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     Kevin Hsu 

    @larry 😤
    Act with purpose, respond with emojis.

     Lawrence Meyers 

    @lazysmartperson 💩 🙂


    This isn’t theatre.

    You’re right. It’s toothpaste.

    It’s most definitely *not* therapy and I would caution anyone who thinks that it *is* against that. One of the biggest ethical problems immersive theatre faces is that people confuse it for therapy when it’s flat out not, and it’s created by people with no background or training in therapy and no intent whatsoever in providing more than entertainment. You might use it as therapy and that’s your choice, you might find it therapeutic, but at the end of the day, that’s not what it is.

    Leaving aside the fact that it is actually theatre, there is honestly very little in life that *isn’t* theatre.

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     Nicole Mae 

    @coryphella good point. I see a lot of therapeutic elements to immersives, but you’re absolutely right – there’s (often) no formal training in place by those who put them on.

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