Call from Noah – 7/27

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Something that seems to be missing from this conversation is the idea of what each of us, as participants (or not) in The System, get out of the bargain. That’s the question that should drive our engagement, not fear that we might get taken advantage of by a cranky skinny dude who digs cologne.

    Ostensibly, The System is meant to help people fully realize themselves. Does it do that by making everybody assholes? That’s the sales pitch, but we don’t really know yet. All we know thus far is that it entails a dude getting us to do things that require us to not give a fuck. To not give a fuck that we’re buying porn in public. To not give a fuck if people think we’re sex worker enthusiasts. To not give a fuck if rando strangers think we’re crazy because we want their cheese.

    We can view all of that as Evil Big Bad Noah putting us under his control, or we can look at what it’s actually doing: giving us practice at not giving a fuck.

    You know. Delivering on the promise of The System.

    Getting mad that @maddyxxx seems to be delivering makes zero sense to me. You can not like him — I get that 1,000 percent — but just say you don’t like him. Don’t buy a ticket to his seminar. Wait on the sidelines. It’s all good. We all have agency. But buying in with $$, only to say #HellNoBecauseResistance is hard to track as an honest choice. Granted, we’re all different – and this is solely how it reads to me — but if we want to talk optics, let’s talk optics.

    This goes back to what some of us have been saying about The OSDM the entire time, too. We show up to partake in an experiment that pushes our buttons… and then get mad and “resist” because people are making an experiment that pushes our buttons. Um, okay?

    If we want what these things have to offer us — The System, The OSDM, iConfidant — it will require us to buy in. To trust. Especially when it’s uncomfortable. That’s the only path to enlightenment.

     Andrew Kasch 

    But why waste time on someone who’s already proven they aren’t interested in anything he has to say? Lost cause right there.


    Imagine you’re in ROCKY…

    Mickey: “Ya gotta shot at the prize, kid!”
    Rocky: “Yo, fuck you, Mick! I ain’t no puppet!”


     Brad Ruwe 

    @kasch I feel like “analogies that don’t quite fit” has been the deal of the day today, on both sides.

    Noah isn’t going “Ya gotta shot at the prize”, he’s going “I don’t give a fuck about you”. He’s not a trainer, he’s not a coach, he’s a part of a machine that’s using us for data. I’m ALL down for being pushed, for having an outside motivation. And hell, Noah might very well have done just that. I don’t like Noah, I don’t get along with bullies like his “System persona”.

    My answer to “what makes you a failure in life” was 100% true. I’ve backed down and given in to organizations and people I find reprehensible. I’ve let shitty bosses push me around and make me do shitty things because I needed the paycheck. I “sold my soul” to projects I was not comfortable with because I felt like refusing would ruin my career.

    And you know what? Here we are again. A bully pushing me to do something I’m not comfortable with, and being on the verge of doing it because refusal might fuck up my experience.

    I stoop up, and I refused to let myself be used. I knew all eyes were on me. I knew pretty much everyone was watching. And I decided to not be a fucking failure anymore.

    So did The System work? You be the judge.


    But this is actually part of my point @bcbishop. The System focuses on personal gain, not the greater good. How is that a noble pursuit? And this is all on the assumption that Noah will follow through on his promises. Just cos you pay him, doesn’t mean he will keep to his end of the bargain in the long run.
    I’m not buying into The System so I am free to question it as much as I like. Just as you are free to hand over your money in the hope of becoming one of the selfish elite.


    @blondie If that personal gain is coming from realizing something about yourself or other people, is it so bad though? So far, out of the more personal things Noah has gotten people to do we’ve seen: a high five and a strange look, a friend sticking up for you, kindness from a stranger, and gratitude from a stranger. If you want to look at it even more generously, Noah has been pushing people to be open about topics that they mostly don’t want to talk about, but everyone might be better off actually discussing. Were people pushed outside of their comfort zones? Yes, but I can’t imagine everyone who signed up for The System didn’t expect a smooth ride.

     Bryan Bishop 

    @blondie I think we’re actually in agreement on that. If one doesn’t buy in, or believe The System can be of use, then the only logical choice is to reject it (and any overtures Noah makes). It only makes sense to get involved if one thinks they can actually get something out of the experience, or believe it will eventually deliver in some form.

    @nothenrygale That’s a really good point, in that you did what was emotionally truthful for you. You were present. That may mean that The System is not your jam, but that just means The System may not be your jam.

    We’ve seen many paths forward in the past few months. There will no doubt be many more.


    @bcbishop I have now written and deleted and written and deleted a post on this topic.

    Maybe I’ll try one more time.

    @maddyxxx, I wanted to address some things from the other night after some time had passed but events of today in combination with your phone call the other night got under my skin – congratulations. I’ve now been having a fight with myself over whether or not to rationalize the thoughts in my head away so that you’re no longer in there. Because I think you and I both know what it is that I want in this situation. But here’s how it goes: I hate attachment and self-centered tendencies in myself so I fight them all the time, and in this instance the self-centeredness is thinking that you had some sort of greater purpose behind hearing yourself talk when you called, something that should make me paranoid that you’re not done with me even though you told me on day one that I was a loser with a chip on my shoulder (or your wife did) and haven’t given me the time of day since, and I’m not going to your event, so I tell myself that I only ever really have one-off conversations with anyone anyway, no repeat ongoing interactions so it’s unlikely that I’ll hear from you again, I can sleep soundly…but then I think, I’m supposed to feel this way, supposed to be paranoid, even if I conjured it up because I’m a self-centered human being making assumptions that others are thinking about me when they aren’t. And this goes back and forth. It’s hard to let go and allow for that feeling when it comes with that guilt at the same time.

