Phone call(s) from Mason on 8/25/17

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    Today, at approximately 2:40 pm, I received a phone call from a man who identified himself as Mason.

    The conversation we had is similar to other phone calls that have been reported… however, a few specifics are noticeably different, especially the ending of the phone call.

    A summary of the exchange…

    Am I participant in The Lust Experience?
    I explained that I had stepped away for a while, but I had recently participated been… pulled back in.

    He explained he was part of a foundation looking into Tension and The Lust Experience. The reason he was contacting me is because he apparently saw the post of the briefcase picture Joyce brought to the meeting at my home on August 23rd. He asked if I was currently in possession of that briefcase.
    When I answered no, he asked if I felt there was anything contained in that briefcase that would cause me or anyone I knew concern if it “fell into the wrong hands.” I explained that I had looked at that picture and determined almost everything visible had been gathered from social media sources or websites open to public viewing… except for one thing. There was a print out of an email I sent to iConfidant.

    I did not mention my Tension questionnaire. Not sure if it is just a coincidence but he immediately followed up with a question to see if I had ever given personal, possibly private, information to The Tension Experience at any time. I explained I had filled out a questionnaire more than a year ago that did contain such information. He asked if I had done so of my own free will and I assured him I had.

    He asked if I had been given any sort of privacy/disclosure information at that time. I explained there was an acknowledgement that the information may be used as part of creating scenes or events for The Tension Experience… and that I did not recall the exact wording of that.

    At this point, I honestly told him… “I feel like I am failing you right now.” The whole conversation felt like he was looking for some sort of “smoking gun,” but I don’t have one, as far as I know.

    He then explained his foundation was trying to reach some of the performers and if I knew how to contact these specific people…

    Damien Gerard?
    I said I followed his social media and sometimes encountered him at theater events – after all, I am a theater nerd – but I did not know how to contact him and I had not encountered him in months.

    Sabrina Kern?
    I told him we had only communicated as she portrayed a character and that happened over the phone, Twitter, and recently in a few emails where I did not know it was her responding as part of iConfidant. (He did divulge he had information that she was currently out of the country… Does this explain why the phone connection with her on Tuesday night was so bad when Joyce wanted me to talk to her?)

    Erica who portrayed a Handler?
    I said I did not know her.

    Andrew Perez?
    Mason seemed more interested in connecting Andrew to Sabrina. I stated the obvious… if you look at their social media accounts they had obviously worked on recording a song together recently.

    Mason shifted the line of questioning, I tough he was going to wrap up with basic survey stuff… he knew my address and I confirmed he had it correct. He also wanted to know if I was currently at home, I explained I was at work. (I was prepping for a work meeting, I was a little distracted near the end of this call.) When asked, I also verified I had no roomate. Sooo… he concluded there was no one at my home currently. I absentmindedly said, “No.”

    I heard the phrase, “THE APARTMENT IS EMPTY” and the call disconnected.

    Okay… gotta admit, I had a moment or two of paranoia and kicked myself for falling into such an obvious trap. So, was Mason on his way to my place? What were his intentions? WHO did he tell my “apartment was empty”? I am not sure. I had a work meeting to attend and could not go home.

    However, 50 minutes later, my phone rang once again with No Caller ID. I picked it up and after a pause, I heard a voice – which I firmly believe was Mason’s – deliver a very large, and seemingly disappointed >SIIGGGGGHHHHHHHH< That was all I heard, then the call ended.

    So, I live in a complex with a security gate and a few other security measures in place. If Mason tried to gain access to my home, he would probably fail. But, let’s say he did attempt to enter my home today while I was at work… why the disappointment? Disappointment he could not get in… or disappointment that he did and did not find something he was looking for…? It is a creepy tactic for him to utilize, and the whole thing could have been some twisted mind game. Who knows?

    I will be heading home shortly. If it seems my home has been visited, I will let everyone know.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    I wonder…. you just had visitors from OSDM correct? Maybe they took something from your apartment, maybe a bug they placed there previously. Mason and co show up, hoping to collect the bug, find nothing. The back to back incidents regarding your apartment, from opposite forces at play, make me think there was a reason for the first visit.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    @russell I wonder if the “sigh” may have been encouragement to post about your call. The Lust Experience FB page briefly posted a “never silent” around 45 minutes ago, then deleted it. (I know you had a meeting, but trying to connect dots…)

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    @russell-eaton I feel like we are both caught in the middle. Let me know how it goes ?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @russell Can you describe his voice in as much detail as possible. I’m wondering if this is Mr. Stranger who called me Tuesday night.

