thinking through everything that’s happened the past seven months, an interesting throughline emerges, and I think it could prove that Mason Silver is OSDM.

      On March 22nd, Noah Sinclair invited me to a hotel room for the prostitute blackmail sting. That’s when we first heard the phrase about believing people. We’ve since learned that The System was created by Horace Sinclair, and this March event happened before Noah went off the reservation, so…
      Interaction origin: The System / Horace.

      On June 27th, I met with Joyce Carlberg for the first time — and talked to the woman that played the prostitute again. That’s when I was told that they sensed anger in me, and thought it might be useful to them.
      Interaction origin: HCDI / OSDM (i.e., Horace).

      In September, Joyce Carlberg “dies.”
      Origin: Mason Silver, who we’ve been told is formerly OSDM and Briarberg, but is now a free-agent force of chaos.

      Then last night, on October 27th, I learn that Joyce is alive. And that her being dead was a ruse so “we” (her words) could determine how angry I would get.

      -She then Facebook Lives without showing her own face.

      -Later that night, Mason asks me to go dark.

      -Around that same time, @a jumps in Slack and starts planting seeds of doubt that I am lying.

      So what we’re seeing is Joyce, Mason, and @a working together to deliver on a threat that was made all the way back in March by an agent of The Horace / OSDM.

      The only way this really makes sense is if Mason Silver is also an agent of Horace / OSDM, and always was. Which makes sense given how intensely he has targeted one of the least-susceptible members of the community: @coryphella. Mason was who they brought in to get to her after nothing worked during Tension last year.

      Which also leads me to wonder… since Mike Fontaine appears to worship at the altar of Mason now, and Brad Ruwe worships at the alter of Mike, are they not both OSDM, too? (This would align with Brad’s newfound interest in “Never Silent.”)

      And if Mason has been OSDM the entire time… is there anything that’s not put together by them in this entire thing?

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      This could be the dot connection that so many of us have been looking for. Admitting to this level of manipulation opens up a whole host of questions, including why, but I think that could all just come back to what they’ve been doing since last year. They want our emotions. They want our reactions. So much conflict was created with the different factions. So much hurt, anger and betrayal was sparked. We gave them exactly what they wanted.

      Reading through this post, I keep asking what the truth in the lies is. What is it? Where is it? Who is telling it, and is that a different person than who is hiding it? Today, I’m feeling mostly confused. As always, anytime we come up with a theory that might shed light on a piece, a thousand other questions are opened. Like cutting a head off of Hydra. Only worse.

      So. If this connects Noah, Mason, Joyce, and @a all directly to the OSDM, where is the last piece? Where is BOS?

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      As I’m piecing together a few things myself – and I’m hesitant to post most of my thoughts, so I’ll keep quiet for now – one thing that has bugged me is Joyce’s visit to your house Bryan, and how she wanted to talk to me privately. She asked me to help her take down BOS, but she didn’t say *how*. Wouldn’t say how, actually. I asked if I could ask a question and she said “no, dear.” And I said yes to her, without knowing what it was exactly she was planning.

      Since she paid me no attention in the weeks after that I figured she’d forgotten about me, but in the past two months I’ve begun wondering if I agreed to something unknowingly that night.

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      I’ve long held the theory that Mason may be just another part of OSDM, a new way to get emotions/reactions. And holy fucks has it worked! What if Briarberg is a lie because it was CREATED BY OSDM? What if all of this has been Noah showing Daddy Horace he can get better stuff out of us?? If Noah > Joyce > Mason (and wherever A fits into all of this) are all connected, that’s the most logical conclusion.

      Or we’re all completely wrong about everything and something BIG is gonna drop to blow all of this out of the water :p

      But assuming we may actually be onto something, where DOES this leave Morgan/BOS?? Joyce apparently asked Megan to help her take down BOS. If all this tracks, how does this lead to taking it down?? We still don’t know how involved Morgan really was with Briarberg (which leads to even more questions if Briarberg doesn’t exist) or why.

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       Robert Fuller

      Mason did first show up right after The System event, when Noah rebelled against Horace. The shadow of Noah appears to have been hovering over us for several weeks now, which I find really interesting, because A. Noah isn’t usually one to hover without making his presence known, and B. we have no idea what his motives and intentions truly are. He claimed to be on our side, but is he? Or was that all just a ruse? His radio silence, for more than two months, is one of the more unsettling things going on.

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      I wasn’t at the System event but Noah said something there that I found kind of haunting, something about as long as he was around he would help us? Probably someone else can find the exact quote. That doesn’t strike me as someone in league with OSDM/Mason, who doesn’t exactly seem to be on the side of helping us (though he does claim to be saving the world).

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         Robert Fuller

        From @daela’s account of the event:

        He said that “Horace did this to control you and I’m not going to fucking stand for it.”

        He said, “As long as I’m here…you will be equipped” for self-actualization.

        He certainly sounded sincere, but who knows at this point? And who knows what has happened to him since?

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        “Equipped for self-actualization” is an interesting way of putting things.

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        @erisbonn – that is an interesting way of putting it – not exactly how I remembered it in my head. 🙂 I will have to give that more thought later.