    I don’t let the whip go ever because when I do, nothing fucking happens. Nothing. It’s not that the world takes me on, it’s nothing. I have met very, very, very few people willing to do that so the choice is either try to control everything to get what I mostly don’t want, or be bored. I’m obviously out of reach, not going to your seminar, and you didn’t even mention “the system” to me on the phone so I think this is just you & me. I don’t care about sides or the resistance, I just want the experience that I want. Is that what you’re offering?


    @bcbishop We agree? Miracles do happen 😉

    The follow up I am going to make ties in with @kevin‘s response to me too.

    I see these supposedly good acts as a tactic. Give you a taste of what you could get from The System to hook everyone in. To get bums on seats if you will. But I have no doubt that these “lessons” will shift and people will be asked to do things that benefit only The System, under the ruse of self-improvement. “How can you question me now after all I’ve done for you? Don’t you trust me?”

    Believe in what you want to believe, but be prepared to be questioned on it. Just as I am for what I believe in – which is ultimately the greater good over selfish gain (dirty socialist right here)


    @nothenrygale Like you, I don’t want to buy what The System is selling. “Become more ‘successful’ by being inconsiderate to all those around you” — it’s not the right thing to do and will frankly do more harm than good, whether that’s just Noah’s selling point on the surface for something deeper, or whether that’s what The System really is about.

    But in its own way, I think The System has helped you by giving you an opportunity to fix what what you think is your biggest failure. In that sense, by standing up and saying no to Noah, you’ve shown that you don’t need The System to change your life for the better. Noah uninviting you just proves that.


    This goes back to what some of us have been saying about The OSDM the entire time, too. We show up to partake in an experiment that pushes our buttons… and then get mad and “resist” because people are making an experiment that pushes our buttons. Um, okay?

    I know I’m singing an old tune by agreeing with @bcbishop but this stood out to me in particular. I learned the very hard way that I wasn’t respecting this experience properly and suffered consequences as a result. I came through it with a new perspective, understanding, and respect for what we’ve bought into.

    And at the end of the day, I think a lot of people suffer from giving way too much of a fuck about external things. So if Noah’s got a trick to teach me how to step back into myself, drinks are on me.


    @wanda102 I agree with you and @bcbishop that it makes little sense to resist something when we got what we signed up for, but I believe the Resistance has a valid place in all this and want to offer my two cents. We signed up to be taken into darkness, and we are possibly almost definitely paying for that with personal information. That’s all well and good, but before the Resistance there was nothing preventing the OSDM from abusing our cooperation and information and doing some real damage. I say play the game and ‘enjoy’ the Experience, but let the Resistance be the checks and balances that prevent the OSDM from going too far.


    Catching up on the shaninigans today.. The System seems to have many parallels to the OOA, no?

    The OOA preached being present. Throughout Ascension, we were confronted with exposure – we were asked to expose ourselves physically throughout a majority of “round 1.” The changing room, obviously. The “Chaos” room to a certain extent (I think that’s what the clock room was officially called). But we also physically exposed ourselves to the unknown – from being hooded in a speeding van, to walking into a fog filled room, to having our senses removed, to more violent situations like getting simultaneously kidnapped and carjacked, or sacrificed, or any other scenario.

    But in certain situations like the processing room and the red room, we were asked to expose ourselves emotionally. Even more so for anyone going through “Round 2.” However, in most situations, it was still possible to cover yourself.

    The System seemingly asks an even deeper form of “presence” as it seems to pick up more on the emotional exposure aspect, and as we’ve seen, has direct consequences for those that try to cover themselves. We were told straight up that the OSDM wants our emotions, that’s why iConfidant existed as it did. And now we’re randomly being asked to emotionally expose ourselves to strangers in public.

    And for the first time, we’ve been directly “warned” about something as we’re moving forward.

    Last year at this time, we were watching youtube videos of GK4 getting got by Sabrina/GK2/Addison. This year we’re already in the thick of it, there are emotionally intense situations happening for some, and as @bcbishop experienced last night, our personal safety bubbles are already being invaded.

    This is gonna get wild y’all.



    And you know what? Here we are again. A bully pushing me to do something I’m not comfortable with, and being on the verge of doing it because refusal might fuck up my experience. stoop up, and I refused to let myself be used. I knew all eyes were on me. I knew pretty much everyone was watching. And I decided to not be a fucking failure anymore. So did The System work? You be the judge.

    If you feel like it was bullying, then it’s not fun anymore. I get that. I think you drew your line in the sand a little early, but when told to jump, you didn’t. It wasn’t a pass or fail test, you just answered accordingly. I don’t believe Noah was being inappropriate, we don’t even know what the original outcome would have been after the purchase. But the outcome clearly didn’t matter to you, it was the principle of the thing. It is a lonely hill to die on, but I sympathize.

    However, you martyrdom is less meaningful if others will simply walk over your corpse and take up your tasks. Opportunity and exploitation are only matters of opinion.


    @nothenrygale You got my support, dude. Buy three smut magazines? Do those even exist anymore? Get a fucking wifi connection, Noah! I agree with Brad, this isn’t self-help, it’s more OSDM bullshit masked in a “Way To Happiness” type front. Take the data and run. Click.


    I’m thinking if there was no line @nothenrygale would have been game. It might not be too late to bend the knee Brad!

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