My Haunt Life Episode 45!

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    Hello Community!

    So if you haven’t listened in on My Haunt Life Ep 45 @mike and @russell have put the fate of The Lust Experience sound effect in the listener’s hands!

    So naturally I made a survey.

    It’s right here. VOTE TO DECIDE!

    You’ll have to listen to the podcast to know what I’m talking about–my vote is a FUCK YES for the sound effect–I was in TEARS FROM LAUGHING! XD

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Ballot cast!

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    Fuck no. NO NO NO.

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    Aw COME ON @mike it’s a good sound effect!

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    Where’s OSDM and their hacking when you really need em?

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     Alejandra Acosta 

    I’ll listen after work! 🙂

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     Max Z 

    Oh yeahhh

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    A little late to the party, but YES PLEASE! IT’S THE MOST AMAZING SOUND EFFECT EVER!!

    It could be even more amazing if you replace the whip sound with one of @russell ‘s haunt noises. *fadeout LUSSSTTT *AHHHHH** It’ll sound like a weird immersive lusty party.

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    Sorry, I’m with @mike on this one guys! While it is funny, I think the whole thing is a little too cringy and a bit too long for a sound effect. Maybe either just the whip, or just the “lussttt,” but not both.

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     Alejandra Acosta 

    FINALLY listening to this, I am delightfully uncomfortable. I vote yes, though…

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    Hahhaha I will have to agree with Mike and vote a hard no 😛

    Ps I love that this episode is mentioned on this forum because they totally gave me a shout out at the end of the episode 😛

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     Julie R Goldstein 

    Maybe add a moan after the whip and then we’re solid.

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