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      @coryphella That’s right. I forgot he said that. Whatever his intentions, I feel like we’re gonna hear from him soon.

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       Robert Fuller

      Never thought I’d say this, but I miss Noah.

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      @remrelganaps I totally miss Noah.

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       Lawrence Meyers


      With the appearance of Shadow @Russell on his FB page tonight:

      And @Mike and his (more than usually) oddball behavior, and our early concerns regarding the appearance of “Shadow People”, how people were not believing you, (and not believing Mike had gone nuts and kidnapped Russell), or the Briarberg is a lie (is it?), I’d say you may very well be right —

      It has begun.

      And the appearance of Shadow Russell reminded me of Encroaching Dark.

      And perhaps synchronistically, that the phase of the moon last Monday — when the shit started going down — matches the phase of the moon in the Encroaching Dark poster:

      and who is “He”? Anoch? An Egyptian God? Noah?

      Oh, and one more thing. If OSDM was postulating that your anger would make you valuable to them, perhaps I’m being too quick to discard my alleged failing of needing to win. That has its own benefits to certain parties, perhaps….

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         Unseen Presence


        And today you suddenly sound like you’ve joined my way of looking at things. Or are at least a step closer.

        I will say this: I can certainly appreciate that at this moment, I feel like I can see things a little more clearly than some others, at least, because I’ve NOT been caught up/dragged through/influenced by all of these various forces.

        From where I stand, the idea that it’s ALL been rigged by one group is something I can buy pretty easily. There is a thread throughout this all that could -easily- suggest that, especially for the OSDM, who seems very caught in the idea of ‘narrative shock’ and dropping pebbles in the water, just to see where they ripple.

        The OSDM, The System, Noah, Mason, Shadows, confidants, AI. It could all be one well constructed, carefully hidden maze. Which makes each of us mice.

        It also makes me -very- clear that should something start to happen to me, I will record it all, carefully, step by step.

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       Lawrence Meyers


      One of my strengths, which can often work against me, is that I’m an “idea guy”. I toss out ideas relentlessly to see what sticks. Most ideas are bad, but still have utility because they shake the tree.

      But some…some hit the bull’s eye.

      Your comparative objectivity certainly has value, coming as it does, now.

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       Bryan Bishop

      @larry @unseenpresence What’s funny is that one doesn’t need to stand outside to understand that we are all mice, and that one force is likely behind it all. One just needs humility… and, well, we as human beings aren’t too good at that.

      This kinda goes back to something we’d been discussing previously, @larry. The only thing we can really control here is the way we engage: how much we invest emotionally, where that investment leads us, and how that ultimately changes us.

      Everything else is out of our hands. And even that emotion may not change the basic circumstances. As noted in one of the Facebook, “despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.”

      BUT… and this is the big one… once we accept the reality of our predicament, all normal constructs in terms of good, bad, right, wrong, and other social mores drop away. We’re liberated. We no longer feel the need to play by the rules of the fake reality The Matrix shows us, because thst world doesn’t exist at all. That’s when we have the opportunity to discover our true selves – as ugly and cruel and jaded as they may be. We can call that a “Shadow”, or we can just call it who we’ve always been.

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      BUT… and this is the big one… once we accept the reality of our predicament, all normal constructs in terms of good, bad, right, wrong, and other social mores drop away. We’re liberated. We no longer feel the need to play by the rules of the fake reality The Matrix shows us, because thst world doesn’t exist at all. That’s when we have the opportunity to discover our true selves – as ugly and cruel and jaded as they may be. We can call that a “Shadow”, or we can just call it who we’ve always been.

      THIS. And really, this is what I’m here for. Who are we (who am I?) without pretense, without the trappings of “normal” social constructs?? That’s what I’m interested in- the beautiful, the ugly, the REAL.

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       Unseen Presence


      I both agree and disagree with your statements.

      Yes, it is often the case that “all you can control is how you respond to events. You cannot control them directly.”

      But I also believe that such a stance can often be an excuse for tossing away responsibility for something one has done. I believe it can be a way of abdicating power or hiding from one’s own influence. So I am resistant to accepting that such is the right way to look at a situation until/unless I am certain that I am -not- simply claiming that to avoid something I have some responsibility or control over.

      Second, I believe that interaction and response DO control events directly in many cases. Just as the act of observation alters the state of the universe. HOW you respond to something -can- be control. It -can- be the necessary force to make a difference. Mice running the maze can change the maze’s design, what the reward is at the end–even if the maze continues to exist or work at all. Mice can chew a hole in the maze and escape its influence entirely.

      Finally, I think humility is one of the greatest traps ever created, personally. If there is one thing that my studies of quantum physics have taught me, it is that we are -far more important- than most of us ever realize. We impact the universe, on small and large scale, with every second of our existence, each and every one of us.

      I do agree with your outcome that how we do that is up to us. I agree that the best course of action is to step outside the basic moral frameworks and choose what is best for us, even if that would be perceived as ‘dark’ to another. But I do not believe humility is the choice. We are gods. Gods need not be constrained.

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