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    @nothenrygale There probably is a connection, Brad, but I am not sure about the bugging thing. Fluffer Nutter Guy could have planted something in my kitchen or main area where we were when he was behind me, but not sure what they would hope to gain.

    Since several people have pointed out Mason seems to sometimes be unaware of some basic public stuff, such as Andrew and Sabrina working together recently, I wonder if he is just chasing after Joyce’s path to some degree, hoping to stumble into something his Foundation can use.

    The most odd thing about all of this was the disappointed >SIGH< for sure.

    @larry Describing a voice is hard, but I would say fairly deep and… businesslike. He paused a lot as if taking notes or just thinking to see f he was covering everything he wanted to cover.

    Thanks, @bcbishop. I was unaware of that Facebook post… however, if that “never silent” was aimed at me for taking 90 minutes before I could post… I feel someone is being unreasonable. I have a job.

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    @creepsociety it seems there are two opposing teams right now, for sure. What game we are being asked to play is unclear.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @russell The SIGH from a “plot” standpoint? who knows.

    More importantly, it’s targeting your feelings of disappointing him.
    He’s leveraging this so next time he asks for something, he wants to make you try as hard as you can.

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     Lauren Bello 

    Since several people have pointed out Mason seems to sometimes be unaware of some basic public stuff, such as Andrew and Sabrina working together recently, I wonder if he is just chasing after Joyce’s path to some degree, hoping to stumble into something his Foundation can use.

    Personally, I think it’s more sinister than that. I think he knows about that information already, just as he doubtless already knew Kristin’s information. He’s making a point of asking YOU for it because he’s making you an informant. First he’s asking for small, easily obtainable details. But next he’ll ask you for more personal, sensitive information. You’ll be pushed, or tricked, into sharing more about other people.

    I think this is why we saw other numbers written on Andrew’s file. They’re exploring our web of connections. Who needs 100 files if they can just cultivate a handful of informants who can give them other people’s information…

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    Snitches get stitches.

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     Andrew Kasch 

    Interesting. So Mason is now contacted people outside Exhibit C?

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    For the record, getting home from work.
    Nothing seems weird, out of place or tampered with…
    But then again, I am currently living alone so the place is a bit of a mess, it might take a few days for me to notice if something is actually missing, haha!

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    @russell – after all of this, after that phone call, after all the talks of data mining…you’re still putting out there on a public message board….that you live alone? COME ON! Now any faction can just roll up and know they’ll encounter you or no one.

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    @mike… did you not notice my earlier comment about several security measures (recently added) to prevent such encounters?
    But, yeah, probably not the smartest move I have made today. :/
    And thanks for drawing even more attention to it, haha.

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    @russell – Yes…I noticed, but having been to your place (and also the crew from the other night. Do you think they didn’t take notes on the layout of your place/complex?)…I also know how easy it is to get passed that. Remember the lock pick set I used? Yes, I know I didn’t get ALL of the locks unlocked, but I was able to get…wait…nevermind. I think I’m saying too much <3

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    @mike That situation has been dealt with.

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    Be safe!

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    @theladyj I am hunkering down and sharpening blades.

    You know… just in case.

    Oh, by the way, blue is my favorite color. 😉 I have no problems stating that here… I am sure the OSDM already knows that, haha!

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    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    Suck it Mason.
    True idiot savant detective work right here.
    *Writes down He Likes Blue*

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    Much <3 Jackie!

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    @theladyj If you keep on making these I will be a happy Vimonster!!!

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    As a passing mention, I just thought it notable that out of all the Tension actors he could have referenced, the ones he actually named are specifically the ones that TPTB know many of us have had personal interactions and connections with.

    As someone else mentioned, this is clearly less about getting information on certain people and more about what information certain people are willing to give.

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    Alright, so if I was ever confused, Mason is IG, and a creep, and he disrespects boundaries. That’s genuinely creepy…him talking about going to your house! I knew I didn’t like him for a reason and I never, ever trusted him!

    Will be interesting to figure out more about what his agenda is. He’s definitely not dumb. Maneuvering and manipulative, yes. I know we were all up in the air a few nights ago on Slack about what his “deal” was.

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