Call from Otis – 5/21/17

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    @birdiesrunamok It isn’t totally clear whether he’s an investor or not. He was in a back room on the day of registration, but I’m not sure he ever actually interacted with the investors.


    This really sucks and makes me sad. Not only are they messing with someone we genuinely care about and have opened up to, but potentially they have compromised his as a resource to use against us. Not just us, but through Facebook they know a lot about our friends and families as well. An even worse scenario that has been going through my head is that we are participating in the most diabolical episode of Undercover Boss ever. That said, I think those that have actually meet and talked with Otis would have seen through that smoke screen.

     Andrew Kasch 

    Otis felt like the OSDM’s play toy the moment he was introduced. Whatever has been going on with his mind, headaches, etc, I think has been going on since before we met him.

    Breaks my heart.


    Has anyone spoken to Janice? Maybe she has some insight into our poor friend’s condition. @bcbishop have you tried her?


    Next time you chat, see if there is any sort of helmet involved.


    @nking – Remember a couple months ago when Otis complained of headaches on Facebook? I asked him about helmets then and he didn’t seem to remember them, but now that we know he’s time slipping, it might not be that far off

     Bryan Bishop 

    Just messaged her per your excellent suggestions, @wanda102. Doesn’t look like she has been online in quite a while, but I will update the thread should she respond.


    @bcbishop, @wanda102, I messaged her yesterday (we had a brief interaction via pm before) and asked about Otis and told her we were worried, but haven’t heard anything back?


    I think pinning the label of “damsel in distress” on Otis is too simplistic after what we heard yesterday. A lot of people have been assuming Otis will be a calf led to slaughter in order to break our hearts, but what if it’s the opposite? Otis may turn out to be the most dangerous person in this experience. The one we’ll fear the most.


    I went to Hong Kong for the weekend to see family, but I’m back in Japan now!

    @mike, I’m so sorry to hear about what Otis is going through and that you were threatened. Whoever THEY are, they’ve purposely cut off our communication with him for a reason.

    We’re not getting traditional puzzles for Lust like we did for Tension, but maybe this is its own kind of puzzle: how to send someone a message without letting the people who are monitoring him know about the message or the contents — a (presumably) timed puzzle with consequences for failure. Anyone got any ideas?

     Lawrence Meyers 

    @mike you know, you could’ve referred Otis to a crisis from called Klein & St. Jude. I hear they have slots open for personal consultations.


    There is an interesting parallel here to something that happened to me last year. At one point during the Tension experience, Addison reached out to me. When I responded, someone entered the conversation and told me to “never contact her again.”
    From then on, any communication came from her and I really had no way to reach out except by using the channel I was specifically told not to use. I didn’t want to do that in case it had a negative effect on her.
    @mike… I relate to the weird position you are in.

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