Lust Recap: 3/13 – 3/20

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    We used to do this back in Tension and I wanted to bring it back. Lust moves quick, I’m sure all of you can tell that. So I wanted to set up a weekly recap thread so that people could easily get an idea for what they missed if they weren’t around for a while.

    Please help me if I’ve missed any major points over the past week but please keep this short. Major points only, please don’t have conversations or discussions here. This is intended to be a summary topic, and the less that people have to read through the easier it will be to use.

    Lust Developments:

    – Tension panel at SXSW is held with Darren, Clint, Sabrina, Gordon, and Bryan. Around the time of this panel, Bryan is contacted by Noah Sinclair
    – Tension book release party is held in the OOA facility. Things get unusual when Michelle shows up, slaps Darren and implies that the OOA facility is about to be burned down.
    – After the book release party, Darren goes missing. We receive assurances from Clint Sears that everything is fine but people have their doubts he is being sincere
    – Theories start arising that we’re seeing fake accounts of people who are either duplicates or impostors
    Calls start going out including encrypted messages

    Noteworthy Community Contributions

    – Theory: duplicates are “shadow versions” of people
    – Discussion: “Why aren’t I cool enough to get an email / Why wasn’t I cool enough to get the email I wanted?
    – Discovery: Hitler was team OOA

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Thank you for this! Had a crazy weekend so I missed some bits. Curious to see where this “shadow version” theory leads!

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    The recap is much appreciated! I’ve been deeply “immersed” elsewhere so I haven’t had much opportunity to stay in the know here but plan to from here on out! Gracias!

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     Haley Wilde 

    Thank you for this, it’s very appreciated. I really want to be a big player in Lust, but with being a film student and doing internships I don’t have a lot of time to be active on the forums. I never got a reply back from Noah either, so I’ve just been anxiously awaiting 5/1 hoping something will happen that I can take part in.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @haleywilde Be careful what you wish for, Haley. You may find yourself taking part when you least expect it.

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    Thank you so much for this! I missed some stuff as well, so it was a great, quick way, to keep current!

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    Taken me over 2 days to write this… My brain hurts… But a bit more of an in-depth recap over on my blog if peeps are interested:

    March 13-20: The Shadow People Rise from the Flames

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      Thanks @blondie for writing such an awesome recap on your blog! I sincerely appreciate your thorough work.

      And thanks @thegilded for starting this thread! I’ve been out of the country and needed to catch up

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     Jason Pedroza 

    Thanks to everyone contributing to recapping so us newbies can catch up!

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    Thanks @thegilded for making this post. It was super helpful and a great starting point for this straight up madness that’s broken loose. And thank you @blondie for your entertaining and detailed post! The effort really shines through and I’m confident it’ll be a great resource for everyone 🙂

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    You are the real MVP @thegilded ?

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     Chelsea Morgan 

    Thank you for this!!! This is really helpful. It’s difficult to sift through the forum sometimes

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     Stephanie schultz 

    So sad i havent had a phone call yet or heard back from my reply email to noah sinclair yet either. Anxiously awaiting either

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