Call from Otis – 5/21/17

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    Interesting. It should be noted that at Idle Hour, Otis was asked if the man who hired him was American and he stumbled on the answer. He said “That’s a good question. It’s hard to say for certain, but if I were to take a guess, I’d say he was an American, yes.”

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    I wonder if accent guy has an assistant?

    Profile photo of Buz Wallick Buz Wallick 

    Boris coming for you @mike.

    Profile photo of Mike Mike 

    @thebuz – Not yet, but I’m sure there will be a reason for it sooner or later 🙂

    Profile photo of Kevin Hsu Kevin Hsu 

    Someone is controlling Otis…and it’s probably not Noah.

    The “tibi cedo” FB post is an example of involuntary actions. Telling us about a dinner date at Fish Grill that could not have happened on that date is an example of lost time. I think that things may have started as early as the night of Registration when he was having trouble with the car door locks and navigation. Perhaps whoever was driving him was still getting used to the controls. Otis may be a unwittingly spying on Noah…and us.

    Profile photo of Mustafa Said Mustafa Said 

    Well that’s not the best news to read.

    Hoping Otis doesn’t get in too deep but it’s probably too late at this point.

    I can only hope it doesn’t get worse for him from this point onward…

    Profile photo of Lia Lia 

    @lazysmartperson How many of us are friends with Otis and talk to him on Facebook? If his account has been compromised… oh dear.

    Profile photo of Taylor Winters Taylor Winters 

    I hope Otis doesn’t do anything he can’t live with. I would hate to remember actions I’ve done–and regret those actions every day.

    I also find it interesting that the Investors are involved in making Otis do things. The System seems to compromise through Noah’s familial ties, and iConfidant seems to be doing good work, despite glitches. The Stick man, and whatever his association with the investors, truly appears to shaping up to be the big bad in this narrative.

    Profile photo of Lexi Lexi 

    I hope Otis is okay.

    Also, I think the quote “True beauty is something that attacks, overpowers, robs, and finally destroys.” might come into play here. Not the true beauty part of it, but this other personality that Otis has.

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    I may not have talked to Otis much yet…but accent man telling any of us to keep away from Otis?

    hell no

    But seriously though, why is he so adamant about keeping you away from Otis @mike? Is it because you have a pretty close relationship with him? Is he going to call and threaten anyone else that has a close relationship with him? What are they going to do about us talking to Otis on Facebook, or have they already taken that over too?

    Profile photo of Mike Mike 

    @chloe – I think he wants to keep anyone away that could ruin their plans that seem to be set in motion. So if there’s some shady shenanigans happening with someone we all like and then blows the whistle on said shenanigans, then they are compromised because most of us would not be down for that and would try to protect Otis, who seems to be one of their assets now.

    Since his threat was directed at me and the fact that his FB might be compromised, I feel that it’s a bad move if I message him. With my luck (and seeing one too many movies), I’ll message him, then he dies and I get another phone call saying “I warned you not to contact him”.

    Profile photo of Kimberly Stewart Kimberly Stewart 

    I’ve interacted with both Otis and Stick Man. My interaction with Stick Man was more impactful and felt more genuine. While I don’t want to see a nice old guy get hurt, I’ll admit at this point, a bad guy who admits he’s bad is looking pretty good.

    Profile photo of Brad Ruwe Brad Ruwe 

    Man, I take a step back from Lust for a weekend and I come back to Otis being messed with.

    Not cool unknown shadowy people. Not cool.

    Maybe we should ask him if he’s been shown a helmet recently?

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    Can someone remind me if Stick Guy is an investor?

    Profile photo of Jackie Jackie 

    awe no, the decent into madness begins. The Lust wheel turns once more.

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