Phone Call from Noah Sinclair 3.21

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     Bryan Bishop 

    So. I’d stepped away from my phone for a bit, and came back to see two missed No Caller ID calls. Not so awesome. 20 minutes later, my phone rang again.

    “Well holy fucking shit, look who decided to pick up the fucking phone!”

    I asked if it was Noah, and was told Yes, it was fucking Noah.

    Then he warned me: “Everybody gets three with me. So don’t make me work to get in touch with you.” (Helpful tip: keep your phones on, everyone.)

    Noah went on to apologize for not making things come together while in Austin (guess that confirms my Male Mystery Caller as the man himself), before asking me if I was ready to get back on track with him.

    I’m meeting Noah sometime tomorrow night. Will be learning exactly where and when sometime tomorrow.

    @lilmsfancpants, not sure if we’re attending the same meeting or not, but… It’s on.

    If I disappear or my shadow takes over, you all will know who to blame.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @bcbishop HYPED.

    …don’t go all Bob from Twin Peaks on us after this.

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    Awesome @bcbishop ! I’m glad he called you and not @bryan Can’t wait to hear about your meeting!

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    Well shit. Now I’m even more confused. But my phone’s on. And I’m free tomorrow night.

    Somehow I just still feel like we were talking to different people….

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     Bryan Bishop 

    @lilmsfancpants We definitely were. Which makes tomorrow all the more interesting…

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    Bryan, do not disappear tomorrow and be replaced by your double.

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    Exciting! Since DLB was concerned about the last two calls you received do you think this call was also Noah acting on his own again?

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    Oh hell yeah @bcbishop

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    Very interesting that Noah says everyone gets three. He’s either a lot more patient than he lets onto be, or he is expecting us to fail during our time with him. In my opinion, he’s probably not a very patient man and has tricks up his sleeve, that is going to see the demise of all of us, during our time with him.

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    Dude this is AWESOME!!!! Two meetings in one day…can’t wait to hear what happens…

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    @bcbishop Should we have a code word in order us to know it’s really you after your meeting with Noah? I’ll have my list of “only Bryan knows” questions ready for you!

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    If Bryan doesn’t come back, I get his room.

    Suggestion: Learn the following phrase for Noah:

    Vade revertere in umbra

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     Lawrence Meyers 
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     Chelsea Morgan 

    This is all so exciting! And the post on IG today. I’m curious where they are going to have you meet up. As in what area in L.A (or outside of LA) it is!

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    I almost don’t want to go to sleep so I can follow along in real time as things happen! (Stupid time difference…) I better not wake up to see shadow versions of Bryan and Lia causing trouble…

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     Brad Ruwe 

    I’m excited! I’ll be at the HYSJ talkback tonight but I’ll def be checking the IG off and on to see what shows up.

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     Andrew Kasch 

    Exciting news, @bcbishop. I’ll buy you a drink if you can make Noah cry!

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