Leaks, phone calls, and having a laugh.

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @shaun Now, you know perfectly well that a substantial number of pages in the Weekly contain ads for Gentlemen’s Clubs. I’m sure @joycecarlberg would be tons of fun at one of those.

    She the fluffernutter. She’s the trickster. The distraction. Whatever you want to call it.

    She’s the public face. That’s what matters to those of us in communications. The PR person is always nonsense.

    …Except that’s how they are supposed to appear. The truth is that most of them….

    …know where the bodies are buried…

    “Am I right?”

     Tom Hite 

    Triggered by grammatical uncertainty: the rule is that we use “less” for uncountable nouns (less water, less heat) and “fewer” for countable (fewer pencils, fewer marbles).

    So why are the “sides” countable, and why emphasize this with all-caps? Is Joyce selling slap-chops here, or is it something else?

    Maybe the more we see our situation as having a limited number of options, the less choice (note the comparative adjective) we feel like we have. Maybe the belief in “fewer” options makes us think we have a set, countable menu of options to choose from…

    I’m certainty not casting aspersions, but were one to make the attempt to control people, they would necessarily benefit from a scenario where the options are limited and the situation is perceived as some kind of Zork-esque program we’re all trapped in, our actions mere options from a predetermined list.

    Whatever the nature of the “prank,” though, Joyce is absolutely correct about one thing: it’s all about your outlook on life.

    Sides are uncountable unless you can see the entire shape… and there are dimensions at work which we just don’t have the ability to perceive empirically. There are options you can’t even imagine right now, because you don’t know they exist (not that I do either, in any specific sense, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there).


    Honestly I’ve found @joycecarlberg to be the most entertaining and intriguing thing about Lust so far. That’s largely due to the fact that I see no point in either anoch or the resistance at this stage and history has warned me against taking a side. I have spent more than my fair share of time standing up and trying to prove myself to one side or another or another. It’s simply not true that team “fuck everyone” suffered from a lack of interesting interactions last time. FE was Mike. However if my “fence sitting” gets me nothing then fine. I’ll be in Edinburgh, making immersive theatre.

    Joyce seems harmless to you? I’d think twice before underestimating someone for what they seem. Not everyone feels the need to broadcast exactly how tough or dangerous they are at all times. My mother’s family were all proper and British, smelled of lavender, wore cute sweaters, and were incredibly terrifying.

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    @larry she definitely knows where the bodies are buried.

    @prufrock5150 it’s hard to tell how much of the post was actually @joycecarlberg “it’s all about your outlook on life” may have been lifted from @larry. That’s what so fascinating about her post.. the majority is ‘nonsense’ when you realize the source material is the phone call with Larry. It’s even more nonsensical to think the gas leak call is supposed to be a prank. Though the “that’s quite tall!” line is pretty funny.

    @coryphella agreed @joycecarlberg is very entertaining. I think her and (crazed diabetic) Noah would make a good tag team.

     Andrew Kasch 

    Oh, silly me… And here I was having a spot of bother during my Portland frolic when all this time it was our beloved @joycecarlberg having a chuckle.

    All is well. Cause you know what we say around here: That’s so Joyce!

    Well, now that I’m back in the City of Angels, maybe it’s time to reach out to some individuals and see just what the hell has happened to my disappeared friend. Because I’m sure absolutely nothing is wrong and we’re all getting our knickers in a twist. Right, Joyce?

     Lawrence Meyers 

    Oh, @kasch, a deft individual such as yourself knows better than to follow crumbs to where they lead. Remain flexible. Open-minded. Death? Disappearance? Fire? Smoke?

    Sometimes we must be broken in order to be opened.

    “Am I right?”

     Andrew Kasch 

    Too true, @larry

    And the ambiguous nature concerning Jenna’s whereabouts is the only reason I don’t have a torch in hand as we speak. I will reserve total judgement until I have all the facts. In the meantime, I will continue to dig and cast a suspicious eye at Joyce and her people.

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