Meeting iConfidant IN PERSON???

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    And, in related news, “Stacey Erikson” is an anagram for “CYTOKINESES”.

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    @thebuz can you delete this post. My phone is dumb. ♡

    I asked my ICONFIDANT if they believed in a god or an afterlife:
    “I do believe in something. I’m not sure what it is but I guess it is a sort of god. Afterlife I believe in too. what about you?”

    Anoch, is that you?
    Also, they were excited about the 11th!

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    I asked my ICONFIDANT if they believed in a god or an afterlife:
    “I do believe in something. I’m not sure what it is but I guess it is a sort of god. Afterlife I believe in too. what about you?”

    Anoch, is that you? Do we even know if this crazy thing has enlightened us on their version of the afterlife?

    Also, they were excited about the 11th!


    @superstar that anagram may be coincidental, but whether it is or not— that is a very powerful association. bravo! it reinforces various symbolic themes that are cropping up.


    I got another email from my iConfidant.


    Hi Chloe,

    yes I just heard about the meetup 2!! I wish I could meet you!! but facetime works as well yeah?

    How have you been? How’s life?


    So, it looks like FactTime might be a thing for those of us who either can’t be there or are out state?

    I seriously wonder and am excited to see how all of this is going to end up working out.


    I got an interesting email from my iconfidant this morning. We’d been playing “two truths and a lie,” and she’d gone last:

    1. I like cats

    2. My favorite karaoke song is Son of a preacher

    3. I once peed in my sleep in bed as an adult

    I guess 2 is the lie because I can totally see 3 happening and we’d both talked about how we love cats several times.

    She sends me back this morning:

    hahha actually 1 is a lie. I do not like cats. 🙂 guess I played well 😉

    So…is she lying? Was she lying before? Am I even talking to the same person?

    Sunday is definitely looking very interesting.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Please, everyone, be sure to authorize me on all important accounts so when you die and are replaced by robots, that I can expeditiously distribute assets to next of kin.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @larry You in the “chilling at home, staying far away from iConfidant” camp too?

    For those going Sunday, be sure to inform @birdiesrunamok of any pets you have, as I’m sure she’d want to adopt them once you’re dead / replaced.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    More out of necessity than choice.

     Brad Ruwe 

    Is there anyone else besides @taysavestheday @birdiesrunamok and myself that are going to be avoiding iConfidant on Sunday out of choice? Or is it really just us?


    I got strawberry festival that day in the valley so if my iconfidant want to meet all the way from Fresno well I am hoping there is a FaceTime meet!! Cuz I got major craving for strawberry shortcake !! @nothenrygale


    @nothenrygale, I am open to meeting mine, but I think she might not want to meet me. I’ve actually emailed three times hoping to meet on the 11th and she hasn’t responded at all like most everyone else. I did yell at her after the Kristen warning, so maybe that’s it? As of now, I might be the only one not invited to meet theirs??


    I wanted to share a couple of points from my recent iConfidant interactions. I think this would be the best thread, since it specifically relates to the 11th.

    In a recent email, I asked my iConfidant about the potential meeting on the 11th… when she responded she said she had just found out about this possibility herself. I explained to her that I have had plans in place for weeks for that date and do not know if I can meet… depends on location and timing, but I told her it’s unlikely but I will try. She told me that if I could it “would be cool to see me there.” So, she plans to be there.

    She also said this… “I’ve heard that after the 11th all these rules that make this so impersonal are not in place anymore.”

    Obviously, she is getting the sense that something is about to change and the restrictions (which several iConfidant’s have expressed through participant’s reports here on the Forums) are going to be loosened. What does this mean? Does this mean more in person meetings on our own if we choose? Phone calls? An exchange of names? Since we don’t know what the restrictions are, we really cannot know what will change, but I found it an interesting comment.

    I have stated that my iConfidant conversations have been… well… fairly bland – with the responses seeming to only mirror what I offer. I have expressed that to my iConfidant and she seemed understanding but could not say she even knew why we had been “matched” at all. In her last message she seemed to make a serious effort to make things more personal, offering a deeply personal story explaining why she was sensitive about one subject that had come up between us. Also, she revealed a very interesting little secret about herself – again, I think to force things to be more personal. Interesting tactic. But… still don’t understand why we were matched.

    Another thing I want to share is that I wrote Stacey Erikson directly inquiring about the feeling of disconnect I was having and my feeling that this whole process was not working for me. I asked Stacey what she would suggest and expressed maybe I did not understand the process and something is not happening that should be. That was a few days ago and I have not gotten a response.

    If I am not able to attend whatever the 11th might be, I am hoping it shifts the whole iConfidant process into a different gear. It will be interesting to see what happens!

     Buz Wallick 

    I am very curious though if Stacey will respond at all to you, Russ, about your iConfidant being boring and not a good match. It’s an interesting place to take it. Well unlike @russell I do have a unique thing going with my iConfidant.

    My iConfidantasaurus has cooled it from the heavy flirtation stuff and we’ve been opening up to each other like actual friends would. A nice witty banter back and forth. She’s fun. She wrote back to me today about me not being able to make it for the 11th event and said we should FaceTime. So… if that is the case.. I offered to FaceTime her from DINOSAUR WORLD. For those that missed my periscope I did a walk through this childrens Dinosaur World thing here in Cave (!) City, Kentucky that I absolutely love. So if there is to be a FaceTime thing… might as well do it from there since my iConfidant loves dinos as much as me. Better than a boring hotel room.

    Time will tell.

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