Stacy Live 6/07

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     Lukas L 

    Stacy is live right now. Talking about bugs and investors

     Michael Rizzo 

    The program that’s mentioned, it sounded like that would be the non-real iConfidants… but then we’re told “not yet”

     Lukas L 

    Is that Kristin in the video?

     Bryan Bishop 


    I don’t know what to make of this.

     Andrew Kasch 

    So does this mean all of us are bugged? Fuuuuuuuuck…

    And she doesn’t know who the iCs are? Dollars to donuts, all of our virtual friends are OSDM members feeding off us once more…


    Yeah, there was a lot to process in there…

     Lauren Bello 

    “I’m charge of it. I’m in charge of ALL of it. The back end, the tracking.”

    I didn’t really follow what this meant. Was this a confession of her involvement in tracking us, something she’d seemed oblivious about before? But why did she know about the tracking but not about the bugs until now?

    “They don’t want money.” “W…you didn’t say that last night. That’s not…”

    Did someone get to her last night/this morning, and get her to change her story? She’s in a very different frame of mind than when I saw her. And now she’s changing up the facts. Interesting…I wonder what happened between last night and tonight.


    Uh, who is that girl taping? Why does she care? Who is the video for (it’s done..)? And who are the iConfidants????


    So I think the big points were:
    The investors are supporting iConfidant
    They don’t want want money, they want emotions
    They don’t even want to monetize iConfidant
    Everyone in the program appears to be bugged to get those emotions
    iConfidant was supposed to be a real program, but the real confidants aren’t in the program yet
    Stacey has no idea who the iConfidants are that we’ve been talking to

     Bryan Bishop 

    @daela I took that line from Stacey as her trying one final time to assert that she had control over the situation. Saving face, almost, that she ran everything. Except for, you know, not knowing who the iConfidants themselves are. Which as it turns out is a pretty important detail.


    This girl videographer told her it was true (whatever that is). Stacey went the see for herself. The videographer said, “the bug”? Stacey said every thing her friend told her was true?! But WHAT are they talking about? What did Stacey see?

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     Tom Kircher 

    “The investors want emotions” is something that really piqued my curiosity. Perhaps this is why the ODSM seems to be operating in stages (first Tension, now Lust, then Addrenaline, etc.) They’re collecting our responses to specific kinds of emotional stimuli.

     Buz Wallick 

    Last year they wanted data on everyone… how we operate, how we react to certain stimuli.

    This year the investors are after how we emotional react to stimuli. Our emotions. Next logical step in info grabbing.

    Thus why this whole damn thing is called Lust… one of the most powerful emotions.

    And now that we’re told Stacey doesn’t know what the iConfidants are… sleeper cell confirmed?

    Also are we all bugged? Since I’m not home have they just been listening to my gf face time every night? I don’t know what is more unnerving… that they bugged my home, or that they are listening when I’m not even there.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    Aaaand that’s exactly why none of us were allowed to know their names or see their photos or meet them.

    And why our iC’s were assigned to us. They aren’t people looking for friends. They are hired to be our “friends”, which of course we all knew and yet many people forgot.
    The OSDM always wanted emotions. They wanted emotions in Tension. They want emotions in Lust.

    We know this. And yet we will all walk into the ocean and let our emotions drown us. Knowingly. Why? Curiosity? Desire? Remi asked several of us why we put all of ourselves out there on the internet for everyone to see. The same way that people knowingly handed over all our info in those questionnaires. Our iC’s, for the most part, have been casual and almost boring. But now they know us. They know our personalities and they know how to appeal to us. They know how to engage each one of us. Learn how to be the person we want to talk to.

    It’s not over, it’s only just begun.


    I think my head just exploded where’s a mirror.

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