OOG: Who wants to play a scene with Stephanie and Damien again?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Forgive the self-promotion, but since we’re family —

      I’m putting up my second Fringe play this year, and thanks to urging from Clint, I’ve added a twist to the standard proscenium show: a 20-minute immersive prologue and epilogue that will happen in the days before and after each show.

      And they feature our old TENSION pals, Stephanie “Doomed Handler” Hyden, and Damien “You Fucking Cunt” Gerard!

      Stephanie is actually the co-lead in the show, and Damien has a supporting part as the villain (surprise!).

      And, well, another slightly insane thing is that I’m in it, also. Or maybe it’s my Shadow. I haven’t figured that out yet because he keeps crashing the rehearsals.

      I know that Stephanie and Damien would be over the moon if you see the shows, and I know that I would be equally mushy over your kind support for this adventure. Immersive teaches us to take risks, and in that spirit, I put myself up on the stage for the first time since I was Shanghaied to play a munchkin in 3rd grade, unless you count the LA storytelling circuit, which sort of counts, but doesn’t.

      Oh, and if you happened to see my show “Porn Rock” last summer, two of those amazing cast members are also returning.

      Things are still coming together, but so far the show is called “Dark Arts” –

      The immersive prologue will be on select weekday nights during June at TBD.
      The proscenium show will be The Complex on: June 3,10,17, 21, and 23.
      The immersive epilogue will likely be in the evenings of June 26-30 at TBD.

      To get on the list for Pre-Sale tickets, send an Email to:

      I want family like you to get first crack before we let in the riff-raff. Or Noah.

      Thanks for reading, and THANK YOU beyond words for your support!

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      Wish I was going to be out there for the Fringe, I would totally see this!

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      *both hands and feet and every appendage she can grab up in the air waving frantically*

      Yes, yes, yes, please and thank you!!!!!

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       Brian E

      Glory Be!

      Fantastic news, I’m very interested in this. Wish you the best with you production, and that’s great news to hear both Stephanie & Damien involved!

      Thanks for the early heads up.

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       Tom Hite
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       Bryan Bishop

      Oh me. Oh my. Oh, YES.

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       Andrew Kasch

      Oh, this sounds amazing!

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      Is that even a question?


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       Lawrence Meyers

      Fantastic! Please be sure to send an Email to KleinAndStJude@Gmail.com so I have you down!

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      Done and done! ^______^

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      Yes! Sending you an email now, @larry! So awesome!

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      Email sent!!!! ??? CAN’T WAIT! !

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       Taylor Winters

      Just sent my email! Thanks Larry!

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      Sent! I’m writing a play for Fringe this year too, @larry, maybe we’ll see each other at one of the Office Hours!

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       Lawrence Meyers

      Yes…with a painting of an old barn behind you. 🙂 Hit me up if you have questions. I learned a lot last year!

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       Kyle Bown


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