Midnight Commission event 8/05

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    I emailed, “out of the window, but not out of spirit.”

    Just saying hi. Be safe everyone. ♡

     Andrew Kasch 

    I solved the ciphers and emailed but never heard anything.

    Oh well.


    As cool as it would be to have someone come to my house I first of all don’t expect anyone to go all the way to Whittier and also I probably won’t even be home.. maybe we’ll receive mail at some point?

     Michael Rizzo 

    *No Caller ID comes up on my phone*

    R: Hello?
    M: Rizzo
    (I can spot that British accent from anywhere)
    M:I’m sure you know who this is, brother.
    R:Yes sir
    M:You’ve been selected. I will contact you soon with more details
    R:Good shit.



    I’m going to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow just to find out what happened to y’all. 🙂

     Brad Ruwe 

    I got a similar call to @rizzzoooooo. Short and right to the point. I’ve been selected.

    Let’s do this.


    Ditto @coryphella, setting an alarm and my filter machine now… I don’t get up early for just anyone. Even though my distance prevents me from participating, I e-mailed. Morgan knows I am working hard to prove my worth following my recent attitude problem. I hope to be of use in the future. Good luck to those being chosen, BOS or not ❤


    I also received a call. I look forward to standing alongside @rizzzoooooo, @nothenrygale, @kevin and everyone else who’s been invited.


    Received a no caller ID call. I answered my phone:

    Me: Hello, Morgan.
    Morgan: Well that was fast. Will you be around tonight?
    Me: I sure hope so.
    Morgan: Great, I’ll be in touch.

    Curious to see what the BOS has to offer. I don’t give my trust away easily but if earned, I’m extremely loyal. Here’s hoping I don’t regret this…


    Good luck to those of you that were chosen. Here’s hoping you survive this experience and come out stronger.

     Bryan Bishop 

    Congrats everyone! Have fun tonight. Looking forward to your reports.

    @nothenrygale Humbly suggesting this one instead: https://vimeo.com/3685071


    Remember who and whose you are, @kevin.

    Good luck to you all.


    As @goldtongue mentioned, I was selected as well. I made clear where I stood in the email and was still chosen.


    I hope that tonight is periscoped and that my phone wakes me up with the notification. 🙂

     Buz Wallick 

    Good luck folks. Most anxious to hear what @kevin reports back.

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